Best Full Face MTB Helmet With Removable Chin Guard

A full face MTB helmet is essential for cyclists who want to safeguard their head and neck while cycling. Full-face helmet is designed to cover your entire face and chin. But truly saying, it feels annoying when you have to remove it every time you want to eat or drink.

Well, wonder no longer –  because the market is now full of smart gears to improve your overall cycling experience. Now you can find a stylish full face MTB helmet with a removable chin guard that you can put on and take off whenever you need.

But which helmet with a removable chin guard should you try? 

Many options are there, how to understand which one is best? 

I am here to help you. 

When I bought my first mtb full-face helmet with a removable chin guard I had to struggle a little to find the best one. Because at that time, these types of helmets were recently launched and every brand was trying to bring their best in them! 

But I didn’t just blindly trusted any brand, I prioritize each brand including new ones, and compared my benefits. And finally, I got what I wanted. 

As you know I am a passionate mountain biker, so I just couldn’t make any of the helmets my companion. I have to experiment with a few ones to find the better one than the best one. So, I decide to buy 3 of the best full-face MTB helmet with removable chin guards and try them. 

After a ride with each of them on the same trail, it was easier to make comparisons. And finally, I got good results.   

Today I want to share my experiences and want to help you make a worthy decision.
If you have trust in me, like always, you can scroll down to know about those 3 MTB helmets. 

I will share my honest experience, what benefits I enjoyed and what disappointed me, and much more. So let’s jump and gain some knowledge together.

What You Should Look For When Choosing a Full Face MTB Helmet With Chin Guard

Things you should keep in mind when choosing a full face MTB helmet with removable chin guard 

  • First and foremost as its a full face helmet with chin guard, it should be of good quality and provides complete coverage for your head and jaw.
  • Secondly, it should have a chin guard that is rigid and comes with removable and adjustable straps to fit different head sizes.
  • Thirdly, it should be a snug fit so that it securely fits and does not move when you are riding and save you from getting scraped or bruised in the event of a fall. 
  • Fourthly, The helmet should have good ventilation for better air circulation and should have updated features like MIPS technology. 
  • Finally, choose a helmet with drop-down sun visor.

Comparison between 3 Best Removable Chin Guard MTB Helmets

Before I get into the core part, it would help if I compare the three items through a chart. Here it is- 


    BELL Super

    717Stp0jMAL. AC SL1500
    • Weight: 0.25 Pounds
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Exclusive: MIPS
    • Standout: Size Variation

    Giro Switchblade

    61XjgNvYD2L. AC SL1500
    • Weight: 1 Pounds
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Exclusive: MIPS
    • Standout: RocLoc Air DH fit system

    Demon United

    51y99iKenkL. AC
    • Weight: 1.8 Pounds
    • Exclusive: FR Link System
    • Standout: Next-level Functionality

1. BELL Super Removable Chin Guard Bike Helmet

I am still confused about where to start! This helmet has all the reasons, a biker should love it, and I will say, you must have it. Unlike other bulky and uncomfortable full face MTB helmets, this one is super lightweight (only 4 ounce), protective, and can handle lots of abuse. 

best helmet with removable chin guard


  • Brand: Bell
  • Color: 10 colors 
  • Age Range: Adult 
  • Size: (52-56), (55-59), (58-62)

A wrong helmet can lead to serious injuries, not to mention a lifetime of inconvenience. But this helmet is a top-of-the-line helmet that gives you confidence when you ride. Its in-molding polycarbonate shell is specially designed to provide superior protection in a variety of challenging environments and the progressive layering ensures maximum comfort allowing you to move freely. 

This helmet also features a flexible spherical shell that absorbs shock and prevents the head from moving. And the chinstraps are adjustable which provides Maximum overlap of the shield and ensures a snug and secure fit.

Moreover, the sweat guide and float fit system are there to ensure you stay comfortable even if you wear them for a long day.   

Additionally, it is equipped with MIPS technology, which offers increased protection against rotational forces and lateral impacts. 

The helmet features overbrow ventilation to let heat and moisture escape. A Goggle Guide adjustable visor system that keeps your eyes protected and ensures a clear view. On top of that, you will get an integrated Breakaway camera mount for easy, hands-free recording of your rides ensuring your iPhone or other device is always within reach.

And luckily whether you need a small, medium, or large size, it’s available in all three options. So, now you can buy your desired helmet that perfectly fits your head size and shape. 

What i like most

  • The helmet is made with a flexible spherical shell and has a wrap-around chin bar
  • The helmet has a lot of vents that allow for good airflow, and it also has a sun visor and peak.
  • Its seamless camera mount let you film safely without the worry of damaging your camera or helmet.
  • It offers both SPHERICAL and MIPS protection
  • Available in 3 sizing options

I don’t have any doubt that this sturdy MTB helmet is a durable and best option. Among all my 3 choices, this one has won my heart with its amazing features. Though it’s pricey, after learning and enjoying its benefits, I don’t have any second thoughts in mind. This will be my first companion, whenever I will go on a long ride for comfort and updated features.

2. Giro Switchblade Removable Chin Guard Helmet

When you’re a mountain cyclist and you know you need the best protection possible when you’re out for a ride. Because head injuries are the leading cause of death and serious injury for cyclists. And helmets are one of the most effective ways to reduce these risks. That’s why my another choice is a giro switchblade helmet. 

61XjgNvYD2L. AC SL1500


  • Brand: Giro 
  • Color: 7 Colors
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Size: (51-55), (55-59), (59-63)

This helmet is from the giro brand, a giant brand in the mountain bike industry. They manufacture and bring world-class helmets to offer maximum protection to your head from impact and rotational forces. 

This giro switchable is Giro’s category-leading helmet that was tested in Giro’s own brand test lab and achieved top marks for both impact protection and ventilation.  

Not only does it have a category-leading level of protection, but it is also designed with a unique MIPS protection system, which helps reduce the impact of mid-air collisions. 

With this helmet, you will enjoy the fresh air as it prevents heat buildup by allowing fresh air to circulate and escape. Additionally, it also reduces wind noise and gives a clearer vision while riding.

Plus, this helmet features an A/B sample technology, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible fit. Usually, this feature is not found on most helmets, so it is more likely that users will get optimum comfort and safety when wearing this helmet. And the removable chin guard is also there to ensure that. Remove it if it’s getting in your way and attach it whenever you need it without any hassle. 

The helmet has an aerodynamic design to reduce wind drag and increase speed. Finally,  ride with it in style without worry as it’s stylish and comfortable. And choose your desired size, as it’s also available in 3 different size options.

What I like most 

  • The external shell is made from a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant Polycarbonate for durability.
  • Easy to remove chinbar allows you to remove and attach it quickly wherever you need. 
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection System ensures you stay safe while riding
  • The Roc Loc Air DH fit system also reduces sound levels by directing ventilation away from your ears.
  • It comes with an impact-resistant shell that resists fractures

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet is designed to offer the protection that you need while also allowing you to stay stylish and fashionable. I love all of its features and will love to travel with it very often. If you are searching for a decent full face MTB helmet with a removable chin guard, you can give this one a try. You will love it!

3. Demon Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet With Removable Chin Guard

I have chosen this helmet as it not only provides you with the best protection possible, but it is also stylish and fits my personal style on a tight budget. Yes, as I told you the bell is my first love but it’s a little pricey, so when you want the best quality at an affordable price, this one is worth it! 

51y99iKenkL. AC


  • Brand: Demon United
  • Color: Black 
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Size: (50-55), (58-61)

The FR Link Helmet is the perfect blend of protection and style. I am totally satisfied with it. It is neither too loose nor tight and doesn’t even leak air. It seems like it’s specially designed keeping in mind my needs. Its removable chin guard ensures my face and jaws are completely safe, and the adjustable tightening dial ensures it perfectly fits around my head.

Ventilation is key for keeping our heads cool and comfortable during long rides. And this helmet offers excellent airflow and fulfills that. It keeps riders cool and comfortable on hot days. And for better comfort and security it comes with an extra set of thicker ( padded) cheek pads.

Unluckily this helmet is available in only one size, the adult size. But one option is there for the young stars. So check out both sizes and pick the one that fits your head perfectly. 

What I Like Most

  • The removable chin guard offers a degree of protection when you need it.
  • The Head Cinch Adjuster ensures a snug fit and the padded fit kit ensures it is comfortable well.
  • The helmet has an extra padded fit kit for a comfortable and snug fit.
  • The chin guard removal process is easier with this demon flip easily removable chin guard helmet. 
  • Great ventilation system for air circulation  

What I Didn’t Like

  • I find the chin guard a little tough to reattach with the helmet.
  • Available in only one size.

This helmet is my third choice. The best thing that impressed me is its padded fit kit, it helps to fit the helmet in the head snugly and comfortably. But as I said, it’s not so quick to reattach the chin guard, so I am not ready to take it with me always. It will be there for me when I will go for a relax ride often. 

To Wrap Up

All the three helmets i have used was good enough, and some more are there in the market. All i am sharing is my experience with you to help you in making a better choice. It’s not like you have to choose any of the three options i have given above. I have used them so I shared my experiences with you. Try to keep in mind what things I needed most and why I have chosen which one. I hope my little experience helps you to go ahead and make an informed decision.

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