Best Mountain Bike Helmet With Bluetooth

best Bluetooth Enabled Mountain Bike Helmets

A Mountain bike helmet with Bluetooth connectivity is a great way to stay connected while you’re out riding. It allows you to wirelessly connect with another rider through Bluetooth so you can share information such as speedometer readings or location updates without having to speak out loud!

That is why I thought of giving this a try and sharing my experience with you. Many of us think it’s a Bluetooth helmet so we should look out for a helmet with a good Bluetooth facility.

But it’s not so easy. Just because it offers you a good Bluetooth facility it doesn’t mean it’s a better one to choose.

It should also offer you peace of mind when it comes to safety and the best comfort level so you can comfortably enjoy the ride.

Whatever, after doing enough research and a good search I have found a handful of good mountain bike helmets with Bluetooth. I have bought 3 of the best options, and enjoy a ride with them.

Now I want to share how the helmets with Bluetooth have enhanced my riding experience and will explain why each one is a great choice for cyclists.

So you can know, compare and find the best one. So let’s run and see what are the best option we have.

What To Look For In A Mountain Bike Helmet With Bluetooth

A good helmet needs to tick all the boxes. I believe that 4 things are more important than anything else when it comes to mountain bike helmets with Bluetooth:

1. Connectivity

All the helmets on this list have excellent connectivity. The main point of a Bluetooth helmet is to connect it to a device. If it fails in that regard, there’s no point in buying one.

2. Durability

The three helmets I picked all have a polycarbonate body. When it comes to persistence in a light package, there is no better material. I found all these helmets to be built like rocks but Sena’s product is a standout.

3. Audio Quality

Again, this is a field where all three helmets do a great job. Connecting to a device is not enough. Fortunately, the speakers give out a decent sound on all these headphones. They may not be as good as pair of Beats but they get the job done. 

4. Battery Life

If the helmet runs out of charge in the middle of a journey, it can be quite annoying. It’s not utterly useless when it runs out of charge, but at the same time, why not purchase a conventional helmet then?!

Best Bluetooth MTB Helmets 2022

  • Premium Pick

    Sena M1 Evo

    71z98FHvMEL. AC SL1500
    • 18 hours of battery life
    • Quick charging time
    • Mesh intercom
    • Handy Taillight
    • Strong polycarbonate body

    61yU4li5k2L. AC SL1500
    • Barrier Free Communication
    • High-quality speakers
    • Reliable tail lights
    • Light and well-ventilated
    • Smart technology saves battery
  • Smart4U SH55M

    61peaypIh3L. AC SL1500
    • Reliable 15-hour battery life
    • 6 bright rear lights
    • Good speaker & microphone
    • extremely comfortable

Comparison Chart

Before I talk about these three helmets in more detail, I think it’s a better idea to take a direct side-by-side comparison of each helmet.

HelmetInner MaterialBattery LifeStandout Feature
Sena M1 EvoMeshUp to 18 hoursDurability champion
Livall BH60SE‎Expanded PolystyreneUp to 10 hoursBest looking
Smart4U SH55M‎Expanded PolystyreneUp to 15 hoursMost comfortable

With that said, I think these three helmets tick all the boxes that I mentioned.
The comparison chart shows that clearly. On top of that, they have some other standout features. Without further ado, I’ll take a deeper dive into these helmets.

Sena M1 Evo Bluetooth Helmet

Top Pick
best blutooth MTB helmet

Sena M1 Evo Helmet

I found this to be the most durable helmet in every sense of the word. Not only does feature a mesh inner line that reinforces the structure but the battery life of 18 hours is virtually endless.

Sena is a reliable brand when it comes to bike helmets. It only makes sense that this product is such a good one. This can be considered a jack of all trades as I failed to find any real lacking with this product.

For starters, the battery life is simply unbeatable. With 18 hours of battery life, I barely needed to charge this helmet. I found that to be a very big advantage as I always forget to charge my devices.

sena m1
Unboxing Sena Bluetooth Helmet
sena blutooth helmet
Unboxing Sena Bluetooth Helmet

On that note, this helmet only takes 3 hours to reach full charge from zero. I didn’t need to build a schedule around its charging time.

As I mentioned, the durability of this helmet is noteworthy. The polycarbonate body is rigid and the mesh inner material gives it some structural integrity.

Since I had friends who also used this helmet, I benefited from the intercom system that they call mesh communication. I could talk to an unlimited number of riders with the same helmet within a range of 0.9km using only the helmet itself.

The taillight is bright and easy to spot. So I didn’t run into any accidents when wearing the helmet.

Lastly, the multiple color options were a nice touch. As I am a fan of white, I chose the white option.

What are you waiting for? Get a Bluetooth helmet, and start enjoying the trails today!

LIVALL Smart Helmet With SOS Emergency

Best Value
Best Blutooth Helmet With SOS Emergency

LIVALL Smart Helmet With SOS Emergency

Whoever said helmets are not cool has never seen this one. This is one of the best-looking products out there. I love the white and black aesthetic as it works for any gender without any issues. This is a great unisex Bluetooth Mountain bike helmet.

The first thing that stood out to me about this helmet is just how stylish it is. Normally, helmets have a bland design which is kind of boring. This breaks that stereotype.

But it’s not just the looks that this helmet excels in, it has a lot more to offer. First off, the size was something I have no complaints about. It perfectly wrapped around my head on the first try.

LIVALL BH60SE Neo Road Smart Cycling Helmet with SOS Emergency

The speakers were high-quality too. I could enjoy my music without any issues with this helmet. It was almost as good as actual earphones. This meant that phone calls were also crystal clear.

The helmet was also crafted to be very light. With a weight of 300 grams, it is the lightest helmet on this list. The 24 vents also let a lot of air in.

Lastly, the battery life may be low at 10 hours but the smart saving technology ensured unnecessary charge loss.

Gear up for the trails! Get a Bluetooth helmet and start enjoying the trails today!”

Smart4U SH55M Smart MTB Helmet

Budget Pick
61peaypIh3L. AC SL1500

Smart4U SH55M

This helmet is perfect for those looking for a relaxing helmet-wearing experience. This is by far the most comfortable MTB helmet I have tried.

Generally speaking, a mountain bike helmet with Bluetooth speakers is not something I would associate with comfort, but this product changed my mind about that.

The high-quality materials on this helmet elevate it to the next standard. The ‎Expanded Polystyrene interior felt like a pillow for my head. At the same time, this pillow was not too soft so I still felt secure. The weight is also impressive at 310 grams.

Speaking of security, this helmet has 6 rear lights that made any driver or pedestrian nearby aware of my presence.

The two speakers and noise-canceling microphone make this a great device for talking on the phone as well.

To end it on a sweet note, the 15-hour battery life is more than enough to get you through a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of Bluetooth in helmets?

A Bluetooth helmet can receive phone calls, listen to music or hear alarms or alerts. The best part of it is that it is a completely hands-free experience.

Can you talk on the phone with a Bluetooth helmet?

Among its many uses, receiving phone calls is one of the most useful ones. A Bluetooth helmet can be used to receive, cut, and talk on a phone call provided it has a microphone.

Can you play music on a Bluetooth helmet?

Listening to music on bike rides is one of my favorite pastime activities. But earphones make this process near impossible. That is why I was so happy to find that Bluetooth helmets have built-in speakers that can play music.

Should you get a Bluetooth MTB helmet?

First and foremost, a helmet is non-negotiable when going on a bike ride. Mountains are a dangerous trail. Moreover, A Bluetooth feature can provide you with a communication and music facility! Therefore a Bluetooth MTB helmet is a great purchase.

Final Words

In my experience, Sena M1 Evo, LIVALL BH60SE, and Smart4U SH55M were clear standouts for the best MTB helmet with Bluetooth. They had a better look, durability, audio quality, and battery life than all the other helmets on the market.

But Personally, Sena M1 Evo was my favorite. As comfort is the most important factor for me when it comes to choosing a helmet. The battery life is also excellent which is a big plus.