How Long Do Mountain Bike Rotors Last?

How Long Do Mountain Bike Rotors Last

Mountain bikes are not cheap. So, when they break, you don’t just throw them away. Instead, you take them apart and try to fix them yourself. There are parts available online that allow you to rebuild a mountain bike frame. Mountain biking is a great sport. For mountain bikers, disc brakes are a total game-changer. …

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How Fast Can a Mountain Bike Go Downhill?

How Fast Can a Mountain Bike Go Downhill

One of the most thrilling factors of riding a bicycle is coasting downhill. This is because, as bicycles travel downward, the rider experiences a pleasant increase in speed with no exertion. Many people may question, “how fast can a bike go downhill?” due to the common association of downhill cycling with high speeds. This article …

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How old is too old for mountain biking?

How old is too old for mountain biking

You should know your physical limitations before taking up mountain biking. For example, if you have knee problems, you might not ride a mountain bike because it requires you to put weight on your knees while pedaling. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor before trying out mountain biking. They can tell you whether or …

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How do Mountain Bike Shocks work? (In Details)

How do Mountain Bike Shocks work

Mountain bikes use suspension systems to absorb bumps and rough terrain. A typical system consists of a spring inside a tube attached to the frame. When the rider hits a bump, the spring stretches and compresses, which absorbs some of the force of the impact. This allows the rider to continue riding safely without getting …

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How Does Riding a Mountain Bike Help to Lose Weight?

How Does Riding a Mountain Bike Help to Lose Weight

Cycling is a great way to get some cardio and get out into nature. There are many reasons why you should ride a mountain bike.  First, it will give you a workout because you will pedal up hills. Riding a mountain bike is also good for your cardiovascular system because it forces you to keep …

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How do Mountain Bike Forks Work?

How do Mountain Bike Forks work

Mountain bikes have become incredibly popular over the past decade. They’ve grown in popularity because they offer riders more control when riding downhill. When mountain biking, you need to be able to steer effectively while maintaining traction on uneven terrain. Mountain bike forks help achieve these goals by allowing you to adjust the angle at …

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Does Tire Size Matter On The Mountain Bike?

Does Tire Size Matter On The Mountain Bike

Yes, tire size matters on the mountain bike. Mountain bikes are designed to be used off-road, but they also need tires that will not blow out when riding downhill at high speeds.  There are three mountain bike tires; knobby, semi-knobby, and slick. A knobby tire comprises small bumps that help increase grip and control. Semi-knobby …

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Does Mountain Bike Size Matter? (Know the Importance)

Does Mountain Bike Size Matter

There is much debate about buying a smaller mountain bike or a larger one when purchasing your first off-road bicycle. This question has been asked by many people who have never ridden mountain bikes before.  There are pros and cons to buying a big or small mountain bike, depending on what type of riding you …

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How Much Weight Can A Mountain Bike Take?

How Much Weight Can A Mountain Bike Take?

The weight of your mountain bike can significantly affect how much fun you have on your rides and how well your bike performs on challenging terrain. Weight directly affects how well a mountain bike pedals, and this may be more of a concern for experienced riders than newcomers. So, are there weight restrictions on mountain …

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How To Make My Bike Seat More Comfortable? (Step By Step Guide)

How To Make My Bike Seat More Comfortable Step By Step Guide

An uncomfortable Bike Seat may make even a short bike ride seem like a chore. This piece will focus on the topic of creating more comfortable bike seats. Have question? How to make bike seats more comfortable? Just by adjusting the saddle, you may have a pleasant ride. You can move the saddle forward when …

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