About Us

In ‘TheMountBike’, we are a team of writers and riding enthusiasts operating the page together.

Meet The Owner: Ryan Ford

Hi, I am Ryan Ford, the initiator, and owner of this website started with a dream of connecting to avid riders. I am into mountain riding for 7 years now. However, my riding practice is from the age of 6. At that age, riding was simply for physical well-being and commuting. With time, riding become more of a passion for me, a fun activity to re-energize. 

One fine day, I and my buddy Brad set off for mountain riding and eventually found a wide riverside for camping. The journey was out of this world! Since then, we crave mountain riding for the scenic view and astounding thrill. But listen up, it wasn’t easy to find the trails, ride on hilly roads, and deal with the fast-changing weather. Risks were high and every step was handled with caution. However, it was worth it. From that day on, I started planning for ‘TheMountBike’ to share my cycling experiences with other riders. 

Rider Gang

The team includes Brad, my first mountain cycling partner. We monitor the activities on the page as we started with the same vision. We fetch factual information and share our honest views on mountain biking. A few more excellent riders namely Susan, Steven, Roger, Daniel, and Jane joined our team. These people are from all across the globe giving us new and interesting information about biking. They are very new at this which can inspire other beginner bikers. Also, you will know how riding on hills in different parts of the world can be! This addition was fascinating for us!

Know Our Editor: Md Saifur Rahman 

Besides the riders who contribute, SERP Thinker and its owner cum editor Md. Saifur Rahman plays a significant role. As we are all riders and not writers, SERP Thinker helps us to create content for the page. We provide them with data and stories. They arrange the information in a presentable form so that you enjoy reading them. 

Editor Md. Saifur Rahman is here to thoroughly check the articles before publishing. He is also responsible for selecting which articles to publish. He also edits and corrects mistakes. We are happy that he makes our page credible and genuine. 

SEO Manager: Ahsan Ullah 

SEO manager Ahsan Ullah works on the articles so that they reach our audiences. The combined effort of the writers, SEO expert, and editor produce the exciting pieces that you read here.  

Our Writers: Asif Ahmed and Bonhishikha Majumder: 

Asif Ahmed and Bonhishikha Majumder write most of our articles under the supervision of Md. Saifur Rahman. They are not only writers who inspire but are biking enthusiasts. They have outstanding riding experiences and astounding stories to tell. 

Want To Contribute To Us? 

Know that we always welcome new riders to join us. Quite a large number of emails are dropped in our Id every day. Our team fetches articles that are based on facts. Note that we only accept write-ups that can help our readers by any means. So, email us if you want to join us. 

Here, we work as a team and dedicate to helping the riders. So reach us for any information related to mountain biking!