What is a Good Weight for a Hardtail Mountain Bike?

What is a Good Weight for a Hardtail Mountain Bike

As a rule of thumb, a Mountain Bike should weigh between  24-28 pounds. This is the sweet spot between a mountain bike’s stability and manageability on the trail. A Hardtail Mountain Bike is usually around 26 -28 pounds. The lightweight and simple construction of hardtails similarly makes them a favorite of XC competitors and casual …

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What’s The Difference Between a Hybrid Bike and a Mountain Bike?

What's The Difference Between a Hybrid Bike and a Mountain Bike?

There are many types of bikes that you can explore. Hybrid and mountain bikes are two of the most popular. So, which approach is right for you? In this article, we’ll look at some of the distinctions between these two, so you can find the perfect bike for you. Difference Between Hybrid and Mountain Bike? …

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Hiland Bike Brand Review: What Makes Hiland Good Bicycle?

Hiland Bike Brand Review

With the tagline “ Forward Forever,” Hiland is actually going forward, and that too at a rapid speed. They are hardworking on building every rider’s dream bike and helping them to afford it at a minimum price. They manufacture bicycles, children’s bicycles, electric bicycles, bicycle accessories, racing bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, etc. With time …

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Royalbaby Freestyle Kids Bike Review: Would You Like It?

royal baby kids bike review

Biking is a fun and exciting way to explore and discover. It’s time for you to allow your child to learn the art of biking. Looking for a bike that will keep your child safe while they learn to ride? Get to the destination safely and stylishly with the RoyalBaby Kids Bike. Royalbaby is a …

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JOYSTAR Totem Bike Review: Bike For 2-9 Years Old Boys & Girls

OYSTAR Totem Bike Review

Are you tired of your little ones spending all their time on the ground? Give them a bike that will let them explore the world with ease! JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike is made of a premium steel frame that can handle multiple bumps and is easy to ride. Featuring training wheels, a kickstand, and a …

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