5 Basic Skills Every Mountain Biker Should Know

Biking is some people’s dream and passion. They want to ride but don’t know how to start riding. Riding a mountain bike isn’t difficult. If you know how to ride a bicycle, riding a mountain bike is nothing new to you. It’s the same. You just have to understand the difference and learn a few basic skills. In this guide, I will tell you about the five basic skills that you should acquire when you want to learn to ride a mountain bike. If you manage to master these skills, I am sure you are gonna be a good mountain biker very soon. 

5 Tips on How to Improve Mountain Bike Skill.

Do you want to be able to ride your mountain bike better? If so, then you might need to learn the basics skill. The more skilled you are, the better you will ride and the more fun you will have. There are a few things you practice to improve your biking skills. These are our top five basic skills that every mountain biker should know.

Stance On Bike Properly

Before you master any other mountain biking skill you have to grasp the skill of active body positioning. You should learn how to retain your body when you sit, stand, pedal, brake, etc. 

First, you have to stand in a position where most of your body weight will be on your feet, not on your arms. Now ensure that your legs are in the right position of the pedals. How? You have to keep your one leg forward and one back, it’s called pedaling. You have to pedal to balance when you ride on rough trails. This way, your legs will be on the forefront axle of the bike pedal. Stance is the topic you should concentrate on as you have to give hundreds to thousands of pedals and a cleat move is a destination. 

Body Position

To become a better rider you need to know the limits of moves you can do with bikes. When you are in the ready position you have to be in the middle of the bike and your hips will go beyond the seat. Your body weight should perfectly be on the center of the mountain bike. Stand high with knees and be slightly curved and open. Leave enough space for the bike so it can move side to side beneath you. Now slightly flex your arms and keep your elbows in a wide position. Don’t leave the brake for a second, always cover it with at least one finger so you can control the bike.

Breaking Skill

Breaking is none other than the most important skill any mountain biker should know.  If you don’t want to be a master just a mountain bike rider still you need to learn to brake. Because braking is needed for biking. When you don’t have enough knowledge about breaking a little mistake can take a long way. 

People who don’t know braking face most of the crushes. So to save yourself you need to know when you need to get back off your brakes and when to get back to control the brake again. Take time and do proper baking practices. When you want to slow down the bike a little, implement brakes equally on the front and rear lifts. And when you want to slow down intensely, utilize the front brake more than the rear brake, and resin in the straight line. But when you want your bike to spin sharper at a slower speed,  enforce the rear brake more than the front brake.

Have patience and learn to control the brakes, no matter what happens never leave the brake in panic. It will cause sudden slowing and a crash. So be calm and smoothly handle the brakes. Be confident and be aware of what you are doing, these are the great skills every rider should have.

Pedaling Skill

Pedaling skills will allow you to run faster and a long way without being tired. Sometimes we put the hard effort into pedaling and get tired, this is because we don’t know the exact art of pedaling. Pedaling isn’t all about your physical strength, it’s about skill and technique also. You have to try different pedaling and find the suitable one for you. After changing gears and finding the right pedaling option, riding a mountain bike will become easy for you and you will be able to enjoy it without struggling. Pedaling is the most important skill you should learn. Without pedaling you can’t ride a bike, so you have to master the technique of pedaling correctly. To know the techniques of riding a mountain bike you can check our article on it.

Look Ahead

During the ride where your eyes have to be kept is also a skill. And you must conquer it. Imagine you are riding on a hardtail and your eyes aren’t on the trail but somewhere else. Won’t you face a crash? To ride perfectly you have to look ahead, you should never concentrate or look at the cowling. When there is a problem you may have to pick a line to the front wheels but mostly your eyes should be on the duty of looking ahead. And you have to try to look very far ahead so you can ride by knowing what is coming forward.

Final Verdict

Mountain biking isn’t hard, you just have to master the technique, and riding a mountain bike will be a piece of cake for you. I have told you about the basic skill you should know. If you try to acquire these skills I know you will be a better rider in just a few days.


Which bike brake is more important?

Brake is an important part of a bike. Among the brakes, the font brake is more important than the other one. It’s more effective in braking and it can stop the bike twice faster than a rear bike can.

Should you use both brakes on a mountain bike?

As there are two brakes, obviously both the brakes on a mountain bike are important and you should use them. Using the front brake is only for emergencies. But usually, you should use both the rear and front brake to balance and control the bike to have a better braking experience. 

Where should your feet be on bike pedals?

Your feet should be on bike flat pedals and the ball of the feet will be on the font of the pedal spike. Usually, the spike of the bike pedal supports the back part of the ball of the foot. Placing your feet like this will allow you to stay balanced when you stand on the pedals. 

How does a pedal work?

The pedal works ahead with the rotary force of the foot. You will push the pedals ahead and the gear attached to the chain will pull ahead of the whole bike and the rear wheel will also move with it.

What is the correct position for a saddle?

The correct position for a saddle is to be able to reach the peaks and brake hoods or handles. In this position, your elbows will be slightly twisted, not locked. And the lean of the chest should support the core comfortably without putting in hard effort.

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