Best Extra Wide Mountain Bike Seat for Big Guys: Effective in Every Way

At times, bike seats become a hassle. Specially, if it doesn’t fit your butt properly! The irritation and risk are always at their peak, including back pain and pressure with the wrong-sized bike saddle. 

What’s the solution, then? 

Well, to resolve this terrible situation, you got to have the best extra wide mountain bike seat for big guys (specifically). It’ll help your lower body part to fit in accurately. You can enjoy all the comfort, support, cooling effect and the smoothest ride ever. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Best Extra Wide Mountain Bike Seat for Big Guys

The products are chosen based on the superiority of high-defined seats. It’s basically to guide you to your exact choice. I’m sure you won’t have any complaints if you follow my words.

Let’s buckle up, then!

Best Extra Wide Mountain Bike Seat for Big Guys 

After some really exhausting (interesting too) research weeks, I found some great bike seats. Pick up one that satisfies all your requirements.

ImageProduct NamePrice
1. Wittkop Bike Seat

1. Wittkop Bike Seat

2. CBTYOOH Oversized Bike Seat

2. CBTYOOH Oversized Bike Seat

3. Everlasting Ventilated Bike Seat

3. Everlasting Ventilated Bike Seat

4. BLUEWIND Oversized Bike Seat

4. BLUEWIND Oversized Bike Seat

5. YBEKI Wide Exercise Bike Seat Cover

5. YBEKI Wide Exercise Bike Seat Cover

6. Giddy Up Bike Seat

6. Giddy Up Bike Seat

7. BLUEWIND Oversized Bike Seat

7. BLUEWIND Oversized Bike Seat


1. Wittkop Bike Seat

We all wait for the best products, don’t we? That’s why here at the very top, I have Wittkop. It’s incredibly famous for the foamy material out in the market. Besides, the 5 zone concept makes it unique, especially if you have a huge butt!




This extra-wide comfort bicycle seat is appropriate for every type. I mean, it has a wide range from 5.4-8.5 inches which is undoubtedly insane. Plus, the memory foam is top-notch to last for over a decade at least.

On top of that, you can experience one of the most painless ridings with this unisex bicycle saddle. It comes with a 5 zone concept that makes you comfy and reliable no matter where you go. Of course, for long hours!

Wittkop also has an amazing airflow system. If your backside feels suffocated while you’re riding, then try this one. It ventilates the air like magic and keeps you safe from over-sweating.

How can I forget about the waterproof quality? It’s super essential. Don’t worry about the rainy season because this feature will protect you fully from the damp situation.

Therefore, this mountain bike saddle for big guys comes with every piece of equipment you need. It has a manual and saddle adapter to help you with the fastest installment. How thoughtful of them!


  • Comes with a multiple zone concept for utmost comfort
  • Appropriate for any overweight riders with the largest seat
  • It has a waterproof feature to keep the seat dry
  • Ensures proper ventilation to reduce the sweaty situation for a big guy
  • Includes proper items for installation


  • The nose part (front part) can be hard for some people


To get one of the best seats for your mtb, Wittkop is an excellent choice. It has nice ventilation, a 5 zone concept, and high-quality foam. What’s left?

2. CBTYOOH Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Living healthy depends on so many things and for that, your whole body needs to be in a good structure. CBTYOOH ensures your backside is healthy with the most outstanding bike seat. It comes with a dual shock-absorbing design which is like the final flourish for me.

61od0rfX SL. AC SL1000


  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Good Shock Absorbing
  • Ergonomic & Hollow Breathable Design
  • Universal Standard Rails Mounting System

Well, the product is made with high elastic and PU leather, which you already know is very durable. Also, the memory foam padding makes it comfortable to ride on any road for years without any tear and wear.

Not only this, but also, CBTYOOH has a great breathable design. Your thighs can move freely while the ventilation is on point. No more sweat or suffocation while riding, keep it dry and cool!

Another excellent thing about this extra-wide comfort bicycle seat is that it has dual shock-absorbing construction. I’m telling you, it reduces the vibrations and shock you get from the ground with the attached ball-shaped spring. You’ll literally feel no bumps, scuff or pain at all.

Last but not least, it’s considered one of the best bicycle seats for a fat person as it has non-slip particles. You won’t slip away no matter where you go or which road you’re driving. 

Plus, it’s waterproof too just in case of the monsoon. The comfortable saddle will just treat you right in every way.


  • Comes with dual shock absorption for the painless ride
  • The memory foam is added for maximum comfort
  • Proper ventilation is added to avoid sweat
  • Waterproof quality to avoid damp situations
  • Non-slip option reduces the risk


  • Doesn’t come with accurate bolts for tightening


To keep your butt healthy, try CBTYOOH. With the dual shock absorption and PU leather, it’ll serve you the best of the best for mountain biking.

3. Everlasting Comfort Ventilated Bike Seat

Have you ever thought about a bike seat that’ll also have reflective light? Well, your thought has been heard by Everlasting Comfort. It’s one of the best bicycle seats for overweight persons with the utmost safety tag. A great combination, what say?

71K8N8rM8oL. AC SL1500


  • Dual Shock Absorbing Balls
  • Reflective Red Safety Strip
  • Water Resistant
  • Honeycomb Style Silicone Grips
  • Ventilated Design for Added Cooling
  • High-Density Memory Foam for Comfortable

Let me tell you that this seat cover is actually made with a modern sleek design. It’s aesthetically pleasing while having honeycomb grips. Then again, the blue and black cushion makes it more perfect no matter what gender you are.

The dual shock absorption is convenient for you to avoid all those rough terrain movements. I assure you that you’ll get a smooth, long ride experience with the spring balls. The sit bone of yours will be relaxed as well.

Talking about the terrains, you must know how important it is to be safe on the roads. No worries, as Everlasting Comfort comes with red reflective safety strips. This reflector will help you to ride at night securely. Impressive indeed!

Not to mention the superior ventilation system of this most comfortable bike seat for big guys, ‘IT’S PERFECT’. You won’t get any overheating or sweating issues because it has a hollow to keep the area cool. 

Besides, the waterproof quality adds more convenience to this.

Last but not least, it’s made with synthetic leather which ensures soft and tear-free service. Longevity is assured!


  • Have reflective strips for safety
  • Shock absorption quality ensures the smoothest ride
  • It comes with excellent ventilation for a cool effect
  • Made with synthetic leather for long-term usage


  • The installation process is pretty hard


If you’re someone who considers safety first, go with Everlasting Comfort. It’s secure, reliable and durable at the same time.

4. BLUEWIND Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

What if you own a bike seat that can reduce sciatica and prostate problems? Sounds like a miracle, right? Thanks to BLUEWIND, this one does wonders with its most ergonomic design. 

61ruHAf03LL. AC SL1500


  • Durable Leather Surface
  • Upgraded Double Shock Absorption
  • Premium Complete Bundle
  • After-Sale Guarantee

This seat is actually 2x larger than one of those traditional bike seats. It features a novel backrest design to make you cozy, reducing all the pressure on your tailbone or soft tissue.

In addition, the BLUEWIND seat comes with the widest saddle and a huge force area to make you all cozy and protected. The satisfying riding experience will make you feel worth it 100 times after purchasing the item.

Note that, it’s one of the best bike seats for commuting as it’s durable enough. Made with microfiber surface leather, you can use it forever without any damage. The foam is thick and it won’t collapse for sure.  

It’ll come with an installation package too, for your convenience.

Your thighs will definitely move easily with the short nose design. Absolutely perfect for both men and women with exquisite seamless edging and wider saddle!

Lastly, shock absorption is top-tier. No matter how cracked the road is, you’ll always enjoy an effortless ride.


  • A novel backrest design is attached for less pressure 
  • Made with microfiber leather for durability
  • Ensures a short nose for utmost assistance
  • Dual shock absorption any longer rides
  • Comes with all equipment for easy installation


  • Doesn’t work for peloton bike


BLUEWIND is absolutely perfect for big guys. It has a 2x larger seat with microfiber leather which will last forever. Try it!

5. BLUEWIND Oversized Bike Seat

Another most comfortable mountain bike seat for big guys is on my list from BLUEWIND. It’s special with the middle groove design, shock-absorbing ball and thick foam. All in one quality for real!

71mhSf+XApL. AC SL1500


  • 2.95″ Thick Memory Foam
  • Waterproof and Wear-resistant
  • Dual Shock Absorbing Ball
  • Oversized and Comfortable

So, the BLUEWIND oversized bicycle saddle is made with high-defined polyurethane layer foam, making it one of the best extra wide bike seats for big guys. You can feel that relief and support once you sit on this excellent thick item.

Not only this but also the protruding design is here which will help you increase the saddle layer. This way, you can get the most ergonomic service ever.

Your riding will be safe too with the US patent certificate this brand specifically has. No worries at all!

Now let’s talk about the breathability of this bike seat. It has a sufficient air flowing system with which your backside will be cool and dry all the time. Plus, the waterproof feature will ensure you get the dry effect in the rainy season or water situation as well.

Therefore, the dual shock-absorbing balls are here to prevent any pressure on the road. The ride will be smooth like butter I can guarantee.


  • Made with polyurethane layer for additional relief
  • Ensures amazing breathability to intact dryness
  • Shock absorbing balls absorb all the pressure for a hassle-free ride
  • Waterproof quality handles humid weather
  • Increases saddle layer for overweight riders


  • No adapter is added


This one is US patent design certified which allows you to have the comfiest ride ever. With polyurethane leather and breathability, you can get a featherlike experience!

6. Daway C66 Foam Padded Seat

Who doesn’t like a 10-on-10 quality bike seat, right? Daway is a type of padded seat that comes with a short saddle with a very effective and powerful outcome. It also has a unique 5 stage night twinkle that you might not find in other seats.

81 tjgBKYXL. AC SL1500



As cycling is a trend nowadays, people are going crazy over them. But for riding it comfortably, you must need to have comfy seating. This one is actually made with professionalism which consists of high elastic and foam. You won’t get neck, butt, or tailbone pain from the amazing material.

The PVC leather is a lifesaver and it offers a long-time guarantee, too, with utmost durability. Besides, the padded seat is anti-scratch, so no tear and wear will happen.

Now let’s talk about the ventilation feature. You already know how irritating it is to ride while you’re feeling suffocated in your butt. No worries, the bike saddle has a narrow design so your thighs will move freely. Thus, the breathability is assured.

On top of that, the air groove option will easily speed up the air circulation, reduce pressure on private parts and keep your butt cool.

You can get a dual shockproof suspension as well which will let you handle all those bumpy rides!

Moreover, the waterproof ability is just appropriate for rain, water, mud or any wet environment. Go to your destination without feeling pressured with Daway’s seat. Oh yes, there’s a safety part, too, with 5 bright LEDs. It’ll help you drive at night. Any weather and any time to ride will be a great combination!


  • Made with high-quality leather for assistance
  • The breathability keeps the butt cool and dry
  • It has dual suspension for utmost shock absorption
  • Ensures any weather performance with the waterproof quality
  • Comes in a universal size for any bike


  • The LED light needs to be upgraded


If you’re a person who prefers quality over anything, choose Daway. It has good construction, waterproof ability, nice ventilation, and dual suspension.

7. Giddy Up Bike Seat

Last but definitely not least, I have a bike seat from Giddy Up. This one’s also super familiar with everyone in the market because of its soft spring suspension and universal seat adapter. Let’s see why!

71chfh58O L. AC SL1500



With the padded memory foam, this bike seat serves you the fullest while riding on a highway or on bumpy roads. The material will last up to a decade with no serious damage at all.

On the flip side, there is a soft spring suspension. It’ll increase the comfy level to give you support to your tailbone. Even if you’re a heavy rider, you’ll feel like you’re on a smooth cushion just relaxing. Trust me!

You’ll be glad to know Giddy Up has the universal seat adapter. It’ll fit on any of your bikes easily. You just have to remove or add the bracket depending on your mounting system.

All the mounting tools will be added with the package, though. Hence, don’t worry about the installation process.

Furthermore, you’ll get a waterproof cover which will protect you from damp areas or rain. It also will save your bike from dirt, dust, or mud.

Lastly, for the nighttime, there’s a reflective food band for your safety at night time. Praiseworthy enough!


  • Soft spring suspension increases comfort
  • All the tools for simple installation is added
  • Rain cover is added to protect from dust, water and mud
  • Reflective food band ensures safety
  • Confirms universal fit for any bike


  • Not good for Peloton


Having a universal seat adapter is a blessing. Hurry up and purchase Giddy Up!
To enjoy all the facilities, including the reflective strips, wide seat, and soft suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a bigger bike seat?

Of course, you can get a bigger bike seat. These days there are lots of brands who make wider seats for plus-sized people which is absolutely amazing. They relieve all the backside pain while giving the best support.

Is a wide bike seat more comfortable?

Well, wide seats are comfortable to some and not comfy to some people. It’s best if you buy one which will be accurate for your body shape. Neither the big one nor the small one can do better than the actual sized one.

How wide should my bike seat be?

To measure your accurate bike seat size, you need to have cardboard on the carpeted stair. Now sit down and mimic the riding position picking up your feet. The 2 depressions should be left by the sit bones when you stand up. Now, measure the space between the depression centers and include 25-30mm for finding the proper saddle width.

How can I make my bike seat more comfortable?

To make your bike seat comfier, go for the extra wide bike seat. It’ll help your butt to fit in correctly while giving you the proper assistance, ventilation, and protection.


I hope by now you got the idea about the best extra wide mountain bike seat for big guys. I had all these in my bundle and I really tried to feed you what you actually need. 

If you’re still confused, try Wittkop Bike Seat. It’s suitable for any type of people (which is great) and it has impressive ventilation, 5 zone concept and waterproof quality. You can install it pretty easily too.

Just make sure to take care of your bike seat by keeping it dry. Wash it from time to time and look how it shines even after using it for years.

All the best!

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