Best Mountain Bike Under $700

Mountain trailing is super fun and exciting. Whether it’s hot or raining or snowfall, you don’t want to slip on this adventure, me too.

But a wild trip without a mountain bike doesn’t make sense. And then comes the unsettled question – which one should you buy or how much should you spend. Mountain bikes can cost you $600 to $750 from some great brands like Schwinn, Hurley, Ancheer, and Mongoose. Some fancy electric mountain bikes can range up to $1200 also.

However, this guide includes the top 6 picks to help you find the best mountain bike under $700, prioritizing beginners’ requirements.

Best Mountain bike under $700
Best Mountain bike under $700

Before buying your pushbike, you must know the key specifications you need for mountain biking. Having a good suspension, brakes, and gears can make tracking safe. On the other hand, A suitable wheel size and lightweight frame deliver a pleasant biking experience. The detailed guide covers all these essential features.

Can’t wait to get on the ride? Continue this reading; you’ll find the right bike for you by the end.

What Are The Best Mountain Bikes Under $700

NameSuspensionBrakes TypeWheel HeightSpeed
Schwinn Traxion BikeDualDisk29in24
Mongoose Switchback BikeFrontDisk27.5in16
Hurley Alle-OOP DualCaliper29in21
Mongoose Argus Fat BikeNoDisk26in16
ANCHEER Electric BikeFrontDisk26in21
Schwinn S29 BikeDualDisk29in21

The section will demonstrate all the findings, including the pros and drawbacks of these 6 best quality mountain bikes under 700 dollars. So, Let’s get into details!

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike For Beginners

Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

71BEsa+G2dL. AC SL1200


  • Frame: 18-inch, aluminum
  • Wheel: 29-inch
  • Trigger shifters: 24 settings
  • Tires: 2.25-inch knobby
  • Alloy rims
  • Dual suspension

It’s an American brand founded in 1885. It’s mainly known for its high-end vast manufacturing line of bicycles for mountain racing.

The Traxion mountain bike is all about confidence for its riders. While cycling through aggressive roads, the suspension absorbs bounces pretty well. As a result, you get more control over your steering.

It features an 18-inch rigid aluminum frame that can tackle the stress of the mountain trail. If your height is between 5.4-6.2 feet, its 29-inch wheel size will suit you perfectly.

Some riders may criticize the threadless stem. But I prefer this because of its lightweight nature. There’re powerful Shimano Fire triggers to shift between 24-speed settings in this bike.

Along with front-back derailleurs, the bike delivers you an effortless gear shifting experience. And because of the exclusive alloy crank, it requires less maintenance.

The next attention here is the front-back disc brakes with extreme stopping power, which is quite preferable by most mountain bikers. Whether it’s a muddy or eroding road, or whatever the weather is, you always have the lead.

However, it doesn’t have hydraulic brakes. Instead, it’s equipped with mechanical brakes.

For making the bike more stable, it has knobby mountain road-friendly tires. The tires are rapt by alloy rims (double-wall) – lightweight yet robust enough when riding through bumpy roads.

What I Like

  • High shock absorbing suspension for wild roads
  • Adaptable wheel size for bikers of all heights
  • Alloy framework increases the durability
  • Knobby tires support all-weather biking need
  • Powerful double-disk brakes give you more speed control

What I Don’t

  • Don’t have hydraulic brakes
  • Mainly for beginner mountain bikers

As a beginner-friendly mountain bike, this Schwinn Traxion has all the aspects you need during tracking – a combination of handy and durable craftsmanship. Also, it has a dual-suspension that makes your mountain riding enjoyable even when the road is full of bumps and thumps.

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike

Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike

81OQpVcvybL. AC SL1500


  • Frame: Tier 1 Tectonic aluminum
  • Wheel: 27.5-inch
  • Trigger shifters: 16 settings (8+8)
  • Tires: MTB wire bead  
  • Double-wall aluminum rims
  • Threadless stem

From an idea in a garage to one of the top global BMX bike brands – that’s the story of Mongoose.

Most beginner bicycle enthusiasts consider BMX for mountain races and stunts. Mongoose made this mountain bike in a meaningful way to meet their expectations.

Count this as the best entry level mountain bike under 700 for its beginner-centric design. Every spec of this bike is good, but pro bikers may want to upgrade parts in their way.

For instance, it’s equipped with Shimano shifters, allowing you to toggle between 16-speed settings. It’s suitable for hobbyists but not enough for racers. 

I was expecting to see double-sided suspension. But it only comes with a front suspension, which is somehow acceptable considering the price point.

Open rusty tangled cables are the most annoying yet overlooked issue by bicycle manufacturers. But the brand, Mongoose solved that issue in this bike. The model is crafted with an internal cable routing concept. It keeps the wire safe from tearing and tangling.

The next thing I appreciate is its tier 1 Tectonic aluminum body, which makes it both durable and lightweight. Anyone up to 250 lbs. can ride this strong bike. Also, the rim is built with aluminum, which makes it suitable for on and off roads.

It’s always preferable to use wire bead tires as they last longer than fold bead tires. And you’ll get the exact specification in this model.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the color scheme, don’t be. The bike comes in 6 exciting colors: blue, black, orange, grey, navy, and neon green.

What I Like

  • The robust frame allows carrying hefty riders
  • Long-lasting and off-road friendly tires
  • Internal cable routing eliminates unwanted incidents
  • Delivers smooth gear shifting experience
  • No need to assemble the parts

What I Don’t

  • Only front suspension is available
  • It doesn’t fit with standard size accessories

Whether you’re looking for a bike for training or competitive racing, this Mongoose sports bike gets your back. The mountain bike is mainly designed for adult beginners. Along with other starter specifications, you get the access to customize all parts, which makes it a perfect companion for donkey’s years.

Hurley Alle-OOP Mountain Bike with Dual Suspension

Hurley Alle-OOP Mountain Bike

71E0k0LBN2L. AC SL1500


  • Frame: Alloy
  • Wheel: 29-inch
  • Trigger shifters: 21 settings
  • Tires: CST Jack Rabbit 
  • Sealed bracket
  • Dual suspensions

Are you looking for a dual-suspension mountain bike under 700 dollars with a sophisticated design and great specs? Well, then this Hurley Alle-OOP deserves your attention.

The first WOW factor of this mountain bike is the no-frills design – a plain silver color design that shows off your taste to your trail road buddies. It’s also followed by an internal cable routing design, an addition to its clean appearance.

Furthermore, the mountain bike absorbs maximum shocks during extreme tracking with double-sided cushy suspensions. Front suspensions eliminate pressure on hands and steering too. On the other hand, the rear panel just gets your back.

For its 29-inch long wheel, taller people feel the most ease while riding on this mountain bike. However, it’s comfortable for riders who are 5.6 to 6 feet in height.

Whether slippery roads or dry rocks, the premium CST Rabbit tires hold the ground better than other tires in this price range. There’s a shifter with 21 settings that operates quicker.

With the front-rear dual disk brakes, you get instant stopping power. The mechanical brakes are adequate, fast performing, and require less hand strength. Say bye to hand fatigue issues.

It’s crafted to keep the needs of mountain bikers mainly. That’s why you’ll witness a very light and sturdy 700c alloy body, which can handle a weight up to 260 lbs.   

Another good thing is there’s no need to pay for services after arrival as 85% of the bike is assembled.

What I Like

  • High performing brakes make cycling effortless
  • The front-rear suspension absorbs shocks quite well
  • Sturdy body frame yet weighs under only 50 lbs.
  • It comes at a very affordable price, comparing the specs
  • Sealed bottom bracket eliminates servicing needs

What I Don’t

  • People with lower height may find wheel size uncomfortable
  • No color variation is available

Hurley is one of a few companies that got immense appraisal among thousands of mountain bikers globally for their smart look and extensive specs. And this Alle-OOP is not different. The high-end assembly makes sure you get the most convenient riding experience on rough roads.

Mongoose Argus Trail Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Argus Fat Tire Mountain Bike

919Da5fbzQL. AC SL1500


  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Wheel: 26-inch
  • Shifters: Rapid triggers – 16 settings
  • Tires: Xposure wire bead 
  • Mechanical disk brake
  • Threadless stem

Without this Mongoose Argus series, it won’t be possible to complete this 700 dollar mountain bike review list.

For rousing cycling, fat tire bikes are always the best choice. Due to having wide tires, you get a firmer grip on slippery and rough paths like snow or rocky landscapes.

There’re multiple versions of the Argus Trail series based on frame sizes. However, all have almost similar features and price tags. This mountain bike has a 19-inch frame with a 26-inch wheel height. They claim it is for adults, but anyone more than 6.2 feet may find this uncomfortable.

A key problem with fat bikes is their hefty nature. Mongoose took this thought into serious consideration and made it less than 46 lbs. (less than the regular mountain bikes.)

The model features a Tectonic subtle geometry design in steering, frame, and wheel. And that trait makes your riding experience one step ahead.

It’s equipped with a Shimano Rapid Fire gears system that gives you a step ahead of control over speed. The gear channel allows you to shift up to 5 gears with one stroke! It becomes crucial when you’re driving fast on that road and suddenly need to down the speed. The system enables you to change between 16-speed settings.

Except for the missing suspension, I couldn’t find any drawbacks in this bike. In a sense, it’s also acceptable because fat tires maintain more grip on the ground. So, this becomes less bouncy when riding on the mountain roads.

What I Like

  • Available with a wide-ranging collection of sizes and colors
  • Very lightweight compared to other fat bikes
  • Rapid-fire shifters allow fast gear switching
  • Traversing becomes easy with wider tires
  • High-quality paint jobs save the body from fading soon

What I Don’t

  • It doesn’t have any suspension mechanism
  • Comparably smaller frame size

If you’re a fan of the fat tire mountain bike, then Mongoose hardtail is the best bike available today, considering the price tag. Unlike other fat-tire bikes, it’s super handy due to the lightweight assembly. And most importantly, it’s within everyone’s budget range.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike for Effortless Trailing

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

71SH02zAMNL. AC SL1500


  • Frame: Aluminum 
  • Wheel: 26-inch
  • Shifters: 21 settings
  • Tires: Xposure wire bead 
  • Disk brake
  • 10.4ah battery

What if you don’t need to pedal your bike instead just lay low and enjoy the aesthetic mountain view? Yes! It’s possible now for the blessings of modern technology. And thanks to ANCHEER for making this affordable.

For passionate bikers with cardio or age issues, heavy cycling is forbidden. Even some people are sluggish and give up on this fun sport just because of the toils.

No matter where you fall in these categories, my recommendation for the best hardtail mountain bike under 700 goes to this electric mountain bike.

The electric bicycle allows you to enjoy pedal assist up to 40 miles with a single charge, making your trailing effortless. You can reach a top speed of up to 20 mph.

Unlike other budget mountain bikes, each of its parts shows fantastic durability. Because of the aluminum-made body, it’s lightweight as well. However, since there’s an attached battery and motor, it’s supposed to be the heftiest bike on this list.

The speed mechanism offers you to switch between 21 settings. Well, that’s appreciated. But my only negative marking remains for the disk brakes. An electric bike should’ve hydraulic brakes, though you can upgrade the brakes later.

If you’re thinking about replacement and assembly, throw this stress away now. ANCHEER electric bike comes almost assembled. And all connectors of the motor system and batteries support replacement. 

What I Like

  • Most budget-friendly electronic mountain bike
  • Resilient body quality assures durability
  • Removable batteries, supported with fast charging
  • Good shock absorption ability of the suspension
  • High-quality paint jobs save the body from fading soon

What I Don’t

  • The stock seat is not so comfortable
  • It doesn’t come with hydraulic brakes

The manufacturer is well known for its contemporary line of two-wheelers. And this e-bike is another trending model by Ancheer. It’s suitable for male and female mountain bikers. The mountain bike comes with removable batteries, a professional gear set, a pedal-assist, and many other features.

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike for Men

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike

81 BO4lb69L. AC SL1500


  • Frame: 18-inch Aluminum
  • Wheel: 29-inch
  • Shifters: 21 settings
  • Dual suspensions
  • Mechanical disk brake

Men will be men. We love to keep a manly touch in every stuff, even if it’s a tracking bike. So, my last preference is the best mens mountain bike under $700 – a special edition by Schwinn, particularly designed for men.

Design, color, size – Schwinn added the most exemplary efforts in every aspect of this to make the bike suitable for you.

The mountain bike has an 18-inch frame, along with a 29-inch wheel size that’s compatible with 5.4-6.2 feet tall riders.

As expected in a men’s mountain bike, it has 21quick-speed shifters and derailleurs settings. So, you relish an extensive gear range experience.

While riding on the most uneven paths, you get decent control over stopping with its mechanical brakes.

Finally, you should choose this limited model for its dual suspension feature. On bumpy and stony roads, you feel the most comfortable riding this bike. And that makes it a great full suspension mountain bike under 700 dollar budget range.

What I Like

  • Premium-grade build quality of body and parts
  • Wide range of gear shifting capability
  • Acceptable size for the most adult riders
  • Separate front and rare suspension offer max shock absorption
  • All-season brakes perform great on off-roads

What I Don’t

  • The tires are good but do not last longer
  • A bit tricky to assemble the parts

Getting this S29 mountain bike means getting extra on everything – an extra crankset, extra brake control, extra shock absorption capacity, extra-wide rims, etc. On those bumpy mountain roads, you get the pack of confidence while riding with this medium size men’s bike.


According to Pioneer Sports, there’re over 1bn bicycles globally, which means 1 out of 8 people is a biker! And now, you’re going to be one of this family.

So, congratulations. I’m just a bit curious to know which one caught your attention from this best mountain bike under $700 reviews. Can you comment on the name?

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