How Wide Should Mountain Bike Tires Be?

how wide should mountain bike tires be

How wide should mountain bike tires depend on what type of terrain it will be riding on and the riding style. There are five types of mountain bikes, xc, trail, downhill, plus, and fat-tire bikes. All these bikes come in different widths.  But the standard tire width for a mountain bike should be between 1.9″to3″. …

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Will a CO2 Cartridge Fill a Bike Tire?

Will a CO2 cartridge fill a bike tire

A flat tire while riding a bike is normal and frustrating as well if you are a regular rider. When I started long rides, I faced this too and was fed up carrying a hand pump with me. Already riding was eating up my hard effort, and then pumping, it was like a nightmare. But …

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Escape a Vicious Cycle: A Guide to Buying Bicycles Online

Escape a Vicious Cycle A Guide to Buying Bicycles Online

Hate being stuck in traffic? Fear of public transit due to coronavirus? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Want to get in shape? Need a new hobby? So many questions, one single answer – get a bicycle. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits cycling provides as a form of exercise, …

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