Escape a Vicious Cycle: A Guide to Buying Bicycles Online

Hate being stuck in traffic? Fear of public transit due to coronavirus? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Want to get in shape? Need a new hobby? So many questions, one single answer – get a bicycle. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits cycling provides as a form of exercise, transportation, and recreation, bikes are increasingly taking over the streets, parks, mountains even.

If you decide to follow this positive trend, the first logical step is to look for bicycles for sale. One of the perks of living in these modern times is that you don’t actually have to leave your home in order to do so. You can browse and order bikes Australia wide in a few easy clicks online. Wait, do people buy bikes online? Is it safe? After all, a high-quality bicycle isn’t a small investment, so any doubts that you may have are well-founded. 

Let’s be honest, shopping online has its risks and bikes are no exception. That’s why you need to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate business and authorized dealer. Otherwise, you might receive a knock-off or faulty product or in the worst case, not receive anything at all. Do your research, check and compare users’ reviews for credibility or simply contact the store. Once you put that out of the way, the perks of online over brick and mortar are evident.

The Perks of Online Bicycle Shopping

The Perks of Online Bicycle Shopping

Traditional brick and mortar bike shops leave and breathe cycling, and often times the staff can offer great advice and guidance for the first-time buyer. However, in the case of online bicycle shopping, you also have the world wide web at hand. Thousands of blog posts, forums, reviews, comments, videos, and the like can help you make an informed choice. And if you still want to consult an expert salesperson about a certain product, you can always send an e-mail or call customer service.

Then, it’s not rare for online shops to offer better deals than traditional stores. Since there are fewer operational expenses in e-commerce, the online bike shop can pass those savings to you. Plus, you can compare the prices of different stores within seconds to ensure you get the ultimate bang for your buck. Speaking of prices, some online stores offer flexible payment options that allow you to place your order and pay in several interest-free installments.

Next, there’s the shipping. Some companies offer free or flexible delivery options, saving you a trip to the store and back. If you’re thinking I’ll just cycle my way home, think again. You might need time to get used to your new bicycle, so setting out for a cycle straight from the store may not be the best idea, especially if you’re not equipped with the right gear or clothes. 

Oh and yes, when you buy from a reputable business, you also have the option of fuss-free returns. So even if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can always send it back. Ready to order your bicycle online? Um, not so fast, there are still a few things you need to consider before making a purchase. 

How to Choose the Perfect Bicycle

Choose the Perfect Bicycle australia

If you want to stick to your cycle to work or health and fitness resolution, you need to find the right bike for the job. Depending on the riding you’re planning on doing, you can choose from the road, mountain, BMX, commuter, and electric bikes, just to name a few. Are you just going to get around the city or explore far-off trails? Do you want to learn tricks and stunts or maybe conquer some steep hills? Do you need a pedal-assist to go faster? Answering these questions can significantly narrow down your choices and help you make the right decision. 

Then, you should carefully choose the wheel and frame size since this can significantly affect your comfort and performance. Unfortunately, when shopping for bikes online, you don’t have the option of a test ride. However, some stores offer detailed guides and size charts that can help you find the right fit.

Next, the weight is also quite important if you need to lift, transport or haul your bicycle on the regular. Moreover, the weight can also affect your speed and performance, i.e the lighter the bike, the faster you go. However, keep in mind that ultra-light bicycles are often on the pricier side, and unless you’re a pro cyclist the difference in speed would be minimal.

Again, you may not have the possibility to inspect the bicycle at the store, but luckily you can easily find all the specs online. To ensure that your bicycle won’t go bust after a few months, you should take the time to research the quality of the build as well as the parts and materials used in the construction. Pay special attention to the frame, suspension, wheels, brakes, and shifters since these are the body and soul of your bicycle. Regarding their durability, a generous warranty is usually a good sign that the manufacturer believes in the product, and you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Last but not least, the contact points such as the saddle and handlebar grips may not have much to do with the bike performance, but they have everything to do with your comfort, so make sure to also include them on your list of priorities. It doesn’t matter if you shop online or in-store, finding the perfect saddle and grip combo usually takes some trial and error, but luckily, this part is easily customizable. 

Now that you know the things you need to keep an eye out for, it’s time to start your hunt for the perfect bicycle online.

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