Can You Use a Mountain Bike Helmet for Road Biking?

The simple answer to your question is “YES” and “NO”. Between a Mountain Bike Helmet and a Road Bike Helmet, huge differences are available.

To a multi-discipline cyclist, having a perfect helmet is a necessity. But some users get annoyed and think it’s a trick by the cycle industry to make them spend twice over a helmet. But it’s not the truth. It’s a matter of proper safety, health, and comfort. 

Both mountain and road bike helmets are designed to face different circumstances.  And it gives complete protection to the head. The trails, construction, design, and protection level all are different. Only the goal is similar, protection.

Anyhow, I won’t recommend you to any exchange use or one helmet for both uses. Why? Read below to know the answer. I will give you some valid reasons to avoid using an MTB bike for Road Biking.

Mountain Bike Helmet

If you are on a tight budget and want to use one helmet for both mountain and road biking, you can use a Mountain Bike Helmet. Because a Mountain Bike Helmet for road cycling is somehow safe, and its construction is outstanding. But if you can afford it, I recommend you should buy two different helmets for different uses.

Why? Because a Mountain Bike Helmet can provide your head proper protection and block the sun from reaching your eyes and face.

But with the benefits, you have to face some problems.

I don’t want to make things complicated. That’s why I will present only the major issues here. I hope that will be enough to let you know why you should not use a Mountain Bike Helmet for Road Biking. Here they are-

  • The visor is the first one I want to talk about.  A visor is an important part of a mountain bike helmet. It protects mountain bikes from crashes, but when you are riding a Road Bike, the trails are different, and so the situation.  And here the visor is the reason for more damages. 
  • Less ventilation: A mountain bike helmet doesn’t come with excellent ventilation due to its construction. So it always remains warmer and doesn’t let enough fresh air come in. And during the summer season when the tarmac heats up, it gets too much warmer.
  • Heaviness; A mountain bike helmet is a heavy one. Because it is constructed with more safety equipment to protect from hill crashes. A road biker won’t feel comfortable with a heavy mountain bike helmet when he is riding his bike at full speed. Road bikers love lightweight helmets that go perfectly with their lightweight road bikes.
  • Coverage: Coverage is great for protection, right? Then how can it create problems for road biking users? A mountain bike helmet is specially designed for mountain bikers. So it’s constructed by keeping in mind the safety while the bike is running over the hills. But this coverage makes the road bike riders uncomfortable. It makes hurdles in their smooth road riding position.

I have given my statement above and enough reason for standing on that. I hope now you have understood why you shouldn’t use one helmet for both uses ( MTB and Road Biking). Now it’s upon you whether you want to continue with a mountain bike helmet for road biking or not. Let us know your thoughts through comments.


Is Mountain Bike Helmets Suitable For Road Cycling?

Yes, Mountain Bike Helmet is suitable for road cycling. When you don’t need high speed and don’t want or don’t have enough money to buy a second helmet you can use it for both uses.

What Should You Look For Both (Mountain & Road Bike) Uses?

For both bike uses, the helmet should be lightweight with ventilation. It should have a removable breakaway visor to save you from obscure angles and remove it when you don’t need it. 

What Do Road Bikers Look For in a Helmet?

A road cyclist wants his helmet to be lightweight and aerodynamic. So he can run faster without putting in hard effort and protect his head during a crash.

What Do Mountain Bikers Look For in a Helmet?

Mountain Bikers look for the full-coverage helmet. Because mountain bikers face more head injuries during crashes than road bikers. They want to ensure their safety first before anything else

Does a Mountain Bike Helmet Give a Rider More Protection than a Road Helmet?

Yes, give a close look at both helmets, and you will find out yourselves.  Mountain bike helmets provide more coverage that means more protection.  Where road bike helmets leave the head much exposed. So the chances of head injuries with a road bike helmet are more than mountain bikes. 

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