How to Install Bike Rack on SUV

Here is a helpful how-to guide for installing your bike rack on your SUV.
We’ll walk you through some of the most popular ways to mount a bike rack and make sure that you get one that is safe and sturdy. I’m going to show you how I installed my own bike rack onto my SUV in less than an hour and only spent $35! By following them, you can install your bike rack without any help from any professional.

How to Install Bike Rack on SUV
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There are 3 types of bike racks, please read which one is your need
All the racks come with manual instructions like how to install them, cautions, and many more. Before you install, check once the manual instruction and follow them. We will share the three most popular Bike Rack Installation Processes; I hope these will help you install your bike rack. 

High Mounted Bike rack

High-mounted bike racks are the easiest to install a bike rack.  With this bike rack, you can connect the bike to the hitch of the SUV without touching the vehicle. And it will be free from the risk of damaging the vehicle’s finishes. If the SUV has an extra tire mounted on its back, first be assured that the hitch is long enough to clear it. If your SUV doesn’t have a hitch, you can install a new one. Installing a hitch isn’t so tricky. You can do it with essential tools and won’t have to drill into your SUV.  Let’s know the easy installation process of a high mounted bike rack.

How To Install Bike Rack on Suv

Step 1

Insert the Hitch bike rack stem into your SUV receiver tube. Now it’s time to secure it with ½ inch hex head bolt, star washer, flat washer, and clip.

Step 2

In this step, you have to install the safety support belt and then twist it to your bike rack’s core section. In this stage, the arms need to be connected with the bike rack post. And then, you have to swipe the strap curve to the back of the rack towline vehicle and then ensure that there won’t be any bounce in the rack.

Step 3

Now install your mountain bike and secure it with the rubber bike arm strips. You have to ensure the cross-post and seat post are securely installed on the rack. If everything is okay, you are all set to travel on your mountain bike.

Roof Mounted Bike Rack

A roof-mounted bike rack is another easy way to carry your bike. In this way, you can store your mountain bike on the roof of the SUV. A roof rack doesn’t damage your SUV as it won’t connect with your vehicle, so there is no chance of scratching the SUV paint. You have to lift the bike and keep it on the roof rack. With a roof rack, you can carry more than one bike; you just have to arrange one bike rack for each bike. The number of bikes you can hold depends on your SUV crossbar’s weight and the SUV width. Let’s know how to install a roof mounted bike rack.

Roof Bike Rack

Step 1

First, keep the bike rack on the crossbar, then turns the front knob to open the clamp’s front part. Now it’s time to open the rear clamp, turn the bolt and allow it to pass through the clamp slot. You have to lower the clamp front part and place it over the front crossbar. Now you just have to slide the clack of the rear clamp over the rear crossbar.  

Step 2

Now tighten the rear lamp, then you have to close the clamps around the crossbar and pull the front clamp around the crossbar with the help of the knob to tighten the front clamp completely around the crossbar.

Step 3

It’s time to adjust the clamp as per its needs. If there is no secure grip available with the factory bars, adjust the clamp. Don’t forget to check the wheel attachment; the tires are filled enough to endure the recommended pressure.

Trunk-Mounted Bike Rack

Usually, SUVs have crossbars and hitches, but if your SUV doesn’t have one, you can consider the trunk-mounted bike rack. Truck-mounted bike racks are directly attached to the vehicle’s hitch, so it doesn’t need any crossbar or hitch. The rack will carry the bike itself. 

The installation process of a trunk-mounted bike is very simple. Let’s know it.

Trunk Bike Rack

Step 1

Attach the truck-mounted rack to your SUV’s doors or hatch with the help of straps, hooks, or buckles. A truck-mounted bike rack has been padded to the place where the bike will be connected with the vehicles to prevent any damage.

Step 2

If your SUV’s have spoilers still you don’t need to worry; many truck mounted racks are designed primarily to work with spoilers. Attach the bike with the truck mount bars at a 15 to 45-degree angle, and wrap the straps around the wheels so it sits perfectly to the trunk. (If your SUV has a spare tire on its back or has an auto rear windshield wiper, then you should avoid trunk-mounted rack)

Can You Use a Car Bike Rack on an SUV?

Yes, you can use a car bike rack on an SUV.  You can use any type of bike rack from the main three bike racks; the Roof Rack, Hitch Rack, and Trunk Rack. All these bike racks are simple to install, safe to use, and durable. And to install these bike racks you won’t have to call any professional or need any extra equipment.

Do Bike Racks Damage Your Car?

No, bike racks won’t damage your car. 
Bike racks are useful to transport bikes from one place to another. When you use the bike racks frequently it becomes an important prospect to consider. But what if it damages your car?  As we most hear bike racks are free from the risk of damaging a car, that’s true but somehow if the installation is improper, or the maintenance process goes wrong a bike rack can damage your car. So to protect your car from damages you have to be very careful when using a bike rack.

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