Hiland Bike Brand Review: What Makes Hiland Good Bicycle?

With the tagline “ Forward Forever,” Hiland is actually going forward, and that too at a rapid speed. They are hardworking on building every rider’s dream bike and helping them to afford it at a minimum price. They manufacture bicycles, children’s bicycles, electric bicycles, bicycle accessories, racing bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, etc.

With time Hiland is exceeding its limit, your expectation, and building worth quality and high-performance bikes. But their price is still considerable. Their secret of success is, that they put their mind and heart both into every little act, and as a result, they get success every time. All of us know when we do something making our brain work and complete that with heart, the outcome is always good.

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Hiland Bike History

The birth of Hiland was in Dayton, Ohio, at the right time when the USA was experiencing remarkable growth in the bicycle industry. In 1921, the father and son duo, John S. Hiland and Harry Walter Hiland started this company. At that time, Hiland easily made its name in the bicycle industry with its top-quality road bike and racing bikes. In 1921, Hiland developed the construction and introduced a new style of bike. It was a steel steerer tube, balloon tire bicycle that is still running and ruling.

They also used to make “Rock Crystal ” tubing bikes with chrome plating. By using the patented process of the Rock Crystal Iron Company, this seamless tubing was being made.

In 1924 John S. Hiland sold e his interest to Harry and concentrated on only producing the carriages’ upholstery and car bodies. In 1927 Harry’s brother Frank P. Hiland also joined this company and gave it the name J.S. Hiland & Sons Company. In 1934, this company was converted into the “Dayton Cycles Corporation,” a holding company with larger facilities. 

In 1950, Harry handed over the company’s control to his son Lester A. Hiland then he mainly concentrated on constructing bicycle frame designs and parts and started doing marketing in the name of Hiland Cycle Company.

In 1954, Hiland coupled with Reynolds Brother Company, and it was their best decision ever. Their motive was to become one of the best American bicycle & Accessories manufacturing companies, and they did it. Today Hiland is a big name in the bicycle industry; they are known worldwide for their quality work and have gained a good reputation. 

Now, Hiland headquarter is in Norwood, Georgia. However, it is still maintaining its own business facilities in Dayton, Ohio, where it was first founded, and still producing the same product in the same vain just as it used to do, just in an extensive line.

In 1957, the Cycle Corporation of America purchased this company and, in 1968, sold it to H.K. Stevens Company. Then they moved into China to reduce production costs, and in 1970, Hiland bought back their company and started producing Schwinn-Huffy bicycles till 1984 when the real huffy brand halted this due to insufficient orders. 

Hiland Bike Categories

Hiland bikes can be worn in several different categories. We have done a review on all categories of Hiland Mountain bikes you can check out that article. Now in this article, we are gonna introduce you to all categories of bikes Hiland produces. It will include

  • Road Bike
  • Hybrid Bike
  • Women’s Bike
  • Youth Bike
  • MTB Bike
  • Electric Bike

Hiland Road Bike

Hiland road bikes are one of their best creations. Hiland road bikes are really fast, light, and efficient. It allows you to ride long distances; you won’t feel bothered due to its powerful sprints. And the road bike will perform efficiently with easy bar control. Hiland road bikes are specially designed for higher speed with stability. Using them on road is incredible.

it runs faster on track without letting you feel windy. Along with single tracks, you can also ride it on gravel or mountains. If you are looking for a road bike that is responsive sporty, and strong enough, the Hiland road bike is your best choice at affordable prices. Grab the one your size matches with.

Best Selling HILAND Road Bike

Road Bike
Hiland Road Bike


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum Frame, Steel
  • Frame Size: 49cm To 55cm
  • Bike Speed: 14 speeds To 21 speeds 
  • Bike Brake: Disc Brake, Caliper Brake 
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches To 29 inches

The List Of Most Popular Hiland Road Bike

Hiland Hybrid/City Bike

Being an American-produced bike manufacturer, Hiland is also known for producing quality city bikes previously on the track that are still touring models today. 

Whether you want to enjoy a ride/competition with your friends or want to enjoy a long-distance ride, a Hiland city bike is a perfect choice. It comes in a variety of different models, colors, styles, etc. The used components are designed with the purpose of on-road riding and are also reasonable so that you will get all Hiland city bikes at an affordable price with good value. The lightweight frames will ensure the optimum performance out of these racing bikes.

Hiland city bikes are also considered marathon bikes; they ensure comfort and excellent resistance overall. If you are not a regular cyclist, still Hiland commuter bike can be ideal for you. It will let you stay comfortable for hours in varied terrains. 


Hybrid Bike


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum, Steel
  • Frame Size: 49cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 55cm
  • Bike Speed: 21 speed, 24speed,
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc brake, V brake, Foot Brake,
  • Wheel Size: 26 inch to 29 inch

The List Of Most Popular Hiland HYBRID/CITY

Hiland Mountain Bike

Hiland mountain bikes are great for balancing no matter climbing uphill or sprinting downhill. Their excellent gripping power ensures easy handling over the bumpy road without losing the needed speed. It narrows the riding posture to ensure a comfortable ride that is also efficient and speedy ride; All this is because all hiland mtb bikes are specially designed with triangles and a durable lacing system.

Hiland is accepted as one of the best mtb bike brands in the world, its outstanding performance, trendy look, and affordable price have made it possible. Hiland has the best mtb bike line that is budget-friendly and easy to handle over all types of terrains. In this top mtb bike line, you will get different types of full-suspension mtb bikes with one specialty. Cross country, downhill, enduro, etc., are some popular types of mtb bikes. You will also get different frame options like aluminum, steel, or titanium. Most of the mtb bikes are designed to ride over rough terrains.

Best Selling HILAND Mountain Bike

Top Pick
Hiland MTB Bike


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Titanium
  • Frame Size: 13 inch To 19 inch
  • Bike Speed: 21 speed & 24 speed
  • Bike Brake: Double Disc Brake
  • Wheel Size: 24 inch To 29 inch

The List Of Most Popular Hiland MTB Bike

Hiland Kid’s And Youth Bike

These days the young generation is becoming very conscious about having good habits. Biking is obviously one of them, and it’s not just for good physical health; it also allows us to enjoy the moment and keep our minds fresh.

Hiland youth mountain bikes are slightly different from other bikes. It comes in variations; they have different models and different price points. And to make it affordable, Hiland has tried to keep the young bikes at the minimum price, so every kid parent doesn’t have to spend all their saving money after their kid’s happiness.

Just give a look at the Hiland youth bike list; I am sure you will find more than one options that match your budget. Just because these bikes are affordable, don’t be a fool thinking they aren’t worth quality. All the hiland youth bikes are made with proper care; they are sturdy and durable. After a bit of wear and tear still, your kids can ride it without facing any breakdown problems.

Hiland Youth And Kid’s Bike Features

Top Pick
Hiland Youth Bike


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum, Alloy & Steel
  • Frame Size: 13 inches To 17 inch
  • Speed: 6 speed & 7speed, 
  • Brake: Disc Brake, V Brake & Linear Pull Brake
  • Wheel Size: 20inch To 27 inch

The List Of Most Popular Hiland Youth Bike

Hiland Women’s Bike

Usually, most women start riding bikes to keep themself in shape. But some are also there who do biking for transportation or to enjoy with friends. Most of us think that what can be the difference in a cycle? A cycle is a cycle. But it’s not so. Men and women have body differences, they have different body shapes, different heights, different body sizes, shorter arms and legs, and many more.

So it’s obvious a men’s bike isn’t gonna be a perfect fit for a woman, as it is for a man. So stop struggling with a men’s bike by thinking you are not less than a man and buy a hiland women’s bike as you are more valuable than men, so you are getting a specially designs bike for you. Hiland has a women’s bike line that is specially designed by keeping in mind women’s comfortability and need. Check out and choose that makes sense to you.

Best Selling HILAND Women’s Bike

Women’s Bike
71JWZRcmdhS. AC SL400


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum & Steel
  • Frame Size: 13 inches To 20 inch
  • Speed: 21 speed 
  • Brake: Disc Brake & V Brake
  • Wheel Size: 24 inches to 27 inch

The List Of Most Popular Hiland Women’s Bike

Hiland Electric Bike

A fun alternative is an electric mountain bike. Hiland has tried to cover almost all types of bikes, and the electronic bike is also not left. After getting various types of bikes on the list, now Hiland is also producing electronic bikes.

They have graced the digitalization and have made some of the best electronics bikes. The bikes are designed to serve urban commuters. Hiland electronic bikes have high-powered batteries, optimized handlebars, easy to install hubs and more. Give a close look at its specification, all have different features as per your need, you just have to find the right one.

Best Selling HILAND Electric Bike

Top Pick
71j7cnrro1L. AC SL1500


  • Frame Materials: Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 26 inches to 29 inches
  • Motor Type: Rear Geared Hub Motor
  • Motor Output: 36v 350w,  40v 500w, 
  • Battery V/ AH / WH: 36v / 10.4ah / 374.4wh, 36v / 10.4ah / 374.4wh, 48v / 13ah / 624wh
  • Estimated Charge Time: 4-6 hours
  • Estimated Min And Max Range:
    26 ~ 50 Miles, 26-40 miles, 30-50 miles,
  • Top Speed: 25mph With Pedal Assist, 20mph Throttle Only

The List Of Most Popular Electric Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hiland Bikes Good?

Yes, Hiland Bike is Really Good!
First and foremost, Hiland Bikes are made from high-quality, durable, and stylish materials. they come with various features that make them ideal for riders of all levels.
If you’re looking for a versatile bike that’ll take your biking experience to the next level, Hiland bike is definitely worth considering.

How Good Are Hiland Bikes?

The Hiland bike is a trendy bike on the market today. One of the most popular features of the HILAND bikes is their geometry. The geometry allows for a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

Hiland bikes have hydraulic disc brakes that provide excellent stopping power. They are also known for their lightweight construction.

Mountain Biking With Hiland

Hiland Bike Customer Service

The Box of Happiness

Hiland brand didn’t stop just by selling their products. they give you a warranty card. With every Hiland bike, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty card for servicing and a one-year part replacement warranty.

And if you don’t want service, you can demand the money back within 30 days of purchasing the bike. Not only this, you pay only for the bike but In the parcel,
you will get an assembly tool kit for free, along with a pair of extra pedals.

Isn’t it is enough reason for double happiness? So, what are you waiting for?
Pick one up today and start enjoying your ride!

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