How Can You Take Your Bike On Bus Train and Plane?

Do you enjoy cycling but hate the hassle of carrying your bike on buses, trains, or planes? Well, you’re not alone. Many cyclists find it difficult to take their bikes on public transport, especially in busy areas. Because carrying a bike in public transport isn’t like carrying some other staff.

But don’t despair! I have a few simple solutions for you to make your traveling with your bike a lot easier. How? To know that, you have to scroll down and be with me till the end. Here I will explore the ways to take your mtb bike in public transport and guidelines and answer some related questions you might have been searching for.

Can You Take A Mountain Bike On A Bus

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing you could take your mountain bike on a bus? If this is possible, it’s great for cyclists; they won’t have to ride a long way to reach their destination to get a bike ride to get around the town. But is it possible? Can you take a mountain bike on the bus? Does our law allow that?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can take your mountain bike on the bus. But it has to be a folding bike or packed inside a bag or box to fit the luggage pen in the buses. You won’t get extra space to carry the mountain bike on the bus.

If it’s a folding bike, carrying it in a bag is simple. Just fold it up and put it inside the bag, but if it’s a non-folding bike, carrying it will be a little difficult. You have to disassemble the bike wheels and handlebars to fit them in the luggage. You also have to carry extra tools like an Allen wrench to assemble the bike after reaching the destination. Plus in most city buses you won’t even get the chance to carry folding bikes that too in baggage during busy times. you have to wait at the bus station until the rush hour is over.

No matter how much effort it takes, once you reach your destination and get the chance to enjoy your favorite bike ride, all go away. So, never miss carrying a bike with you, especially if you love to explore new areas and experience new attractions.

How Can You Take Your Bike On train
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Can You Take Mountain Bike On A Train

Whether you want to enjoy a ride over thrilling tracks or a relaxed ride to enjoy the countryside, you need a bike. But most of these tracks and commuting areas aren’t always around us. We need to travel through public transportation to get there. But does public transport allow us to take our bikes with us? Can you take a mountain bike on the train? 

Quick Answer

Yes, you can take your mountain bike on a train. You can carry it in the passenger car bike racks if the train has one. Or if it is a folding bike, fold it and put it in a box or bag and carry it as normal luggage. 

In the UK New York, most of the local trains or commuter trains nowadays have extra bike space ( bicycle racks) to carry a bike that too for free ( some trains may charge you a fee). But for that, you have to book the space you want to carry the bike. Usually, there are 3 to 6 bike racks available on each train. You must reserve it in advance just like the train ticket and claim it by arriving at the train station 10 minutes before the train departs. But folding bikes are allowed to train travel as luggage, there is no need for reservation or any charges. Some regional trains or long-distance trains don’t allow bike carrying in rush hour.

Can You Take Mountain Bike On Plane

Traveling by mountain bike all around the country by bus and train is possible, but what about the outside of the country? What can you do if you want to go on an outdoor vacation but do not wish to leave your favorite mountain bike? Air travel can be a hassle, but it’s even harder when you have to lug your bike with you. Can you take a mountain bike on a plane?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can take a mountain bike on a plane by following the airline’s guidelines and rules. Remember electric bike isn’t under this. Electric bikes are classified as dangerous bikes, so they can be transported only in freight aircraft.

Unlike buses and trains, you can’t take your mountain bike with you just by folding and packing it in baggage. What are the guidelines and how to pack it for air travel? I will tell you below.

Mountain Bike Airline Guidelines

Hate the hassle of carrying the mountain bike by packing it with you? No longer do you have to carry your bikes with you? Airlines are starting to accommodate mountain bikes in the cargo hold. You just have to follow some rules, and you can carry the mountain bike on plane cargo without any damage. Here are the mountain bike airline guidelines you need to know. 

  • Not every airline allows transporting your mountain bike. So before you choose the airline, make sure they are allowed to carry the bike or not.
  • Though some airlines allow carrying mountain bikes, they have weight restrictions. The weight limits vary from airline to airline. So don’t forget to check the weight capacity too.
  • Just like the weight limit, pricing also differs from airplane to airplane. Some planes can cost you around $50, while some can cost you up to $250. So before finalizing the ticket, make sure you have checked the bike carrying cost.
  • Before flying, double-check whether the bike is secured or not; if it gets damaged, you will be responsible for that, not anyone else, because the packaging responsibility is on you.
  • If somehow the mountain bike gets damaged, you must immediately inform the travel insurance company. If they got the chance to prove that the damage was your mistake, you wouldn’t get even a penny. 

How Do You Pack a Mountain Bike For Air Travel?

How Do You Pack a Mountain Bike For Air Travel

You’ve decided to take your mountain bike on your next trip, and you’re not sure how to pack it for the trip.

Bike packing can be a hassle, especially when trying to pack it securely to save it from damage. So want to know how you should Pack a Mountain Bike for Air Travel?

Let’s know the entire process of packing your mountain bike for the plane, including tips on packing it securely and avoiding common bike packing mistakes. 

Before that, let’s know some of the ways you can pack your mountain bike for air traveling.

  • Purchase a special hard bike carrier that fits your mountain bike. A normal bike box won’t work because it has to endure a lot. So buy a heavy one though it will cost you a little more, it is worth its price.
  • If you can’t afford to buy a good bike carrier, you can rent it from rental services by spending a little money.
  • If you don’t want to invest a lot in buying a bike case or don’t want to take rent, you can use a CTC plastic bag. CTC bike bag will take only a few minutes to pack and is safe at a lower price.
  • You can take your bike to a bike shop and ask for cardboard box packaging. But ensure the bike is secured with bubble wrap and has enough padding so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • If you don’t have any option available, you can also use your regular suitcase or travel case to carry the bike. It’s also an excellent option to protect the bike from bumps and scratches.

Packing a Mountain Bike in a Cardboard Box For Air Traveling

Get a large cardboard box from a bike shop, and secure it with enough padding inside. Now remove the bike parts ( pedals, handlebars, wheels, etc.) and place the bike upside down in the box to rest on the seat. Placing the wheel next to the frame and all the remaining parts in the empty space is the final step.

Before placing the loose parts, wrap them with duct tape, so they don’t move around and stick to where you put them. Then shut the box and secure it by tapping the box.  Don’t forget to mention your contact information at the top of the box.

Tips on How To Pack It Securely

Whether you’re packing for a short trip or a long journey, packing your mountain bike is a crucial part of the equation. Here are some tips on packing a mountain bike for air travel without damage or fuss.  

  • If your mountain bike comes with a rear derailleur gear system, you must follow a little trick. Change the gear position, to a larger one in the front and a smaller one in the back wheel.
  • Wrap each part of the bike with bubble wrap to secure it from scratches and damage.
  • Put a wedge between the forks so it doesn’t get bent.
  • Take extra tubes, an Allen wrench, and so on ( necessary things) inside the box.
  • Make sure you have lubricated all moving parts before putting them inside the box.


Taking your mountain bike on a bus, train or plane is simple if you know how to carry them. I have shared how you can carry your bikes on public transport in this guide. And I also have shared a detailed bike packaging process for airlines. I hope my article helped you; let me know if you have something more to learn.

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