How Much Does It Cost To Replace Bike Tires?

Whenever we think about replacing bike tires, our first thought is, “How much does it cost to replace bike tires?”. Well, you don’t have to think a bike tire costs a lot, as it comes affordable. You will get a bike tire or bicycle tire at various prices.

If your budget is low, you will still get a good match. If the budget is good enough, you can get a quality bike tire that will offer you improved performance.

I will talk about the best bike tires another day and will bring some quality bike tires that will fulfill your need with their performance. But today, I am here to answer you how much a bike tire replacement can cost you.

Before I go ahead and tell you the bike or motorcycle tire replacement cost, I think you should know some more info about tire replacement.

Such as, “do your bike tires need to be replaced or not.” If it needs replacement, “how can you find the best fit for your bike” and “how to replace bike tires easily?”

So let’s not drag anymore and jump in to know our valuable answers.

Do Your Tire Really Need Replacement or Repairing Will Work

Replacing isn’t always the solution even if it costs you less. That’s why I think you should check your bike tires carefully and decide if it really needs replacement or a little repair can save it.

If repairing can work, I will tell you to go with that rather than replacing. But how do we understand that the bike tires need repairing, not a replacement?

It’s very easy; you just have to observe the signs carefully. Let’s know the signs of repairing and replacement through a table. 

Bike Tire Repairing And Replacement Signs

Bike Tire Repairing SignsBike Tire Replacement Signs
Less than three fractured spokesMore than three fractured spokes
Little wear and tear can be repaired through sealantWarped rim
Broken nipplesDamaged brake on the rim
Slow leakLower gripping power
Loose tire bead ropeCorrode rim parts

I think this information is enough to let you know what you should do. If you see the signs of replacement, run with the bike or motorcycle and replace their tires (DIY if you can), and if you see the repairing signs, still go to the local bike shop.

But don’t start repairing immediately. I didn’t say that. Before you go for repairs, ask the mechanic how much it will cost you to repair and replace the bike tires with your current bike tires of the same quality.

If the repairing cost is less than replacing it with the same quality tires, then tell the mechanic to repair and if the price is higher, then demand replacement. I hope I have made it easy to understand; if not, ask me through a comment.

Some more replacement signs are Squaring Off, Exposed Casing, Flat Tire, Tread Wear, Bulges and Bubbles, Sidewall Cracks, Frequent Flats, Older Age, running over 2000+ or 2500 miles, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Bike Tires?

Replacing a bike tire cost isn’t a simple calculator, not a difficult one either. But it varies from bike to bike. If you own a hybrid bike it will not cost you like if you have an mtb bike or road bike.

Every bike has different bike tires, so the bike tire cost also differs from each other. Whatever we are here to know the cost so we have to know it. Lets’ know which bike tire can cost you how much.

Bike NameBike Tire Replacement Cost
Commuting bike$30-$40
Hybrid bikeUnder $50
Road bike$25-$40
MTB bike$40-$90
Kids bike$15-$25
Women’s bike$30-$40

Commuting Bike Tire: A commuting bike tire is a special bicycle tire designed for commuting. commuter bikes or bicycle tires have a thick tread, which provides good traction on surfaces like wet pavement and snow.

Commuting bikes are generally less expensive than other bicycles, but the tire isn’t. They’re easier to maintain than more expensive models but cost more than a good-quality road bike tire. A high-quality commuting bike tire price starts from $30.

Hybrid Bike Tire: Hybrid bike tires are a combination of both clincher and tubular tires. They provide the benefits of both types of tires with increased traction, safety, and speed. As it has more benefits it also costs you more. To get good quality hybrid bike tires you may have to spend almost $40-$50.

Road bike tire: Road bike tires are typically made of rubber and carbon fiber, and their most common type is tubular. It is designed to provide grip on the road and give you good traction when riding. They are thinner and can run at high speed. 

This makes them perfect for cycling on both wet and dry surfaces. The tread pattern on the tubeless tire helps with gripping in wet conditions as well as reduces rolling resistance by distributing weight more evenly over the tire. Though a road tire doesn’t cost a lot, you still have to spend a minimum of 25 dollars to get a good one.

MTB bike tire: Mountain bike tires are rubber tires that fit on the frame of a mountain bike. They are usually wider than road bike tires and used for rough terrain and steep climbs. Typically they have more rubber on the contact patch; that’s why they can handle more obstacles and terrain.

Mountain bike tires also have knobs or ‘knobbies’ that help climb over rocks and roots without losing traction. A mountain bike tire front wheel will cost you under $100. If you want good mountain bike tires but are affordable, your budget should be between $40 and $70.

Kids Bike Tire: Kid’s bike tires front and rear are made with soft, pliable, and flexible rubber that provides the perfect cushioning for a smooth ride. It’s made from the same materials as road bike tires.

Their bike wheel is a shorter and more rounded design. It makes them safer for kids who lack the coordination and balance to handle a sharper-edged, longer tire. Kids’ bike tires are inexpensive, just like tires. Their actual cost starts from $15-$25.

Women’s Bike Tire: Women’s bike tires are designed to be more narrow than men’s and have a lower profile. 

They also tend to have fewer treads, thus offering less protection from the elements. 

In order to reduce weight and rolling resistance, they are often made of a lighter material like aluminum or carbon fiber. A women’s bike tire will cost you like a regular commuter bike tire. It’s between $30-$40.

Factors That Affect The Bike Tire Replacement Cost

The bike tire cost will depend on what type of bike it is, its size, weight, and many more. Let’s know how these factors affect the new bike tire cost.

Bike type: Most of us know that not every bike costs the same, so neither does the bike. Each bike has a different tire and has a different cost. If your bike is an mtb bike, it’s going to cost you more than a road bike, hybrid bike, or any bike tire.

Mtb bikes and tires are both expensive. While if you buy road bike tires, it’s going to cost you almost half of an mtb bike because their material or size is different. Like this, all the bikes also differ from each other and their cost.

Bike size: A bike tire can cost you more after being the same material and the same type. Why and how? If you need larger size bike tires, it’s going to cost you a little more than the smaller ones. So, bike tire costs depend on bike size.

Bike quality: We have an idea about this, right? Quality increases the price! The same model bike tires can cost lower if quality and durability are lower. If you want to save up some money, you can buy lower-quality tires.

But as we know, a bike tire has a big part in the performance so we shouldn’t compromise with it. Take the affordable ones but invest a little more.

I mean, don’t go with the high-priced bike tires, but don’t even with the lower quality. Find a tire worth the quality and the price you can pay just by increasing your budget a little more.

Riding purpose: Yes, riding purposes also increase and decrease the cost of a pair of bike tires. If you want a bike rear wheel that you will use only for commuting or as a hobby, you can buy average quality bike tires that will cost you lower. While if you want bike tires for regular riding like a professional bike rider, you will need high-quality bike tires that will cost you more. 

Locations: Surprised? Don’t be; you have an idea about this. Not only bike tires but everything’s price changes when the location changes. How? It’s simple. When you buy something from a local store, it costs you lower. Because their maintenance fees and rent are lower than the big stores and super shops.

Also sometimes we get a discount after bargaining from a local store which is unavailable in big stores and super shops. Sometimes these shops also offer discounts, but that is about it. Sometimes, we don’t know when the offer will be given. So don’t wait for that offer.

So you can give a check to your local store, and not only one store but a few to get the best deal.

How To Choose The Best Bike Tires

When shopping for the best bike tires, many factors come into play.

If you ride mostly on pavement, then there are few options for tires such as road bike or mountain bike, but if you’re doing more off-road activities, it would be worth considering a tire with knobs in it like a hybrid or a gravel tire. 

The most important factor is how your bike feels.

It might not be worth buying new tires just yet if you feel uncomfortable, unstable, or unsafe while riding on bumpy terrain with this tire.

Next, decide what type of terrain you want to ride on most often. 

If you primarily ride in urban areas, a high-volume tire with low rolling resistance would be appropriate for your riding conditions.

Choose something with an aggressive tread pattern that will grip the ground well while mountain biking, like riding over rough terrain or real trails, if you mostly ride the trails or off-road.   

How fast will I be riding?

If your speed rarely exceeds 30MPH, then no need for something faster than a light racing bike tire.

While a heavier, more durable wheelset is more suitable for an everyday commuter. For example, when choosing aged tires with very few treads or even no traction at all, it’s best in some instances like dirt road riding where there isn’t a need for speed as your walking speed will demand, so try to put weight back on it somehow.

For faster riding, most tires come in 2-speed compounds or at the very least with a slick rubber insert so that the tire does not get snagged on curbs and potholes during descents or sprinting for a street-line win.

Is my bike too small to wear a bigger than regular mountain bike tire size?

The biggest thing you should be considering is your below-average height person as even though you can ride 26 ” on a mountain bike, you will hit your head quite often unless it is an older discarded model.

As for general road biking, most 26″ and 27″ mountain bikes can do an adjustment on any standard 700C rim with a 150-155mm tire size but be sure to keep in mind that the increased width actually adds more weight which might not deter some riders.

Since lighter produces faster results, especially when going up steep hills or hill-climbing, the heavier ones will adjust themselves in due time as the rider gets used to riding a bicycle with that size rim and tire setup.

Tips for a better ride: If you are tired of bumping your head off your seat when going over low curbs or potholes, then try installing thicker rubber inserts between the bike tube and casing.

How To Replace Bike Tires?

It’s extremely easy to do, which is why most biking shops can potentially change your bike and tire as quickly, if not quicker, than you could pick up an item at the local garage locally.

Maybe now you are thinking it’s so simple you can do it at your home. Yes, you are right, replacing a bike tire is a DIY project. You will just need a bike tire and the required tool. You have to spend a little extra money here.

A complete set of tool kits you will need to replace the road tires or any bike tire will cost you a lot. Though a patch kit is a long-term investment, you should still think about it. If you aren’t a regular rider,

I think it will be best if you let it handle by the local garage. But if you are a professional or regular biker, it will be the best decision ever to invest in cycling accessories. It will cost you more at a time but will offer you services for a long time.

Let’s be familiar with the gears or tools you will need to replace your bike tires.

A Full Kit Of Bike Replacement

  • Allen Key-01
  • Levers- 02
  • Tire repair kit-01
  • Inner tube-01
  • Screwdriver-01
  • Air pump

All the mentioned tools are enough to replace the bike tires. If you have enough money, invest in buying these and replace your bike tires in a few minutes.

How? Let’s know the replacement process.

  • Lay your bike down ( even the electric bike. and bicycle tire) on the ground with the tires facing up. Place a lever under one side of the tire and lift it while pushing in on the other side to remove the bike chain and other parts of it.
  • Install the new inner tube and tighten it if necessary with a wrench. Lay a piece of cardboard or another soft material over the valve stem, and then place your new tire on top of it. 
  • Adjust the new wheel to be centered on the axle with your inner tube or tire lever. Remove air from your tires, then loosen the screws on each side of that new spare tube and brake, until you can slide it forward without much resistance to the bicycle rim.
  • Cover the floor with a towel so the bike won’t fall onto the ground when removing old rims or lifting the wheels. Install the new wheel, asjust the tire liners, and then tighten all bolts with a screwdriver.
  • Make sure your moving bike has something beneath it. So it does not fall onto the roof or accidentally break off any parts of your rims during installation because that’s going to happen unless you’re very careful.


I know my article answered your question and covered some more questions that you should know when you are thinking about replacing your bicycle tires.

As I don’t know which bike you are looking for, I have mentioned each type of bike tire’s price. I have told you the price that I found at my local store.

As I told you before, the price of tires differs from store to store and location. So it can be up and down from the bike tire cost I have mentioned above.

But I don’t think there is a huge difference. Still, a penny also matters, right? So go to all the local stores, even the super shops, and find out which seller offers you the best.

If you found something good at a little more price, still grab it! Don’t forget to throw a comment below, was my answer on how much does it cost to replace bike tires was satisfying enough or not.

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