How Do You Know What Size Mountain Bike To Get For You?

Getting the right size mountain bike is essential for every rider to enjoy mountain bike riding to the fullest. But how do you know what size mountain bike to get? Well, it’s very simple to know what size mountain bike to get, you just need to know how to do it. You may think about choosing the size depending on age, but it is not the appropriate way to find the perfect size. Because not every one growth or body structure is the same. So we have to depend on our bodies. 

How to find out the size depending on the body? It’s very simple, you just need to know your height or inseam and you can know your mountain bike in minutes. I have the calculation process and size chart for you. 

By following my instruction below or matching with height, you can know which size bike is right for which rider. So let’s scroll down without dragging anymore.   

Does Mountain Bike Size Matter

Yes, mountain bike size matters. Just like all of us don’t fit in the same shoes, we don’t even can’t ride the same size bike. 

To enjoy the most rewarding experience while riding, first and foremost, you need to ensure you are using the right size mountain bike. A right-size mountain bike will ensure more comfort and better control. 

When you have the wrong size mountain bike that can’t accommodate your body, it will be difficult to handle the bike on trails. For example, if you have a small size bike, you will face pedal efficiency problems, be unable to keep the bike stable, and managing the speed will also be tough. These will lead to a crash and serious injuries. 

But when you have the right size mountain bike, there will be no struggle to handle the bike even at higher speeds. The bike will be more responsive, and safe to ride over rough terrain with full stability.

Mountain Bike Size Chart According To Height For Mens

Height Inseam Frame sizeBike size
4’10”-5’0″ (147cm-152cm)26″ (66 cm)13″ (33.02 cm)XX Small
5’0″-5’3″ (152cm-160cm)27″ (69 cm)13″-14″ (33 -35 cm)X Small
5’3″-5’7″ (160cm-170cm)28″ (71 cm)15″-16″ (38-40 cm)Small
5’7″-5’9″ (170cm-175cm)30″ (76 cm)17″-18″ (43-45 cm)Medium
5’9″-5’11” (175cm-180cm)32″ (79 cm)18″-19″ (45-48 cm)Medium Large
5’11”-6’2″ (180cm-188cm)33″ (81 cm)19″-20″ (48-50 cm)Large
6’2″-6’5″ (188cm-196cm)34″ (86 cm)20″-21″-22″ (50-53-55cm)X Large
6′ 5″+ (196cm+)36″ (91 cm) 23″-24″ (58-60 cm)XX Large

Regular Mountain Bike Size Chart

Height Inseam Frame sizeBike size
4’10” – 5’2″ (148-158 cm)26″-27″13″ -14″ X Small
5’2″ – 5’6″ (158-168 cm)27″-28″15″ -16″ Small
5’6″ – 5′ 10″ (168-178 cm)29″-30″17″ -18″ Medium
5’10” – 6’1″ (178-185 cm)32″ -33″ 19″ -20″ Large
6’1″ – 6’4″ (185-193 cm)33″ -34″ 21″ -22″ X Large
6’4″ – 6’6″ (193-198 cm)36″ +23″ -24″ XX Large

Womens size chart

Height Inseam Frame sizeBike size
147cm-155cm / 4’10”-5’1″26″ (66 cm)13″  (33.02 cm)XX Small
155cm-160cm / 5’1″-5’3″27″ (69 cm)13″-14″ (33 -35 cm)X Small
160cm-165cm / 5’3″-5’5″28″ (71 cm)15″-16″ (38-40 cm)Small
165cm-172cm / 5’5″-5’8″30″ (76 cm)17″-18″ (43-45 cm)Medium
172cm+ / 5’8″+31″ (79 cm)19″+ (48 cm+)Large

What Size Mountain Bike For 5’6

5’6 is a between size, so a man with this height have two options to go with. You can choose a small mountain bike or a medium size mountain bike with a 16-17 inch frame. It’s better to go with a little larger size for better performance. A larger bike is easy to handle and also offers greater stability at high speeds, which makes them easier and safer to control. Plus, if you need, you can change and use a shorter sterm to reach the handlebars easily.  

Mountain Bike Size For 5’10

If you are men with 5’10 height, then your recommended mountain bike will be medium-large sized. A medium-large size mountain bike comes with an 18″-19″ (45-48 cm) frame and is designed for men with 5’9″-5’11” (175cm-180cm) height. And if you are a woman, a large mountain bike with a 19″+ (48 cm+) frame is the right choice.

Mountain Bike Size For 6ft

When you are above 6 ft or 6 ft, a large-size mountain bike will be a perfect fit. A large-size mountain bike with a 19″-20″ (48-50 cm) frame and 27.5/29er wheels can be ridden by any rider up to 6’2. 

Or, if you want a perfect size bike, then follow the process of calculating the bike size I have shared above. You will need to measure your inseam, and you can calculate and determine your bike size accurately. 

How To Calculate Your Perfect Bike Size

Stand on your legs straightly, taking off your shoes. Keep space of 6-8 inches between your legs. Now take help from another person and tell him to measure the gap from your leg to where your leg joints are. It’s called the inseam height. Now you have your inseam measurement, let’s calculate your bike frame size and find out which bike size is perfect for you.

Bike frame size= your leg inseam x 0,66. If your leg inseam is 66cm, then it will be 66 x 0,66 = 43 cm. So your bike frame size will be 43cm means you will need a medium size mountain bike.

24-Inch Bike Good For What Height?

A 24-inch bike is not so found these days on adult bikes. These size wheels are seen only in kids’ bikes, not even teenagers’ bikes. Kids from 9 to 13 years old are the target rider for this size. A 24-inch bike is good for kids up to 4’9 height.   

What Height Is a 26-Inch Mountain Bike For?

Usually, a 26-inch mountain bike is the starting adult size of a mountain bike. But these days, this size is rare among adult riders. New riders who struggle to speed on rough terrain, or teenager riders are the perfect ones for a 26-inch bike. A 26-inch mountain bike is designed for riders from 5 to 5’7 height. 

27.5 Inch Bike Good For What Height?

A 27.5-inch bike is good for 6ft height riders. This size bike is known as a large-size bike and comes with a 20inch frame size. Riders starting from 5’8 to 6” in height can comfortably fit and ride a 27.5-inch bike. 

Bottom line

By now you have already got to know what size mountain bike to get for yourself. I have given you enough information to do so. Whether you are a man or woman I have shared both size charts, and also shared how to calculate the size using your inseam measurement. Just follow the formula and get to know your perfect size. If you have any questions regarding your bike size or want me to tell what your size is, just comment below and I will help you.

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