Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders

Have you ever noticed that most MTBs have the same weight capacity? It feels like all of those brands are just keeping the regular riders in mind, doesn’t it? We were pretty frustrated after finding this out because our team wanted to try out mountain bikes, but we could not point out one that had the right weight capacity.

However, we did not give up just yet. By scouring the entire market, we have managed to find out the best full suspension mountain bike for heavy riders. Thanks to the full suspension system and a high weight capacity, these could handle our weight and go through the off-road stress without any issues at all!

Want to know all about the best bike models we have picked? You might want to consider sticking till the end!

Benefits of Full Suspension Mountain Bike

So, what do bike for heavy rider bring to the table? Is it really different than the regular MTBs or hardtail mountain bike? In short, they are leaps ahead of traditional trail bikes. And offer a lot of advantages over the regular rigid suspension bikes as well.

First of all, the ride will be much more comfortable in comparison. The full suspension system will soak up all of the shocks and bumps of the terrain. And you will have a stellar overall riding experience.

Secondly, as the weight capacity of these bikes is higher than the others, their build quality will be top-notch. Road stress of challenging terrains will not make them show any performance issues. You will even find these bikes capable of riding faster than the regular MTBs.

Comparison Table: Best MTB For Heavy Rider

ImageMain FeaturesScore
SAVADECK Carbon Fiber

SAVADECK Carbon Fiber

  • Speeds: 30
  • Frame: Carbon Fiber
Price On Amazon
Hiland Bike 27 Speeds

Hiland Bike 27 Speeds

  • Speeds: 27
  • Frame: Aluminum
Price On Amazon
Mongoose Tyax Comp

Mongoose Tyax Comp

  • Speeds: 12
  • Frame: T2 Aluminum
Price On Amazon


  • Speeds: 22
  • Frame: Carbon Steel
Price On Amazon
Mongoose Status

Mongoose Status

  • Speeds: 21
  • Frame: Aluminum
Price On Amazon
Schwinn Bonafide

Schwinn Bonafide

  • Speeds: 24
  • Frame: Aluminum
Price On Amazon
Redfire Mountain Bike

Redfire Mountain Bike

  • Speeds: 21
  • Frame: Aluminum
Price On Amazon

7 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders

So, after getting hands-on experience with the available mountain bikes for heavy rider, we have concluded that these are the ones that are worthy of each penny that you would be spending:

1. SAVADECK Carbon Fiber

While looking for the best mountain bike for heavy riders, we prioritized comfort a lot. And this offering from SAVADECK has managed to impress us in that regard.

Top Pick
71e4iHE9FWL. AC SL1500

SAVADECK Carbon Fiber

High Cost-performance, Designed for Cycling Enthusiasts and Professional Entry-level Riders

Wondering what made it amaze us? Well, it comes with a highly comfortable saddle. The ergonomic design, combined with breathable memory foam on the top, will ensure a healthy and comfortable overall riding experience. You will not face any fatigue or discomfort issues even if you plan to ride for a prolonged time.

This full suspension bike for heavy riders also comes with continental tires. These tires are hard-wearing, anti-grill, and have reasonably low rolling resistance. Thanks to having these traits, it will be pretty easy for you to pick up the pace. The Shimano gear system will make it more manageable to speed up quickly.

On that note, it features a quick-release hub. This hub is lighter than what other competitors are using. For that reason, unlike the other mountain bikes for heavier riders, you will not face any issues while trying to remove the wheels. Also, the Shimano gear hub will ensure a smooth shifting and smooth riding experience.

The overall build quality of this bike is pretty stellar as well. It utilizes a carbon fiber frame that weighs ¼ of an ordinary alloy frame. Each part of the bike is high in quality as well.


  • Comes with a comfortable saddle
  • Low resistance continental tires
  • High-end Shimano gear system
  • Boasts a quick-release hub
  • Sports a carbon fiber frame


  • Might ship with low-quality screws
  • The pads of the piston rub against the disc

Our Verdict

This mountain bike for big and tall riders ticks most of the critical criteria. Its build quality is excellent, and it comes with high-end parts. And let us not forget how it excels in offering a comfortable overall ride

2. Hiland Bike 27 Speeds

On the lookout for the best mountain bike for 300 lb man? You should take a look at what Hiland is offering here.

#2 Top Pick
71WVmLdLFYS. AC SL1500

Hiland Bike 27 Speeds

The frame on this bike has been reinforced to handle the weight of heavier riders. making it the perfect choice for all you big guys out there! It features an aluminum frame with 27.5 wheels so you can easily maneuver through even the most challenging terrain.

The first thing that makes it a good pick for a mountain bike for 300 pound man is the high-tech frame. Instead of opting for regular material, the brand has selected high-quality aluminum for the overall construction of the frame. It is ultralight but is highly capable of handling a high load.

Another great thing about the frame is its internal routing for the cables. The brake hoses and the shift cables will route through the inside. Such a design will make the frame achieve a clean overall look, and it will help to enhance the overall lifespan of the cables.

But the frame is just the first star of the show. This mountain bike for overweight man also comes with dual powerful disc brake. These disc brakes are highly efficient and will perform better than regular mechanical disc brakes. You will notice high stopping power. The installation process is pretty straightforward too.

As the name suggests, the gear system offers twenty-seven speeds. Whether you are riding on a steep hill or plain city road, you will be capable of finding a slot that will work for each of the scenarios. Also, it boasts a lockout fork and a full-fledged suspension system, which will make the ride smooth.


  • The frame is made of high-quality aluminum
  • Comes with dual powerful hydraulic brakes
  • Sports a lockout fork
  • Easy to install
  • Has an amped-up gear system


  • The gear system is not that smooth

Our Verdict

The frame and lockout suspension of the bike is the main highlight of this bike.
It has internal routes for the cables and is of high-quality aluminum.

3. Mongoose Tyax Comp

Mountain bikes for big and heavy person do not always have to be heavy. And the manufacturer Mongoose believes exactly that, which they have proved with this offering.

#3 Top Pick
81zfdpYJYSL. AC SL1500

Mongoose Tyax Comp

The Mongoose Tyax Comp is an excellent mountain bike for big and heavy people. It’s designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and durable. The fork on this bike has been custom-tuned specifically for heavier riders with larger wheel sizes to prevent any harsh vibrations.

As we have mentioned, this one features a full-fledged T2 aluminum frame. The manufacturer has taken the time and designed it specifically to be stronger yet significantly lighter than most of the other regular frames.

You will have two options when it comes to the tires. Depending on the terrain you want to ride on and your riding style, you can either choose the 29 inches or 27.5 inches wheel. Both of them will excel in terms of riding performance and provide you with a stellar overall riding experience.

On that note, this bicycle comes with internal cable routing slots. Thanks to these slots, it will be possible to make your ride achieve clean overall looks. Also, the internal slots will protect the cables from damages and ensure that they last for a prolonged amount of time without showing any issues.

It even comes with 146mm hub spacers. Those create a rigid and much stable hardtail. And to enhance security and comfort, the brand has opted for proper lock-on grips. The dual suspension system of the unit will also do a decent job of absorbing most of the rear shock of the road and allow you to get a comfortable experience.


  • Feature a T2 aluminum frame
  • The frame has internal routing slots
  • Light yet highly durable
  • Sports 146mm hub spacers
  • Boasts a proper suspension system


  • The seat is not really that adjustable

Our Verdict

The frame is of high-quality material yet reasonably light in weight. For the internal slots, it will not only offer a clean look but will make the cables last for a prolonged time.

4. ROYCE UNION Men’s Carbon Bike

While looking for the best mountain bike for fat guy, you might want to get your hands on something that looks and feel premium at the same time. Well, in that case, you should check out this offering from ROYCE UNION.

#4 Top Pick
81awr9gQWGL. AC SL1500


This bike is perfect for the serious mountain biker. It has a lightweight carbon frame and an XCT suspension fork to make your ride smooth and comfortable. The Kenda Small Block 8 tires will help you grip the ground and keep you in control on any terrain.

So, what makes it premium? The frame! It is of carbon steel and features a sleek overall design. Even the color coating on the surface is top-notch. And for the high-quality material, the frame achieves a high overall durability level. It will be capable of taking a high level of load without showing any issues.

The brand has paired this MTB with dual hydraulic disc brakes. These disc brakes will offer a crisp and smooth overall braking performance. You will get an increased level of control over the ride on the Cannondale trail. Also, the bike features a high-end suspension system. That will do a proper job of reducing the shocks and bumps.

Other than that, the crank of the unit is three-piece. Such a design allows more flexibility and allows the rider to get a stellar overall riding experience. The unit also comes with a Shimano gear system. The Shimano tourney will provide a premium riding experience and will allow you to take on any challenging terrain.

Even the tires on this MTB are premium. The dual tread compound will provide better overall traction on most of the terrains. You will also get a proper cornering grip performance out of the tire. It even has quick-release hubs.


  • The frame is of carbon steel
  • Durable but reasonably light in weight
  • Sports a high-end suspension system
  • Utilizes a three-piece crank
  • Looks sleek and premium at the same time


  • The saddle is not that comfortable
  • Not that easy to assemble

Our Verdict

If you were looking for a premium bike that looks premium as well.
you should definitely put this one at the top of the list.

5. Mongoose Status

An aggressive but not too aggressive look was one of the things we considered when looking for the best full suspension mountain bike for big guys. And this offering from Mongoose offers precisely that!

#5 Top Pick
91lPY53DHDL. AC SL1500

Mongoose Status

The Mongoose Status is a bike that can take you across the country and back. Made of strong aluminum with hydroformed tubing. With 21 speeds and front and rear V-brakes, your ride will be smooth and safe for years to come.

As we mentioned, it features a sleek but aggressive overall look. There are two different color options, and both have unique accents to them. The accented colors on the end plugs, along with the riser handlebar, makes the bike achieve look really good. You will be riding with style.

The brand has opted for a high-quality aluminum frame for the bike. This MTB frame with the front suspension makes the bicycle capable of handling a high level of load and road stress. Even if the terrains are challenging, you can expect the bike to offer stellar overall performance.

This heavy-duty bike also comes with a full-fledge gear system. There are a total of 21 speed-shifting slots present on the system. As a result, you can expect to get a comfortable and smooth ride on most of the terrains. The rims are of sturdy alloy. However, they are pretty light in weight.

It even comes with V-brakes on both the front and back. This braking system offers a high overall stopping power. So, safety will not be an issue you need to worry about. The tires of the bike are reasonably wide. This semi-fat tire can roll over pretty much anything with low resistance.


  • Comes in two color options
  • Looks sleek and aggressive at the same time
  • Has a full-fledged gear system
  • Features V-brakes on both front and back
  • Lightweight yet highly durable


  • The front brake assemblies feel a bit cheap

Our Verdict

The unique outlook, combined with a proper riding performance, makes it a proper pick for a heavy-duty mountain bike. So, you will not go wrong with the purchase.

6. Schwinn Bonafide Mens

Most of the brands out there will skimp on the gear system of the MTB. But Schwinn is not one of them. And this offering is an excellent example of that!

#6 Top Pick
71tdAQayFFS. AC SL1500

Schwinn Bonafide

The Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike is perfect for those who love the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking to explore a new area or just want to get in some exercise, this bike will do it all and more! This bike ships ready to be assembled, so you can get on the trails right away!

First of all, it features an amped-up gear system. There are a total of 24 different speed shifting slots. Both the rear and front derailleurs shift smoothly. Thanks to this gear system, you can be sure to get a smooth overall riding experience on most of the terrains.

But the gear system is not the only highlight of the bike. It features rear and front mechanical disc brake. These brakes offer a crisp stopping power in most road conditions. You will also find alloy cranks on the bike. These cranks will make the maintenance process less pesky and provide steady gearing performance.

Other than that, the frame of the MTB is of high-quality aluminum. The suspension on the front does a proper job of absorbing the bumps and shock of the trail riding. In fact, the suspension can adequately soak up the thumps of off-road terrains like hawk hill

And as the bike ships in ready-to-be-assembled form, the installation will be a breeze.

There are double-wall alloy rims present. They are light in weight but reasonably durable. It even comes with 25 inches wide knobby tires. These tires are born ready for bumpy and challenging terrains. So, you can expect to get an enhanced level of control and handling.


  • Boasts a 24-speed gear system
  • Features mechanical disc brakes
  • Utilizes a high-quality aluminum frame
  • Has a proper suspension on the front
  • Easy to assemble


  • The replacement parts are not that accessible
  • Might come with a flimsy chain

Our Verdict

Its 24-speed gear system and tires will ensure that you get a smooth riding experience on challenging terrains. And the front suspension fork properly soaks bumps and thumps.

7. Redfire Mountain Bike

Last but not least, we have an offering from Redfire. But just because it is on the bottom of the list, it does not mean that it is not a worthy pick. In fact, it is much better than most of the average bikes available on the market right now.

#7 Top Pick

Redfire Mountain Bike

The best thing about this bike is that it comes with some special Components.
Nylon saddle bag, Squeeze water bottle, Alloy bottle cages, Led bike light, Mud Guard, Installation tool, Waterproof frame bag, Cooling neck gaite, 4 feet bike lock

To start with, it features a strong and lightweight aluminum frame. For the high-quality material, it achieves a high overall durability level. There are alloy rims on the rear wheel, which are light in weight. But they are reasonably sturdy as well. As a result, the bike achieves a stellar build quality.

The bike also comes with all-terrain tires for trail riding. These tires can tread on most of the on and off-road conditions without showing any issues. They also amp up the control and handling level. Riding on challenging terrains or rift zone with this trail bike will not be that much of a tricky task.

There is a suspension fork on the front. It does a proper job of absorbing the shocks, dips, and bumps of the road. Thanks to that, you can expect to get a smooth and comfortable overall mountain biking experience on this bike. The locked nature of the fork will increase the pedaling efficiency as well.

As the brake and shift cables route through the frame, you will not have to worry about the wires wearing down quickly as well. This routing system will also make the bike achieve a clean and sleek overall look. And the unit will ship to you in a 90 percent pre-assembled form. So, the installation will be hassle-free. We also did a complete review on Redfire Mountain Bike, You can check this out if you interested.


  • Comes with a durable yet lightweight frame
  • Features all-terrain tires
  • Has proper suspension fork on the front
  • The fork sports a locked design
  • Boasts internal cable routing


  • Has cheap stickers on the top

Our Verdict

The bike has a durable yet highly lightweight frame. And as it features a locked fork and a proper suspension, you can expect it to offer a smooth overall riding experience in rough terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mountain bike for heavy riders?

The best mountain bike for a heavy rider will vary depending on the rider’s weight, height, and riding style. However, A proper pick, in this case, would be a Hiland mountain bike with a high-quality frame, full suspension fork, durable parts, and a comfortable saddle at an affordable price.

What is a good bike for a 300 pound man?

Whether you are talking about the best mountain bike for 400 pounds or for 300 pounds rider, you need to check the overall build quality. If all of the components are high in quality and durable, which includes the frame, you will not have to worry about the weight capacity that much.

Final Words

With the best full suspension mountain bike for heavy riders, you can ride on challenging terrains without worrying about the bike falling apart. And we can assure you that each of our picks will offer you a stellar overall ride experience and will be worth each penny you will spend on them. So, pick one that goes with your budget and preference without any doubts.

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