Magna Girl 12 inch Bike Review

Biking is a fun activity that is healthy as well. So adding it to our child activities is worth it. These days teaching how to ride a bike is simple but finding the right bike for your little princess is challenging. The market is full of varieties of options, parents get confused about which one to trust and which not. Thanks to you as you have chosen Magna to go with.

Most of us who have a connection with bikes (rider) most probably know or heard about the Magna bike (Sister Concern Brand of Dynacraft). Magna is a popular name in the biking industry, especially for 2-4 years old kids’ bikes. They manufacture high-quality bike items at an affordable price. When you are searching for the best bike for your little one, exploring all the options is a little difficult and time-consuming.

Magna real bike review
The Magna Girls 12 Inch bike is the perfect way to introduce your little one to cycling. The adjustable training wheels, padded seat and handlebars will keep them comfortable as they learn how to ride their first bike. With a coaster brake for added safety, this is the best gift you can give your child!

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Is Magna Bike Worth Trusting?

Yes, Magna is worth trusting. Magna bicycle is a Dynacraft brand creation. Their bikes come in different categories, different sizes, and different colors. I won’t say it’s a low price brand, but call it an affordable brand. They have all ranges and quality of bikes keeping in mind everyone’s needs. Whether your budget is low or high, you will find several high-end options in Magna. 

Magna manufacture kids bike from 12 inch wheels to Magna 20 inch kids’ bikes. Not only for kids but Magna is a great choice for adults as well. They offer bikes with 28-inch wheels maximum. And all the bikes come in different beautiful colors so you can choose your needed bike in your favorite color without compromising.

Magna’s specialty is their workmanship, they craft each bike with upgraded and improved factory-fresh quality parts. So, you can rely on Magna without thinking twice about safety. 

Magna Girls 12 Inch Bike: With Training Wheels For Ages 2 Years and Up

Magna Girl’s Bike
Magna girl 12 inch bike

Magna Girls 12 Inch bike

The Magna Girls 12 Inch bike is designed for little kids who are just learning to ride a bike. It has removable training wheels that can be adjusted as the child grows. The handlebar and frame pad are padded for comfort, and there’s also a rear coaster brake so your child can stop on their own!

Searching for a ride from Magna bike for your little princess? 

Well, first I have to admire your choice, you have chosen the Magna brand to purchase a bike for your little kid. After analyzing Magna’s kids’ bike options I have found a bike that you can definitely rely on for your kids. It’s Magna girl 12-inch bike wheels with training wheels.

This new bike includes all the bells and whistles kids love: a suspension seat and padded handles, front and rear coaster brakes, sturdy frame, and adjustable wheel with twist grip training wheels for beginners to help learn to balance and ride.

Let’s learn some of Magna girl 12 inch bike additional information in detail that your kids will love and also give you assurance of safety.

Sporty and super comfy, This best quality bike with great value has everything you need for your little ones.  It is a great way to get your little one off to a good start with cycling. It’s very easy to pedal with 12-inch wheels and the availability of a wide range of accessories, including 8-inch training wheels. 

With it, you don’t have to worry about your kids falling, the training wheels are there to support. It also has a front suspension fork for a smooth ride and a rear coaster brake for safe riding over little obstacles. You can customize the height and angle of the seat according to your kid’s body type for the perfect position. All these features will help your princess gain coordination and balance so they can pedal onward with confidence. 

This mesmerizing beauty features a girly shape, beautiful graphics, and three different adorable color options. The color options are girls’ favorite pink, glowing purple, and snowy white and all are available for kids of 2-4 ages. Now your little princess can feel like a real princess and can enjoy the fun of riding with this cute bike.

Magna Boys 12 Inch Kids Bike: With Training Wheels For 2 Years and Up

Magna Boy’s Bike
Magna boys kids bike 12 inch

Magna Boys 12 Inch Bike

I purchased this bike for my almost 3 year old son. My son loves it! It arrived very quickly & my husband was able to put it together with no issues in about 15/20 mins. It is a very sturdy bike there is not flimsy or cheap parts to it. It’s not too heavy so it’s very easy for my little guy. We are very pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend this bike!

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With the same features, another good bike is available in Dynacraft. Dynacraft Magna Kids Bike Boys 12 Inch Wheels with Training Wheels is that bike. The difference between these two Magna kid’s bikes is in the design and color. This Magna boys 12 inch bike is specially designed for boys.

The available colors are red, blue, and gravel blaster black. It’s also a BMX bike like the girl’s bike and has the same features like 12-inch wheels with super supportive training wheels, rear coaster brake, and the rest of the features that Magna Kids Bike girls 12 Inches have. So if your little one is a baby boy under four years, I suggest you try this one.

Why I like it

  • Secure adjustable seat to improve comfort
  • Innovative sturdy padded handlebar
  • Comfortable Low-step frames for climbing on and off
  • Easy and effortless steering
  • Removable twist grip training wheels

Customer satisfaction

  • Easy to assemble
  • Clear instruction
  • Lowest seat position
  • Supportive training wheels
  • Perfect for small kids
  • Cute color options
  • Sturdy built

Basket of complains

  • Easy to bend low quality bearing
  • Frustrating to put together, takes 30-40 minutes
  • Need basic tools to assemble
  • Over tightened bearings
  • Stiff chain, hard to pedal for a kid

The real problems

  • Up to 45 minutes to assembling
  • Little hard to pedal 
  • Hard to rotate and handle

How To Choose The Best Bike For Your Kid

When I went for shopping a bike for my child, I was overwhelmed and confused seeing saw so many beautiful bikes that I wanted to buy all of them and give them to my child. But that was not possible so I had to cut the list and choose only the two best kids bikes that are the best among the best. Oh, I just forgot to inform you of the good news, I have twins, a beautiful princess, and his little brother. I had dreamed of being a biker, but I don’t want to force my kids to have the same dream or be experts in biking. I just want them to know a little bit about biking, so they pedals well and we can enjoy a ride together. So I had to buy the two best bikes for them, that will inspire them to ride with fun. 

How have I managed to find the perfect child bike? First, I have made the list short with some popular brands’ kids bikes, then I divided them into two lists, one list was for girls and one for boys. 

Then I decided to go forward with the look, I choose the ones that come in my kid’s favorite color with style. After this, my list was already short and I have found my four best options. But it’s not the end, because I need two bikes, so I have to go a little long and finalize two. Then I start comparing the bike features like tire, training wheels, handlebars, seats, kickstand etc. Maybe you are thinking about why I have considered the features in the last. 

Well, that’s because I have used a trick here. Remember my first step? I had made a list of the best brand that manufactures high-quality bike. When I have the best brands that offer the best bikes, obviously all the bikes come with good features, so I decided to invest more of my concern in choosing the bike that my kids will love. 

My kids are too little, they won’t go on a road or outside of the house, and all kids under four years did the same. They don’t go on roads. So you can be a little relaxed about the bike riding performance like smooth on bumpy roads. So keep it out of mind while selecting a kid’s bike.


Each Magna kids bike is a masterpiece, after exploring I have liked Magna Kids Bike Girls 12 Inch Wheels with Training Wheels the most. So I have shared its in-depth details with you. Now it all depends on you whether you want to buy it or not. After all, everyone’s needs are different, you should choose the one that meets your needs.

So, after learning more about the best Magna kids bike, are you satisfied? Didn’t I have reduced your worry related to finding the best Magna kids’ bike for your little kids? If yes then let me know through the comment box, I spent hours researching and finding the best solution to your problems. your comments will encourage me in creating and share more great resources content with you.

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