4 Best Internal Gear Hub Bikes For Fast Yet Comfortable Ride

Do you find the manual speed system of your bike frustrating? 

Is that boring for your day to day commuting or cruiser riding? Then, it’s time to throw the years’ old bike in the store room and grab a new one with an internal gear hub. 

But when many bikes are in the market, it’s challenging to pick the right one. 

What if we suggest the 4 best internal gear hub bikes that fit you based on your height, weight, even budget? 

Excellent. So let’s put on your shoes and walk you through the journey choosing the thrilling internal hub gear bike.


Why Should You Ride an Internal Gear Hub Bike?

The bike with an internal gear hub offers you to shift gears through handlebars twisting, instead of pedaling. So that you find it convenient to ride on the busy city roads, steep uphill or downhill. When it’s challenging to change gears with traditional derailleur bikes.


Top 4 Bikes With Internal Gear Hub

Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike – Best Men Pick

Whoever you are, a 10 years old young boy or a 70-year-old senior. This Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike will thrill you with its bigger tires, comfortable seat, no hand brakes, no derailleur, and Matt black color. 

Teenagers, adults, or seniors, all men find it good to go for leisurely riding to get some exercise around the town and through the beach. 


Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Bike Features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Wheel: 26 Inch
  • Available Frame Style: Huron 7 Speed, Huron 3 Speed, Huron 1 Speed
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Available Size: 17″ Medium & 17″ Frame
  • Available Color: Black, Grey, & Red
  • Weight: 17.4 Kg

The secret reason behind fitting it for all aged men is its upright riding position with 17 inches frame, curved handlebars, and wide saddle with springs. So, from 5’4 to 6′.2″, guys can comfortably sit and ride without triggering their back or waist pain. 

The 26″ diameter and 2.1″ tires help you maintain the balance of uneven and bumpy sidewalks and paths. And the 3-speed control system with an internal gear hub makes it flexible to keep a grip over speed. So novice to pro bikers find it comfortable and reliable for longer rides.  

It’s easy to assemble within 15 minutes without having much mechanical knowledge because of most pre-assembling. You need to mount the handlebar, seat, front wheel, fender, and pedals. Here’s a pro tip, screw clockwise the R pedal and counterclockwise the L pedal while assembling. 

You must grab this Huron cruiser bike for easy riding and handling most terrain without breaking the bank. 


  • Minimum 5’4 to maximum 6′.2″ height adjustment
  • Comfortable to ride for curved handlebars, and spring wide saddle
  • Multiple speed controlling gear, but easy to change
  • maintain the balance of easy to ride and balance on uneven,  bumpy or muddy roads 


  • Quality is much better than expected in this price range
  • Coaster brakes with 3 speeds are perfect for mostly flat terrain
  • Smooth chrome mirror finishes on wide bars
  • Enjoy riding freedom with safety and speed control


  • Some complaints about noisy seat spring


Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike  – Best Women Pick

Fear of losing balance, maintaining stability, and traction are the big challenges for many women while riding a cruiser bike

Are you one of them? Need some leg workout with a thrilling journey around the town, in the park, or beach? If so, nothing but Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike will be the right fit for you. 


Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

Bike Features:

  • Material: Steel
  • Wheel: 26 Inch
  • Available Frame Style: Mikko 7-Speed, Mikko 3-Speed, Mikko 1-Speed
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Available Size: 17″ Medium & 17″ Frame
  • Available Color: Telt, Purple, Red, & Navy
  • Weight: 16.4 Kg

It is built and designed keeping in mind the women’s need to cut out their struggle for riding a bike. Its 26″ by 2.1″ wide tires offer better stability than any other bike, so you can maintain adequate balance to ride the bike without falling. 

Your bike riding skill is nothing to worry about because of its internal gear hub with 1,3, and 7-speed drivetrain options. It helps you to break your bike with handle twisting according to your riding skills and situations. That means you can control your bicycle speed accurately to avoid unintentional accidents. 

Dual-spring padded and wide seats with classic handlebars offer you an upright riding position. So you can ride the bike without hurting your back or waist even for a longer time. 

And the 17″ steel frame is strong enough to easily load up to 300 lbs of weight and long enough to adjust 5′.4″ to 6′.2″ height. 

The retro fenders of the bike keep you clean and dry even on muddy roads. As the bike comes around 80% assembled, you can assemble it within 20-30 minutes with a wrench. 


  • Height adjustability from  5′.4″ to 6′.2″ with 300 lbs of weight capacity 
  • Wider tires offer better stability to maintain balance
  • Easy to control speed for stop-and-go riding
  • Comfortable rides for wide seat and rubber grip handlebars


  • Quality materials ensure better longevity to worth the money 
  • Cute looking, easy to ride, and super comfortable 
  • Well-packaging prevent dent or scratch during shipment 
  • Rear rack offers convenient storage space to carry your belongings


  • Sometimes the fender may have a “rubbing sound” while sharp turning


Adept Family 16 3s Kids Bike – Best Kids Pick

Do your 4-8 year old kids want to learn to ride bicycles? 

Or you want them to learn how to ride a bike to boost their confidence and build an excellent parents-kids relationship.  Whatever the case is, you’ll need the bike that fits them based on their height, weight, and zero-skill level. 

Considering all those factors, Adept Family brings its 16 3S coaster brakes bike with an internal gear hub. The seat and handlebars’ adjustable capabilities from 38″ to 50″ height will make it possible to fit even your 3 years old kid. 


Adept Family 16 3s Kids Bike

Bike Features:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Wheel: 26 Inch
  • Available Style: Coaster Brakes
  • Suspension Type: Rigid
  • Age Range:  3-7 year olds
  • Available Size: 17″ Medium & 17″ Frame
  • Available Color: Chrome Silver & Bright Pink
  • Weight: 8 Kg

The frame and fork are built with Aluminum Alloy to make the entire bike sturdy to load your kids’ weight yet lightweight to carry. The hybrid style, rigid tires, and 3-speed shifter make riding and maintaining balance easier, even for uphill and rough terrain. 

It comes with a metal chain guard for your kid’s safety assurance. Even the kickstand and water bottle holder are excellent for standing the bike and drinking some water in the middle of the journey to be hydrated while covering long distances. 

Assembling the bike is very simple, with just two steps. You need to attach the handlebar, and pedals with the wrench that comes in the package. And then adjusting the seat height according to your kid makes it ready to ride. 

You can choose the chrome silver for your prince, when the bright pink color will delight your princess. 


  • Easy release seat adjustability to match   3’2″ to 4’2″ height 
  • Metal chain guard ensure your kid’s safety
  • Easy 3-speed shifter to ride according to the situation 
  • Kickstand is convenient to stand the bike itself


  • Quick release and flexible seat adjustability to set an upright riding position
  • 3 Gear system for flat, uphill, and downhill riding 
  • Handgrip and twist speed shifting for your kid’s tiny and soft wrist
  • Good choice to take the kid for a family riding


  • The company should be more careful shipping the wrong color


Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike – Best Overall Pick

Hey, are you a cruiser bike lover with a height of 5’4″ to 6’2″? No matter if you are a lady or a guy, over 200 pounds of weight. 

Schwinn Sanctuary Comfort Beach Cruiser Bike is a great choice to enjoy your ride on bumpy, muddy or even sandy roads. The 26-inch wheels are good enough to incorporate your height adjustment and offer smooth riding with better traction. 


Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike

Sub Title

  • Material: Steel, & aluminium alloy 
  • Wheel: 26 Inch
  • Drivetrain: 7 Speed
  • Available Frame Style: Retro Step-Through & Step-Over
  • Suspension Type: Dual
  • Available Size: 16″ Small & 18″ Medium
  • Available Color: Red
  • Weight: 17.6 Kg

Its steel frame, aluminum alloy rims, and fork make it stronger to load your heavyweight. In that case, you won’t need to worry about your obesity, yet by riding the bike on the beach, you can cut some fat to look smarter. 

It is a 7-speed internal hub bike that helps you to change gears by twisting its throttle. There is no chance of losing speed control, which can lead to accidents. 

Due to its saddle paddle seat, you’ll find a comfortable position to ride for a longer time with no back pain. That’s why you can observe the nature of beauty while riding the bike with peace of mind.

Thinking about mud splashing your clothes when riding on a wet beach or muddy road? 

Forget it; the bike prevents mud and dirt from splashing with the rear and full front fenders. So your clothes will remain as shiny and glazy as you wear them before riding. 

You can carry anything with you throughout the journey with its rear cargo rack. Even though your friend can also be the partner of your ride sitting on the rear cargo rack. Awesome! 

Lastly, the classic handlebar with rubber grip pads is comfortable to hold without sweating your palm. And its shiny red color with a silver handle gives it an eye-catching outlook. 


  • Upright riding position to fit with 5’4″ to 6’2″ height 
  • Sturdy to load 200+ pounds of weight
  • Wider wheels offer smooth riding with better traction
  • Comfortable to ride without any fear of back pain


  • Well built, designed, and look with 85% preassembled
  • Changing the gears is easy with just a twist of the wrist
  • Pretty comfortable to ride even over bumps
  • Lightweight, and budget friendly 


  • Maybe adjusting brakes will be a tad bit time-consuming who didn’t assemble any bicycle before

How To Choose The Best Internal Gear Hub Bikes?

You have to spend roughly $380-$450 to own a standard hub bike. That means it isn’t too cheap. So there is no reason to randomly choose a bike without knowing your needs. 

Because it’s a long-time investment and impacts your health if that won’t match your height. That’s why you should check some special features before tapping the order button. 

Know Your Requirements

First of all, you should know about yourself to avoid confusion. Here are a series of questions to identify your needs. 

  • What is your height? (Small, Average, or Tall) 
  • What is your weight? (Usual, Obese)
  • What’s the purpose of using the bike? (Regular commuting, workout, etc.)
  • Where do you ride? (City roads, Parks, Beach, etc.)
  • How frequently do you ride? (Everyday, Every weekend, Rarely)
  • Do you have any health issues? (Back, waist, or wrist pain)

Once you know the answer to the questions, you can easily identify which bike will be the right choice for you and which not. 

Material & Design 

The next thing you should consider is the bike building materials and design. The heavy-duty materials will make the bike durable to load heavy weight. In comparison, design suits your age, sex, and personality because nobody likes to look odds, even passer-by’s eyes. 

Tire & Brakes

The wider and more rigid tires will be, the better traction they will provide on flat or muddy roads. A simple handlebar twisting gear changing system will help you change gears according to your sudden needs. 

Because riding in the city traffic or uphill is always unpredictable. Anything can come in front of your bike anytime, and you need to slow down or even stop the bike instantly.

Comfort & Convenient

A padded seat with top spring will be great for adjusting your upright riding position and not hurting your waist and back, even for longer rides. 

On the other hand, the rear cargo rack and front and rear fenders will be convenient. The rack helps to hold anything you need to carry in your journey, and the fenders keep mud, dirt, and debris far away from your outfits.  

How To Maintain Internal Gear Hub Bicycles?

Though the bike with an internal gear hub needs less maintenance, you should still take care of it to enjoy smooth riding year after year. Here are some simple maintenance tips.

  • Always maintain the chain’s proper tension when riding. Because too much tight or loose chain will interrupt your ride by frequent falling or not smooth rotation. 
  • Check out the cassette and derailleur system periodically. If you find it gets dirty or dry. First, clean the cogs with a soft bristle toothbrush, and then inject 3cc or 4cc oil to lube them.
  • When you don’t ride the bike, store it in a dry and safe space covering it with a cover. 

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How long do internal gear hubs last?

Internal gear hubs last a maximum of 50,000 Km with no service. But, if your internal hub is high-end oil based as Shimano Alfine, you need to regularly change oil for smooth riding and last longer. 

Are internal gear hubs reliable?

Yes, Internal gear hubs are more reliable and safer to control speed than derailleur systems. These bikes are great for stop-and-go riding in urban traffic, uphills, on the beach, or around the park. Apart from that, it takes less maintenance.  

Enjoy The Freedom Yet Safe Ride With Internal Gear Hub Bikes

The bikes with internal gear hubs  grab the bikers most  attention due to their higher performance for regular commuting and freedom riding. Having multiple speed settings with easier changing is their ultimate benefit. 

So confidently choose anyone from our above list based on your needs, age, and gender. 

But, if you are an adult, we suggest Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Cruiser Bike as it’s available for men and women. 

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