JOYSTAR Totem Bike Review: Bike For 2-9 Years Old Boys & Girls

Are you tired of your little ones spending all their time on the ground? Give them a bike that will let them explore the world with ease! JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike is made of a premium steel frame that can handle multiple bumps and is easy to ride. Featuring training wheels, a kickstand, and a brake system makes this Joystar totem bike a perfect choice for toddlers of 2-9 years.

To help you make a worthwhile purchase decision whether to buy this joystar totem kids bicycle or not, I have come up with this detailed joystar totem kids bike review. 

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A Brief History of JOYSTAR

Joystar has been designing, continuously developing, and offering stylish, reliable bikes since 1997. See, this brand isn’t here for a short period; they put effort and stand out with their actions. They want to ensure kids get the best biking experience; that’s why they are focusing on new designs, best craftsmanship, and day and night spirit work to make a balance bike.

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

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  • Bike Type: Kids Bike
  • Wheel Size: 12-18 Inches
  • Age Range: 2-9 Years
  • Number of Speeds: One
  • Special Feature: Lightweight

Growing up by Riding a bike is not only one memory or a good experience but a bunch of. JOYSTAR wants to be a part of these happy cycling memories by offering a lineup of kids’ bikes starting from 12” to 18 inches. Now your kids will grow with joystar and will be skilled enough to ride an adult bike one day for sure.

Why Should You Choose JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike For Your 2-9 Years Old Boys/Girls?

OYSTAR Totem Bike Review
JOYSTAR Totem Bike Review

Choosing the right bike for your child can be a daunting task, but with JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike, it is a breeze. joystar has designed this unique bike, especially keeping kids’ safety and convenience in mind. Children of 2-9 Years Old Boys/Girls, even kids who are just starting, can ride this single speed bike without fear of falling.

  1. The bike features a lightweight, durable steel frame 
  2. For added safety, the bike comes with training wheels 
  3. Having a hand brake ensures safe riding and easy stopping on a dime
  4. Coming with an adjustable seat allows you to increase or decrease the seat height.
  5. The child-sized handlebars are comfortable and easy to grip, even when they’re wearing gloves.
  6. The headlight and taillight make it easy to ride at night. 
  7. The kickstand makes it convenient for parking and easy transportation. 
  8. The color-coded gear shifter makes gearing up a breeze
  9. The bike is weatherproof and comes with an extendable derailleur that allows for various gearing options.
  10. The bike is easy to fold and transport, making it perfect for on the go.

Seven Key Factors Of JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike’s colorful and stylish design will make your child stand out from the crowd. And this isn’t just good-looking, but also offers the best performance. Let’s know some of the key factors that make it stand out among the crowd.

JOYSTAR Totem Bike customer real review

Rugged Steel Frame: Joystar kid’s bikes have steel frames that are stylish and versatile. Its sturdy bike frame is more resistant to corrosion, so it will last longer and perform better in extreme weather conditions. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for kids for an easier ride. 

Training Wheels: Joystar Totem bike with a solid training wheel is a great way to help your kids learn how to bike ride. They provide stability and a sense of security to learn how to ride a bike without facing wobbly strides. This way, your kids won’t have to deal with the fear of falling and getting hurt. And gradually, they will learn how to balance and control their bike.

JOYSTAR Totem Bike

Ergonomic Comfort Seat: Joystar Totem is designed with an ergonomic seat that ensures your kids have an upright posture and balance when riding the bike. This will reduce the amount of stress on their spine and neck. And as a result, your kid’s concentration will improve, and they can ride the bike comfortably with balance for a long time without having the risk of chronic pain. 

Stable Pneumatic Tire: Bike with Stable Pneumatic Tires is a great way to get kids started biking and make it easier to learn how to ride a bike with balance. With this bike, kids can focus on their skills instead of worrying about the bike falling. Children are less likely to lose their balance and fall off the bike by providing stable performance. Additionally, the tire’s air pressure prevents the bike from running fast and keeps the bike from wobbling. 

Flexible Riser Handlebar: Designed with an anti-slip, wear-resistant, and breathable handlebar, this child bike ensures a safe ride. This flexible Riser Handlebar helps easy holding and learning to ride a bike with balance successfully. The handlebar is lightweight and attaches to the bike using straps, and it can be adjusted to fit different heights. It provides extra support for beginner kids riders and helps them stay in the saddle and improve their riding skills.

Reliable Coaster Brake: Considering the ability to manage the rear brake, Joystar has designed the little kids’ bike 12″-16″ frame bike with a hand brake. So, only an 18-inch frame bike you can get with a rear coaster brake. And the brake is not a normal caliper brake like a cheap bike; it’s a reliable rear coaster brake. If your kid is a young rider, only then he can enjoy this brake system facility. A coaster brake is a simple device that allows your child to stop the bike quickly and safely without using their hands. With the brake, your child will have the power on their legs; just by turning the pedal backward, they can stop the bike anytime.

Perfect Size: It is also essential to consider the age and size of your child when purchasing a regular bike. Some bikes are too small or too big for certain age groups, which can cause balance problems and, as a result, serious injuries. When selecting the right size bike for your child, it is essential to consider their height, weight, and riding experience.

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike is designed specifically for 2-9 years old children with the perfect frame and wheel size along with the needed brake. The 12″-16″ frame bikes will come with a hand brake, and the 18″ frame bike will come with a rear coaster reliable brake. Plus, all the bike has an easy height adjustment facility, so if your child is a little short or larger than his regular size, there is no need to worry. You can adjust the bike height as per your child’s height.

JOYSTAR Bike Size Chart For 2-9 Year’s Old Kids

Kids AgeKids HeightKids Inseamwheel SizeBike Weight
2-4 years32”-41”14”-17”12 inch18.5lbs
3-5 years36”-47”16”-20”14 inch 19.2lbs
4-7 years 41”-53”18”-22”16 inch21.5lbs
5-9 years 45”-57”20”-24”18 inch22.8lbs

Customer Review 

Coming with a 3500+ rating and a 4.6-star rating among 5 says it all. Some kids review joystar as the best kids’ bike for cycling. This totem kid’s bike is super comfortable for cycling and an easy-to-balance bike.

Let’s give a look at some more kids’ reviews and what customers are talking about.

Customer satisfaction

  • Super stylish cool retro kids bike
  • High-quality bike parts
  • Easy to set up and pedal bike
  • Comfortable seat
  • Strong frame
  • Included spanner, and Allen wrench

Customers disappointment

  • Some components like chainring, pedals, wheel nuts, training wheels are loose.
  • Wrong bike assembling instruction
  • Slight bend in the front rim

My comment

After carefully going through this kid’s bicycle features, customer reviews, and enough research, I will recommend this JOYSTAR Totem Kids bike for your child. This balance bike is made with a sturdy frame and high-quality components by keeping in mind kids’ proper safety. JOYSTAR has added some key factors that impressed me ( I have discussed the key factors above). Many consumers have shared their satisfaction and disappointment with this bike. I have read those comments and also shared some of those with you.

Most of the consumer’s experience with this bike was happy moments, but some has also faced a few problems. But the complaints were not so solid to consider. Sometimes due to a careless delivery system, these types of problem happens. But Joystar has assured you about that too and offered a lifetime warranty with each balance bike. Contact them if you face a problem with the frame, brake, or other parts. They are bound to their promise to hear and fix your problems.

Overall I think you can trust JOYSTAR; their bike is safe and a perfect companion for your child. 

Five Simple Steps For Assemble

I have seen some people were confused with the JOYSTAR Totem kid’s bike assembling, and one has got the wrong instruction. That’s why I have decided to share the assembling instruction with you. But as the bike comes 80% pre-assembled body, you won’t have to struggle hard to assemble it. Let’s know in five simple steps.

Install Front Wheel

The first step of assembling a bike is to install its wheels. So let’s start with it. Joystar kid’s bike already has a rear wheel installed, so now you have to install the front wheel. Take the front wheel, put it between the forks, and secure the axle bolt.

Install Training Wheel

After the front wheel now, you have to install the training wheels. Remove the axle nut and washer from the bike axle, keep the training wheels nuts face in the back and attach the training wheels with the bike axle. Now put the axle washer and nut and secure the axle bolt tightly.

Install Handlebar

Slide the handlebar onto the center bar of the fork, line it up with the stem, and ensure it’s in the correct position. Then tighten the center bolt and the handlebar front bolts with the Allen key.

Install Bike Saddle

Place the bike saddle ( adjustable saddle) in the seat post/clamp, attach the key bolt, and secure it with a hatch key. Be worry-free; you can adjust this seat post as your young kids need.

Install Bike Pedals

Both the pedals are marked with letters, the left black tire has L, and the right one has R letters marked. Position the pedals pointing towards the front wheel and ensure the axle is in the center of the hole. Now screw the pedals tightly with a screwdriver.

If you are looking for a reliable children’s bike for your kids that will last longer, offer a comfortable ride, and look good, this joy star totem kids bike is the perfect option!

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