Best MTB Rear Shock For Heavy Riders: Vetted by Experts

Best MTB Rear Shock for Heavy Riders

So, what do you think makes your MTB smoother and faster than ever? Is it just your bike model or the gears? No, it’s not. The answer is rear shocks.

Having the best MTB rear shock for heavy riders is a bit of lifesaving advice here. Since I’ve had this…heavyweight experience, the rear shocks really did wonders for me. I never had to stop riding again for a second. Once you find the perfect match for your bike, your riding experience will change dramatically. Trust me!

DNM best MTB rear shock for heavy riders
Best MTB rear shock for heavy rider

For this very reason, I shortlisted the best pieces from my experience and experts’ recommendations about the rear shock suspension. They’re lightweight, perfectly designed, have excellent functionality, and consist of all bells and whistles. 

Keep your eyes on the write-up until the end so you can buy the rear shock of your dreams. It’ll be worth it.

Let’s ride!

What’s the Best MTB Rear Shock for Heavy Riders?

Trust me, I know it’s hectic to choose one and you wouldn’t want to waste your time. That’s why, aside from my experience, I spent countless hours narrowing the best piece out there. You won’t go empty-handed today.

DNM Damping 3 System Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock

For the first product on my list, I have a rear shock by DNM. Yes, I know you’re already familiar with this anodized beast because of its vast popularity. It’s excellent with the barometric design, lockout option, and bunch of bushings, which are additional blessings.

Top Pick
71wEO7PpG2L. AC SL1500


If you’re here for an air shock that has a great lockout and lightweight design, check this one out. It’ll be a great deal for your fast riding.

Let me start with the quality of this air shock. It’s actually super lightweight than the coil shock to ensure no oil or air leaking. Plus, the item is CNC machined.

On the other hand, the barometric design is killing this air product. With the multiple main air chamber and negative air chamber, it’ll speed up your bike to the fullest.

DNM Damping 3 System Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock
After setup DNM Damping 3 System Rear Shock

Definitely, it’ll lock the shock in the fixed position with the lockout feature. This way, you don’t have to waste any energy on pedaling. Cool, isn’t it?

With the extra bushings (Top: 8mmx24mm, Bottom: 8mmx24mm, Hardware: 8mmx50mm), I can assure you of the outstanding fit in your bike. No worries about the installation because the extra bolt set will surely help you.

Well, how can I forget about the functionality of this rear shock? It comes with the adjustment knob and rotation increase damper, eventually supplying the air pressure properly in the bike. You’ll ride it like a pro – no wonder.

Overall it’ll provide you with a wonderful performance (not going to lie).


  • Features a lockout feature for fixed position.
  • Included extra bushings to make installation easier.
  • Excellent functionality for a superior ride.
  • The barometric design suits every vehicle.
  • Has no record of oil and air leaking.


  • The hardware isn’t standard.

RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock

You need to choose a rear shock that’s smooth, silky, and premium – no doubt. RockShox is exactly like that, providing amazing durability and performance. Also, the aluminum shaft is the icing on the cake, I’m telling you!

Best Pick


For having a smooth like butter experience on your next ride, get Rockshox. It has solar air and rapid recovery to face the hardest cracks!

This beast is perfect for you if you’re an off road rider who faces limitless bumps and cracks on the road. The solo air system will help accept the shock and add air properly through the Schrader valve. Impressive for regular riding!

Besides, there’s a rapid recovery which will allow you to ride swiftly, even if there are any cracks or bumps. Say goodbye to instability.

RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock

You’ll be glad to know that RockShox is truly durable due to its aluminum shaft (9mm) and anodized black body. No tear and wear will ever occur. Rest assured.

With the lighter design, you can also use this one in MTB Trail and XC just as you want. 

Lastly, the installation process is effortless. You just need a nut bolt set and there you go with the perfect fittings.


  • Comes with a hard black anodized body and aluminum shaft for long time usage.
  • Durable enough for the lean chassis.
  • Can ride through big chunks and bumps on any road.
  • Has solo air for adding air to the valve.
  • Recovers shock fast with rapid recovery.


  • Doesn’t come with a service kit.

DNM Damping 2 System MTB Mountain Bike Air Rear Shock

A great rear suspension shock will save you from wasting so much energy while you’re riding. DNM 2 system rear shock ensures that with a twist of excellent quality. It also serves you with the fast and slow damper – a cherry on the top, indeed!

Perfect Pick


DNM is amazing in one word. If you’re a beginner in this field, you can start with the 2 system air shock for better results.

First of all, you need to look at the barometric characteristics of this product. With the 120lbs weight, it’ll feel like a feather in your bike. Plus, the shock absorption is on point, no matter in which type of bike you attach it. It can be an MTB or your regular bike, etc.

Additionally, the construction is hard dark anodized, so any type of oxidation or corrosion won’t show up at all. Thus, durability is guaranteed.

By the way, DNM 2 system rear shock has great adaption; hence you can use it for any size of the bike with ease.

Not only these, but also the product comes with extra bushing. With the top and bottom bushings, you’ll get some additional staffing, making the air shock simple in installation.

Last but not least, the functionality is top-tier. You’ll get a rebound adjustment knob, rotation increase damper, and compression adjuster for your utmost assistance. What are you waiting for?


  • Comes with hard-anodized construction for long-term usage.
  • Have additional bushings to get easy installation.
  • Ensures adjustability with adjustment features.
  • Can adapt to any trail available.
  • Has excellent shock absorption for the quickest ride.


  • The bushings need to be modified to fit better

JFOYH Adjustable Oil+Coil Spring Rear Shock

How will you feel if you get a rear suspension with both oil and coil combinations? It’ll be off the charts – no matter what and that’s JFOYH for you. Not only the top-notch fusion but also you can adjust the rebound speed, preload, and compression speed with this shock. What more do you need?

Good One
61fcn55C+HL. AC SL300


Get JFOYH with your eyes closed because it’ll serve you with the best speed systems ever. Plus, it has amazing adaptability for aggressive riding styles.

The best thing about JFOYH so far is that the damping system can handle all the impacts (small or big). It’s easy because of the damping adjuster and preload-adjustable coil.

On top of that, this rear shock has perfect bouncing behavior with which you can resist every shock on the roads. Trust me; it’s amazingly suitable for mountain bikes, electric bikes, folding bikes, and even scooters.

JFOYH Adjustable OilCoil Spring Rear Shock
Amazing Experience After use

A secret is that it can adapt to any aggressive riding style like FR, DH, and AM. Impressive enough, isn’t it?

And yes, you don’t have to stress about the durability at all. This air shock comes with an anodized surface which makes the main body more shock absorbent. It’ll gently prevent any type of oxidation and improve the strength to the fullest.


  • Has a combination of oil and air to deal with large and small shocks.
  • More durable for the dark anodized body.
  • Works as a shock absorber for the toughest road.
  • Comes with different speed options with adjustability.
  • Compatible with aggressive riding and complex road surfaces.


  • No lockout option is available

JFOYH Coil+Oil Absorber Hydraulic Rear Shocks

Well, now you might be thinking why I chose another rear shock from JFOYH. It’s because I love JFOYH and this one differs from the previous one. It’s a hydraulic air shock with an adjustment function.

Budget Friendly
515GqjGdp9L. AC SL300


If you want an air shock with perfect versatility, this hydraulic one will be accurate. It ‘s also suitable for any type of bike, so there is no doubt about any misfit.

We all prefer comfort while riding our favorite bike. I know you do, too and this hydraulic air shock takes it to the next level. It reduces the entire vehicle’s impact by expanding the comfort for the utmost relief.

Moreover, the practical and powerful red knob adjustment can control the speed anytime, anywhere. It’ll depend on your preference, of course. You can click ‘+’ for faster rebound and ‘-’ for slower one.

Likewise, this rear shock has preload adjustments too. It comes in a black knob which you can adjust according to the weight and riding situations.

Most importantly, JFOYH has an oil + coil shock absorber. For this particular feature, your bike will be adaptable, regardless of any surface and bike models.


  • Has great adjustability with speeding options.
  • Preload adjustment helps with the weight and riding.
  • Comes with oil and coil together for easy adaptation.
  • It’s suitable for any bike.
  • Hydraulic shock can reduce impact, confirming the comfort.


  • Has less resistance

DNM Preload MTB Bike Spring Rear Shock

Now, not least of all, I have DNM preload rear suspension. If you’re a regular rider or at least trying to learn to ride, here’s your gem. This one has a budget coil shock with preload adjustments to fulfill your leather-like driving!

Budget Pick
71Snq +VVbL. AC SL1500


Do you own wheelchairs? Or are you a regular rider? Then DNM is your perfect choice because it’s durable, reliable and comfy with the featherweight design and adjustments systems.

With the multiple size options, you can get the most accurate one for your bike. No matter if you have MTB or wheelchairs, it’ll go well with everything. Just remember not to purchase it if you’re into downhill or serious off riding.

Furthermore, the body of this suspension is hard anodized and it has a chromed shock shaft. Thus, long-term durability is ensured with no rust or tear.

Only a few air shocks come with extra bushings and this one is like that. The top and bottom bushing will come with the packaging so you won’t face any difficulties in the installation process.

Also, it has extra stuffing too (8mmx50mm) for your convenience.

To sum up, the coil shock is very much reliable. You don’t need much maintenance for this and it’ll still be fresh as new. Such a great product, don’t you agree?


  • Comes with various size options for different weights.
  • Suitable for MTB and wheelchairs.
  • Made with anodized for less oxidation.
  • Provides extra bushings for easy installation.
  • Coil shock conforms to less maintenance with reliability.


  • Doesn’t come with bolts

How Do You Know What Rear Shock to Get?

There are some major things to consider when it comes to buying a rear shock. If you can measure these properly, your rear shock purchase will be worth it. They include,


The sizing of the shock matters the most when it comes to perfection. There are different sizes of MTB as well as the rear shocks. 

For example, if there is a shock that is 210×55, it means it’s 210 mm long and has a 55mm stroke. You need to measure the length of the stroke from eyelet to eyelet. Here you need to understand that even if your rear shock length is the same, the stroke size can be different depending on the rear travel of your bike.

Hence, the same length rear shock can’t work for the different stroke sizes. Make sure the length and stroke are fully compatible with your vehicle. This way it’ll fit in a proper way.

Hardware Size

Just like the stroke size, hardware size is necessary too. You need to match up the bottom and top of the mounting hardware. There are actually no standard sizes so the best you can do is to check out the website of the brand you’re going to buy and ask them to choose one for you.

Coil or Air

Here comes the last thing to consider and that is whether you should go for coil shock or the air one.

To be honest, coil shock gives a very smooth and consistent outcome. Once you start with it, you can’t really go back. For downhill performance or enduro races, coil shocks are accurate.

On the flip side, if you think you need to jump with your bike often or choose off-riding, air shock can be the trick.

MTB Rear Shock Size Chart

Let’s me help you now with the size chart,

Standard MountTrunnion Mount
Mounting Hardware Size (MM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coil shock better than air shock?

Well, if you’re someone who wants top-notch performance, I would say go for coil shock. It makes the ride smoother and greater. Then again, if you’re a beginner, you can try air shock.

Are coil shocks better for heavy riders?

Yes, coil shocks are better for heavy riders. They make it easy for your biking on bumpy or cracked roads. The coil shocks generally hit large jumps along with rock gardens too.

Can you put a bigger shock on a MTB?

You need to take proper measurements to ensure the shock really matches your MTB. Even if you put a big shock, it won’t be a big deal but it’ll surely harm your comfort. So make sure your bike’s weight, height and overall movements are matched with the shock you purchased.

The Bottom Line

That’s all I had in my bucket to guide you with. I hope now you know what will be the best MTB rear shock for heavy riders (like you). You just need to choose the perfect one that is compatible with your bike and that’s it. 

Now if you’re totally new, let me help you a little bit more. Go for DNM 3 System Rear Shock. I’m telling you it’ll be the best pick because of its design, bushings, lockout feature and functionality. The suspension is durable as well, which is a must.

Moreover, other items are great too. You can check them out to have the best ride journey.

All the best!