Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack: In-Depth Review

The easy way to transport your bike in a car is to use a bike rack. A rack will save your time, lots of hassle, and a lot of space. Those days are gone when you had to disassemble your bike, pack, carry it in luggage and eat up a lot of space.

Several types of bike racks are available in the market including hitch mount racks, Strap-on trunk racks, and roof racks. According to me, a roof-mounted bike rack will be the best one to carry a bike rather than using trunk rack or hitch rack. Rooftop bike rack won’t hamper the boot access and will neither obscure the rear visibility, it will transport your bike safely carrying it in the roof bar. 

In dilemma: which roof rack to buy? 

We are here to help you. We have compared some of the best roof-mounted bike racks for single road bikes and then have chosen 6 best relevant roof-mounted bike racks for you. Excited to learn more details about the best mountain bike roof rack review? Scroll down and be with us.

Why Choose a Roof Mounted Bike Rack?

There are several types of bike carriers available and all of them have different benefits. Mountain bike roof carrier has also some benefits but what makes it the first choice leaving others behind? 

The best mountain bike roof carrier is versatile, easy to use, and free up spaces. You can transport not only bikes but also kayaks, surfboards, snowboards and many more with it. And most importantly, it doesn’t cover the rearview or blocks the trunk access like hitch racks or trunk racks. So, with a roof rack, you can enjoy the nature view, and have lots of space. Isn’t it is the best bike rack and good enough to give it a try? 

Top 6 Roof Mounted Bike Rack

To make your research short with the best choices and save your valuable time, We have listed down six roof bike racks that we believe to be the best car bike rack as per our research. We have included the specifications, have compared all the best roof racks and awarded them the position they deserve. Check the list and find your best match that is worth its value.

HighRoad UpRight
  • Brand Name: YAKIMA
  • Color: Black
  • Rack Weight: 8.61 Kilograms
  • Bike Quantity: Single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.8
FrontLoader UpRight
  • Brand Name: YAKIMA
  • Color: Black and Red mix
  • Rack Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.6
Thule UpRide
  • Brand Name: Thule
  • Color: Silver
  • Rack Weight: 7.7 kilograms 
  • Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.3
Thule Circuit
  • Brand Name: Thule
  • Color: Black
  • Rack Weight: 6.8 pounds
  • Maximum Bike Quantity: single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.5
Thule ProRide
  • Brand Name: Thule
  • Color: silver
  • Rack Weight: 4.2 kilograms
  • Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.5
RockyMounts UpRight
  • Brand Name: RockyMount
  • Color: black
  • Rack Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
  • Customer Review: 4.6

HighRoad Upright Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Top Picked 1
71hwK02XT8L. AC SX679

HighRoad Upright Rack

Brand Name: YAKIMA
Color: Black
Rack Weight: 8.61 Kilograms
Bike Quantity: Single Bike
Customer Review: 4.8

When you are a mountain bike lover it’s impossible to imagine enjoying the outdoors without giving a long biking ride. All friends/siblings or full family are going outdoors and there is no place left for taking an extra bag let alone carrying a bike, a long way is left around. It’s time for chilling, not for taking any worries. The Yakima roof mountain bike rack is here to help you. 

This excellent roof bike carrier is named a highroad roof bike rack as it will carry the bike on the roof rails over the high road safely. Usually, we face difficulties carrying the bike over the roof because of its height increases and low overhangs. So, If the road is free from low overhangs, this Yakima highroad mount bike rack is a top pick.

Your bike will be well-secured and safe on the car roof with the help of the Yakima roof mountain bike rack. This new bike rack is a recent addition to the Yakima family. It’s simple to use a sleek bike carrier. The adjustable cradle and hook are their specialty. You can adjust them as per your need for the perfect fit with less effort.  

Many best bike racks are available in the market, but Yakima’s this new addition will make things easier. Because you won’t have to remove the wheel or any part to fit the bike in your car when you have a Yakima mountain roof rack. 

Another advantage of Yakima is, it will securely grip the front wheel and the rear wheels with the help of a clamp and wheel strap so it won’t touch the bike frame. Thus, ultimately your bike will be free from any scratches and dents. 

Like the mounting bike, loading bike and unloading bike is also simple. You won’t have to carry any tools to fix or remove the wheels. After reaching your destination unload the front wheels by opening the straps from the rear wheels and unloading is complete without any difficulties. 


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable cradle and hook
  • Free from wheel removal to fit
  • Secured from touch
  • Simple to remove without any tools


  • Needs extra bucks to fit fat size bikes

Customer Review

According to a USA user, this roof rack was perfect for his tesla model 3. He reviewed it on amazon and his review is one among the top. He said it was exactly the one as it was shown in the advertisement and he took two bikes (25lbs) ea on a 600-mile drive to Lassen. This roof rack is well structured. He took some additional safety precautions and bungee cord them for better safety. He found no problem with it, it was crack and noise-free.

FrontLoader Roof Mountain Bike Rack For Single Bike

Top Picked 2
YAKIMA - FrontLoader Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks, 1 Bike Capacity

FrontLoader Bike Rack

Brand Name: YAKIMA
Color: Black and Red mix
Rack Weight: 18 Pounds
Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
Customer Review: 4.6

When you can spend for a superior bike over 2k$ then why penny-pinching on something that will keep your bike safe and secure?

To give proper safety to your bike the Yakimas’s FrontLoaderRooftop Bike Rack is here. It’s not a cheap bike rack but not expensive either. Ultimately this roof box quality is worth its price.

This Yakima Frontloader Mountain Rack will amaze you with its versatility and quality.

Any bike ( 20-29inch wheels) can fit into this wheel mount rack comfortably. No matter the crossbar is square, round, factory or aerodynamic, the Yakima rack will suit perfectly. And be it a fully assembled Road, Mountain, or Hybrid bike, every type of bike will excellently fit in this rack.

This rack will only contact the wheel, there won’t be any relation or touch with the bike frame, so your bike frame will be free of scratches. 

And no sooner you face any problem with it, give a pinch to Yakima manufacturer immediately. Be assured you will get your solution there. Because this bike rack comes with a lifetime warranty. So you will get their help whenever you need it.

The installation process of this Yakimas mountain bike rack is almost the same and simple as other usual bike racks. You won’t need any extra tools, lock the rack with the crossbar and try the clamps system and the installation is done. Another thing is- it is compatible with almost all types of crossbars. 

After you have placed and tightened your bike rack with the crossbar, lift your bike and let the front wheel fit into the rack’s front cradle. Try the tie-down strap for the rear wheel and you are ready to go for your destination with your favorite bike. 

This bike rack is compatible with the lock system to ensure the best security. You will get one lock on a locking cable and the other one will be on the front clamp.


  • Zero assemble
  • Tools free installation
  • Twin  lock system
  • Adjustable brace and a ratcheting strap
  • Compatible with any crossbar


  • The lock costs extra money

Customer Review

A user of this roof rack has praised it a lot.  He said it was a great rack and a must-have roof rack for carbon fiber forks.  It works well with all kinds of bikes and easily adjusts if the tire size matches. It doesn’t clamp onto the fork making it perfect for the carbon fiber fork.

Thule Upride RoofTop Mounted Bike Rack Fits on Any Car

Top Picked 3
Thule 599001 Roof Bike Rack Upride Silver

Thule Upride Roof Rack

Brand Name: Thule
Color: Silver
Rack Weight: 7.7 kilograms 
Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
Customer Review: 4.3

Transporting a bike from one place to another is not a difficult task these days. Take your favorite bike wherever you want. How? With the help of a mountain bike roof rack. Worried about the stability? Why? Thule is here. The Thule mountain bike roof rack is a convenient way to transport your bike. 

You can rely on this mountain bike roof rack for car theoretically not blindly. This rack wheel tray and the frame are designed uniquely to secure your bike automatically. So, no matter you are tall or short in height, you can secure your bike on the roof rack without any push.

This rack won’t touch the bike frame to secure it, the wheel is enough. So your bike frame will be totally free from any dents and scratches. And you don’t have to worry about the bike swinging on the car roof, Thule Roof Bike Rack Upride Carrier will ensure quiet transportation. Because it has strong wheel holders that will hold the wheels and make sure they are well stabilized. The wheel holders come with cross quick-release straps, so wheel holding and releasing both are easy with it.

This Thule bike rack also has a torque limiter dial that makes the bike securing a quick and easy task. It helps in eliminating the possibility of bike frame damage.

Security is also important during translation time,  Thule will give your bike proper security with its claw’s extended lower jaw. This jaw will hold the bike frame and will ensure the frame remains at its place and free from any type of damage. If you want more security like locking the bike then you have to spend a little bit more and purchase the lock cylinders separately. 

This Thule velocompact bike rack is simple to use, you won’t need any tool to mount or unload your bike. But you have to be careful with road low overhangs. Keep in mind this, if the road should is not good enough to travel a car, carrying a bike on the rooftop will be dangerous.


  • Free from frame contact
  • Versatile designs
  • Lock system
  • Sturdy
  • Perfectly adjustable


  • Not a perfect fit for carbon frames

Customer Review

One buyer of this bike rack told in a review that he was a little skeptical when he ordered this bike carrier but after using he is very satisfied and wants to continue with it. He said this rack was flexible. It was very easy to mount, secure and he is very happy that he didn’t have to remove the front tire of his bike anymore. He said this bike rack is one of the great products he has ever used.

Thule Circuit – Best Budget Friendly Roof Mounted Bike Rack

Top Picked 4
Thule Circuit Low Profile Fork Mount Bike Rack

Thule Circuit Bike Rack

Brand Name: Thule
Color: Black
Rack Weight: 6.8 pounds
Maximum Bike Quantity: single Bike
Customer Review: 4.5

When your search is for a stable bike rack Thule Circuit Fork Mount low profile bike rack can be a perfect match. As we know, Thule is a popular brand and their products are worth quality. 

This Thule roof mount bike rack is a fork mount single bike carrier. So, you have to remove the front wheel before you mount your bike and secure it. 

This adjustable roof rack comes with lockable skewers and single adjustment, you don’t have to worry about its security, it will be safe and secure on the car roof. Just keep in mind one thing, the road must be flawless. Roads with low overhangs on the road will increase difficulties.

Assembling the mountain bike roof rack for SUV is super easy. You just have to remove the front wheel and mount the bike with the help of straps.  It’s an aerodynamic styling bike rack that fits disc brakes, most factory racks, and round bars.

This d shaped low-profile aluminum tray is made with corrosion-resistant aluminum; it can stand with the elements. The integrated wheel cradle is highly designed to provide protection and perfect fitting. The ratcheting strap will help secure the bike gently and fastly. 

Chances are there you may need an adapter, this rack works well with 15 millimeters, 20 millimeters, and left forks with an Adapter (53015, 53020, 530l).


  • Lockable skewer
  • Easy to mount
  • Incredible fast to unloading
  • Secure and convenient
  • Great stability


  • Whistle in high speed

Customer Review

This review came from a first bike rack user. He did a ton of research and then try to find a perfect one that goes well with his bike. He purchased this upright down bike roof rack and installed it at the night and went for his trip the next day. He mostly likes the installation process, it took only two minutes to install. But he was a little upset, as he had to spend extra money to buy the locks separately.

Thule ProRide (Best Roof Mounted Bike Rack For The Money)

Top Picked 5
Thule 598001 Roof Bike Rack ProRide

Thule ProRide Bike Rack

Brand Name: Thule
Color: silver
Rack Weight: 4.2 kilograms
Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
Customer Review: 4.5

Usually, people love roof racks because of their stability. Thule Roof Bike Rack ProRide is one such stable roof bike rack. It doesn’t increase the footprint of the car like hitch bike rack or trunk bike racks and helps in transporting bikes in the most convenient way.

This ProRide roof rack will secure your bike automatically once you position your bike on it. Because it’s designed with a unique wheel tray and frame holder that secures the bike without taking any help from any people and doesn’t need any push to the position.

When you think of holding the bike, the first thing comes into mind is the fear of scratches and dents. But with most roof racks these days this worry is almost gone. Thule sidearm Roof Bike Rack is one such roof rack. It ensures the bike doesn’t have even a little scratch or dent. 

Thule ProRide will give a safe mounting, its claws extended lower jaw will prevent the bike from falling.  


  • Easy to fit out and take out
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable
  • Built-in cable lock
  • Fits with a wide range of wheels


  • Doesn’t go well with carbon frames

Customer Review

One customer expresses his feelings by saying this bike rack is superb. It’s very easy to mount, built-in torque system, and stays exactly where it had to. The clown system of this bike rack is very impressive. It was very quiet when he used it on his Porsche, it just makes a soft whistle over 70mph.

RockyMounts Upright (Affordable Roof Mounted Bike Rack)

Top Picked 6
RockyMounts Tomahawk upright roof bike rack

RockyMounts Bike Rack

Brand Name: RockyMount
Color: black
Rack Weight: 18 Pounds
Maximum Bike Quantity: Single Bike
Customer Review: 4.6

When you have various types of bikes and need a sturdy roof-mounted bike rack we can say the Rockymounts tomaHawk bike rack is a great option. You can haul all types of bikes with it. This rocky mounts roof rack allows keeping the bike without removing any wheels.

This platform rack fits with crossbars like aero, round, square, factory, etc,  and can manage all bike sizes including bicycles, kids bike, cruisers, and fat bike (maximum 5-inch rubber) .

This simple to mount car rack comes with a small nub that keeps the wheel straps out of the way. The arms of the rack are strong enough to pull the bike in place, so it stays in its place safely. And there is no connection with the frame, thus you don’t have to worry about the scratches and dents. 

Removing the bike from the carrier is simple as well. Press the release button and the bike is unmounted. But remember one thing if the front tire is squashed downwards you will need lots of force to press the button. 

This bike rack is made with lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum and coated with black powder for a perfect sleek finish. If you take proper care of it, it’s going to last for many years. And this rack is designed with a low height profile to reduce the wind noise and lower the height clearance issues.


  • Quiet and Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits any style of bikes
  • Adjustable to any crossbar
  • Perfect fit for any vehicle


  • Need support of a ladder or a small stool if you are short

Customer Review

One of the users of this bike rack reviewed, this bike rack was fit-wise. It easily fitted on his 27.5+ bike and he didn’t even need to use a strap to hold that. He said this bike rack was solid, very sturdy, overall well built-in itself.  He said it was a good alternative instead of using a high-priced brand roof rack like Yakima, or Thule. He said it was worth more than its cost, and he was fully satisfied with this bike rack performance. 

Things To Consider Before Buy A Roof Mounted Bike Rack

When you are traveling in a car it’s a problem to manage some space for your bike storage. Don’t be frustrated. Transporting a bike from one place to another is now easy with a bike rack. But which are the top-rated mountain bike roof racks you can trust on? The market is full of a wide range of roof racks how can you find the best one among so many options?. To help you Here we have done more than half of your job. We have shortlisted the top six best roof-mounted bike rack options. But what is the best of the best among these six options? I can’t pick any name but i can help you in finding the best one.

To find the best roof rack you have to keep in mind some important things and do proper research. 

Let’s know how to choose the best roof-mounted bike racks.

  • Understand Your Needs First

Before you make any purchase decisions it’s very important to know what you actually need. To define your needs regarding your roof bike rack you should ask yourself what you want. If you want to carry the bike on top of car roof, a roof rack is what you need.

  • How Often You Will Use The Bike Rack

If you want to use it frequently you should look for a roof rack that is sturdy and will last longer. The main attraction will be the sturdiness that will make the bike rack last longer and be strong enough to give proper security. The bike rack will hold the bike tightly and won’t get damaged so soon.

  • How Many Bikes You Want To Transport

You are going outdoors and want to ride your bike with your friends or siblings, but in that case, you will need more than one bike. But if you are going to travel together in your SUV or car then it’s difficult to carry more than one bike. In this case, you have to choose a roof rack that can carry more than one bike or a rack that takes less space. 

  • How Much You Want To Spend Over The Roof Rack

Thinking about features and finding the best roof-mounted bike rack isn’t always will be a perfect fit for you. You have to keep in mind your budget as well. You have found the best roof rack with the best features but don’t have enough money to buy it, what would you do then? That’s why you should keep in mind your budget while making the buying decision. Find the best one that fits your budget, not the one that goes over your budget.

  • Give a Look at The Security Option

It shouldn’t happen you have carried your bike a long way and reached your destination but it got stolen. Sometimes it happens, dear. You left your bike over the roof for a minute and the thief stole it. You should secure your bike properly so no one can easily steal or vanish it. So, look for a lock facility in your roof rack. Otherwise, the bike rack will be there but won’t have the bike in it.

Bottom line

Choosing the best roof-mounted bike that suits you isn’t an easy walk in the park. You have to spend enough time exploring all types of roof-mounted bike racks and find out the best option that perfectly matches your budget and meets your requirements.
I have tried to present some best roof racks with enough information to help you in making an informative decision. I hope you have found your desired roof rack in my listed roof racks.
Let me know through comments if you have any questions without any hesitation, I will respond as soon as possible.

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