Best V-Brakes for Mountain Bike: Powerful and Smooth Brake Performance

You all who are off-road riders must know the importance of a superior brake system as it’s the central part of controlling your mountain bike. To enhance the braking power will be the wisest decision ever, and if that’s V-brakes, the outcome will be insane.

A good V-brake will let you control the two-wheeler perfectly, even if you’re in muddy or bumpy terrain. The installation process is simple, too, so no worries about it!

Considering these specialties, here we came up with some of the best V-brakes for mountain bike, and trust us, they’ll give you outstanding braking skills. After mounting the brake, don’t hesitate to participate in the next off-road racing event!

Let’s find out about their amazing features that’ll restructure your performance totally!

Comparison Table of Top Rated V Brakes For Mountain Bikes

Let’s quickly find out some features of our top 6 V-Brakes:

NamePack-WeightSport TypeArm lengthPad lengthPosition
CNC V Brake0.2 kgCycling110mm55mmFront and Rear
SHIMANO T4000Front0.26 kgBicycle107mm55mmFront
RUJOI Bike Brakes Set0.45kgAll type110mm(55, 70,72) mmFront and rear
Shimano T4000 Rear0.32kgAll type107mm55mmRear
TOBWOLF Front & Rear0.34kgBicycle110mm60mmFront and rear
Riakrum0.48gAll type110mm55mmFront and rear
Best V Brakes Comparison Table

Best V Brakes for Mountain Bike Reviews to Keep Your Mountain Bike Secured

After a week full of research, we finally found out our top v brakes that’ll increase the controlling power of your bike more. Have a look and choose one depending on your choice!

1. CNC V Brake Set

If you’re here for the most delicate brake ever, our top recommendation won’t go wrong. CNC V Brake is one of the popular v brakes that ensures a lightweight, comfortable, and flexible braking system. The material is exceptionally soft too, which is a cherry on the top!

#1 Top Pick
61AqrUNuufL. AC SL300

CNC V Brake Set

CNC will be a great deal if you crave overall satisfaction with the braking system. Get it without a second thought.

These V brakes are made of T6 Aluminum, which is smooth enough to hold whenever you’re riding off-road. Often riders get too tired while handling the brakes along with their bumpy rides, but it won’t happen here for this element.

Again, there’re two options for the brake pad length. Thus, you can choose one that feels comfy to your hands. You’ll get 55mm and 70mm of them.

Next, you’ll be glad to hear about the high-end rubber brake pads. They provide extreme durability and wear resistance, which ensures the brake lasts for a longer period. A win-win deal, don’t you agree?

For quietness, this one is literally the best. We mean, the 110mm arm won’t make any sound while you’re trying to control your bike. Plus, it’s adjustable – forget about the adjustment issues at all.

Therefore, you can set this brake set on your mountain bike, small bicycles, and in any two-wheeler where you think you’ll need it. That’s how flexible this tool is!

What We Like Most:

  • Ensures smooth brake feeling to the hands for the material
  • Has excellent braking skills with the arm parts
  • Super compatible with any type of two-wheeler
  • Includes decent rubber brake pads for enhanced durability
  • Totally noiseless even in hard brakes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t come with any installation manual

2. SHIMANO BR-T4000 Front V-Brake

Those who are up for premium v-brakes, here you go with Shimano. It’s one of the finest front V-brakes in the industry right now, including versatility and outstanding precision!

#2nd Pick
61qzS5o46IL. AC SL300


We all need a V-Brake for our mountain bike, which can do its work quietly but effectively. Shimano is exactly like that, even with the long arm arch. Try it!

Often in the night, we tend to ride in the mountains (with proper safety, of course) and don’t want to wake up the people. That’s where this brake set kicks in. 

The specialty of this brake system is that it’s made for the smoothest stopping skill with quiet operation. No sound with an excellent braking mode, amazing, isn’t it?

Additionally, the x-type 107mm arch for the front part will be really comfortable for everyone.

Another fantastic feature of Shimano is its mudguard part that’ll let you prevent too much housing of mud in the brakes. This way, you’ll be safe on the muddy roads, and your bike won’t fall due to sticky situations.

Overall, it’s flexible, adjustable with any bike, and super easy to install. What more do you need?

What We Like the Most:

  • Comes with a quiet braking system for convenience
  • Has mudguard for extra safety in the brakes
  • Super easy to install within seconds
  • Can adjust in any type of motorbike or bicycle
  • Packs long arch for utmost comfort

What We Don’t Like:

  • The rubber pads need to be upgraded

3. RUJOI Bike Brakes Set

Ever thought of getting a first-class V-brake with a pocket-friendly price tag? Yes, that’s possible but only with Rujoi. It comes with a sleek design and sensorial textures, which can be an absolute plus!

#3rd Pick
61ZYNpyEP8S. AC SL1500

RUJOI Bike Brakes Set

A complete package with a budget-friendly tag is a great deal for anyone. If you want to get a V-brake for your bike with a multiple-pads option, Rujoi is the one!

You’ll meet three types of brake pads in this brake set.

For city cycling, you need a basic one with a 55mm rubber pad which reduces the speed of the vehicle properly. Again, for crossover cycling, you may go for a Medium one with 70mm pads which works sleekly.

Last, there’re high-class V-Brake pads with 72mm rubber material which includes no noise feature too. This one will be great for your mountain bike.

Coming to the arm, it’s made with aluminum, so you can already sense how durable and long-lasting it can be. It’s indispensable, though, because you don’t want to change your brakes every other day, do you?

This brake has a linear tension spring, giving you extreme comfort while ceasing the bike and that high-end assistance too! 

And yes, don’t forget that Rujoi V-Brakes can fit any type of motorbike or cycle you have. Just install it and enjoy your ride with total safety!

What We Like the Most:

  • Has multiple options for brake pads
  • Aluminum arm makes it more durable
  • Can fit any type of two-wheeler
  • Flexible spring gives comfort and assistance
  • Has noise-free stopping skill for convenience

What We Don’t Like:

  • The adjustment screws aren’t up to the mark

4. Shimano BR-T4000 Rear V-Brake

This one is from the same brand Shimano we just reviewed minutes ago. What sets it apart from the previous one is that it’s specifically designed for rear brakes. The rear v brake confirms stability and reduces rollovers and spin-outs like insane!

#4th Pick
61oC7CHajeL. AC SL300

Shimano BR-T4000

Rear brakes are essential, just like the front ones. Shimano confirms to avoid any unwanted spin-outs with its effortless stopping system and protects your two-wheeler along with yourself!

If you’re a nightrider or if you do work on the night shift, you better not interrupt anyone’s sleep (just kidding) because Shimano has the quietest braking power ever. No matter how harsh that road is, you can pause right there without a single noise!

Plus, the braking will be smooth. Your bike will meet no harm and, most importantly, to you, even in sudden brakes. An impressive feature that maintains safety, don’t you agree?

Let’s talk about the mudguard of this rear v brake now. All of you must know about this attribute as a mudguard helps you to face those muddy, damp, or water crossovers. Plus, it prevents extra accumulation of the mud!

And lastly, the 107mm arch will help to grab those pads and ensure wide clearance between the frame and the tire. Full of support it is!

What We Like the Most:

  • Excellent design with smooth brake system
  • Has a comfortable arch support
  • Great for mountain and off roads with the powerful operating forces
  • For extra safety, a mudguard is added
  • Remains quiet even in the harsh stopping situation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires extra studs for a better fit

5. TOBWOLF Front & Rear Bike Caliper Brakes

A V-brake which is highly abrasion resistant with maximum brake power will escalate the performance of your bike 2x. Thanks to Tobwolf Front and Rear Brakes, which includes every feature that’ll easily blend in with any bike. Let’s see how!

#5th Pick
71vPPCc8KDL. AC SL400

TOBWOLF Front & Rear Caliper Brakes

To get the abrasion-free and appropriate length arm V-brake, Tobwolf will be outstanding. Purchase it right now with your eyes closed to get supreme brake performance!

In the starting we must say, this brake comes with a large package (yes, you heard it right) with all the necessary tools you need for installing it. The box includes click levers, essential screws, rubber pads, spacers, innoodle pipes, and many more.

Talking of the construction part, Tobwolf is made with premium aluminum that ensures supreme durability. It’s abrasion-resistant, too—no more hassle of tearing off the rubber pads at all.

The length of the brake arm is appropriate too. It’s around 110mm where pads are approximately 60mm. The whole V-brake will make sure you’re handling it comfortably.

Then again, this brake will fit in with any cycle or mountain bike. Just read the instruction file carefully and mount it. You’re good to go!

What We Like the Most:

  • Comes with a proper package and is easy to install
  • Made with premium material for utmost comfort and durability
  • Has appropriate brake arm length
  • Can fit in with any two-wheeler

What We Don’t Like:

  • Springs can be a little weak

6. Riakrum 2 Sets Bike Brakes

For our last product, we’ve Riakrum, which is, trust us, one of the greatest V-brakes out there for its waterproof quality. It comes with the cables too!

#6th Pick
71OtV8NRRQL. AC SL1500

Riakrum 2 Sets Bike Brakes

This one can handle both dry and damp conditions and the effortless performance. Plus, the brakes come with multiple cables for easy setup. What are you waiting for then?

Well, the cables are a must if you’re trying to install the brakes by yourself. Don’t worry, as Riakrum will send you 2 pcs braking cables and 4pcs cable caps to complete the procedure.

Moreover, these caps ensure non-splitting performance while you’re grabbing the brake and make sure the split ends aren’t poking you. These will help you to use the tool without any hassle!

You’ll be happy to notice that the aluminum alloy brake arm with PU leather pipe is very solid here. It won’t break easily, which means a lifetime guarantee!

Besides, this V-brake is suitable for any weather condition. Rain, cold, or summer won’t tear out and will make sure to handle both dry and wet conditions.

Last but not least, it’ll stop your bike with less noise and the performance will be super smooth, such a praiseworthy feature we assure you!

What We Like the Most:

  • Made with a superior material for long term usage
  • Compatible with any weather condition
  • Complete performance with less noise
  • Comes with various cables for easy installation
  • Guarantees comfort and assistance in any ride

What We Don’t Like:

  • The tension spring needs to be updated

What to Look for Before Buying V-Brake?

Getting the best V-brakes for mountain bike is easy when you know what features to look for especially. Here we provided some of them to make it simpler.


Well, we know you’re here searching for mountain bike V-brakes. But hey, it’s always better to purchase one which can fit in with any type of two-wheeler. 

You never know when you’ll be changing your current bike so it’s ideal to buy a brake that’ll be easy to adjust anywhere!


This feature is needed if you plan to use specific brakes for a long time. Finding V-brakes which are abrasion free will let you use them in an untearable condition forever.

Length Arm

Now this one’s a bit tricky as no one actually knows what type of length you prefer for the brake arms. You need to grab it and then find out if the length is proper for you!

Completely Noiseless

A quiet braking system is preferred by most people. Read the instructions of your desired V-brakes if they’re noise-free or have less noise performance.

High-Quality Pads

Pads will be the ones you’ll be grabbing while riding your motorbike. It should be comfortable enough, and for the utmost comfort, you need to focus on the material. 

Checkout if the material is soft and smooth as that’ll provide you with much assistance for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are V-Brakes good for mountain bikes?

    Best V-Brakes for Mountain Bike

    Of course, they are. Because V-brakes come with the longest arms, and they’re super easy to install. These will give you support, so yes, V-brakes are much more compatible with mountain bikes.

  2. How long do V-brakes last?

    How long do V brakes last

    They’ll last around 100miles-1250miles. It completely depends on your riding conditions, maintenance, and quality of rubber pads.

  3. Are V-brakes universal?

    Are V-brakes universal

    Yes, they’re universal, but some models might not be because of their mini brake system. They mainly have short pull levers rather than long pulls. And for these, the arms of those brakes tend to be short; hence they’re not universal!

  4. Should you use both brakes on a mountain bike?

    Should you use both brakes on a mountain bike

    If you’re a beginner rider, it’ll be great if you use both for your safety purpose. Other than that, it really depends on you whether you want one brake or both!

The Bottom Line

That’s the finale of our article. We hope you find the best V-brakes for mountain bike and have great stopping power with them in your mountain race session. Just try to check out a few features that are necessary before purchasing, and that’s it.

Now, if you ask for our suggestion, we would recommend you to go for CNC V Brake Set. It’ll offer overall satisfaction with the superior traits, including the lightweight feeling, durability, flexibility, and solid rubber pads.

Then again, no matter what you choose from our list, they’ll all serve you the best.

Good Luck!

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