What’s The Difference Between An Electric Bike And A Regular Mountain Bike?

Difference Between Electric Bike And Regular Mountain Bike

Do you love bike rides in the mountains? If yes, then you know about mountain bikes. And you’re also aware that there’s been little competition going on between the electric bikes and regular mountain bikes

Although riding them both is fun and all, however, the experience is quite different. It’s because of their build system. Each one has the unique potential to provide you with an enjoyable ride season through the mountain and regular roads.

But in several cases and points, these bikes are completely different from each other. Few differences you might tell just by looking at them and for some, you need to identify by riding them.

If you want to learn about the major differences between the electric bike and the regular mountain bike then stick to this article like glue. I will have a brief explanation of each difference that will help you to better understand. Sounds Good?

Let’s get started!

How Does An E-Bike Work?

Riding Electric bike

The electric bike looks like a regular mountain bike but has a battery-assisted paddling system which makes your riding easier. And also has all the benefits of using mountain bikes with the added bonus of battery motor power. An e-bike holds a lot more benefits than regular mountain bikes, however, they come at a price.

Because these bikes are quite expensive in comparison. You can get the best electric bike under $800. But e-bikes are completely worth this price range.

How Does A Regular Mountain Bike Work?

Giant bike
Regular Mountain Bike

A regular mountain works like an as-usual bike, but with an added boost of different gearing functions. It has a heavy-duty body that can easily withstand the harsh environment in the mountains.

Wider and rugged tiers help have a strong grip while riding, even on slippery mountains and roads. As stated earlier it comes in a lower price range. You can find a regular mountain bike for under 150$. So as you can see there’s a huge price difference between them.

An Electric Bike And A Mountain Bike – The Major Differences

Just so you know, in comparison, electric bikes are getting popular because of their appliances and easy-going riding nowadays. From the earlier segment, you had a glimpse of the reason why right?

Now we are about to discuss the major difference between electric bikes and mountain bikes. It’ll help have a better understanding of both bikes and where they stand.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Appearance & Mechanics

As stated earlier, you can notice the difference between an electric bike and a mountain bike from their outlook and appearance. Though the outlook concept is quite similar there are several noticeable differences present between them.

It’s mainly because of their different mechanical systems. Imagine having a bulky version of your regular bike with a lot of electrical wires, that’s what an e-bike looks like. On the other hand, imagine your regular bike with added gears and wide tires, that is what a mountain bike looks like.

Also in comparison, an electric bike’s build quality is relatively stronger than a mountain bike. And it’s for a very good reason. Not saying the mountain bike has weak build quality, their build is as strong as they come in bicycles. However, due to an added battery and different mechanics, electric bikes tend to be stronger and heavier.

Riding Experience

Although an e-bike and a mountain bike’s appearance might look similar. However, when it comes to the riding experience, it’s completely different. Especially while climbing uphill roads or mountains. With an e-bike, it’s much easier to ride as you have the support of a battery-powered paddling system.

But with a regular mountain bike, it’s much harder to ride uphill roads and mountains, using just your own physical strength. So it’s safe to say, an e-bike gives you the best riding experience possible.


Electric bikes and mountain bikes have a huge price difference between them. And for obvious reasons, which is their difference in their build. Because extra electrical wiring, added battery, and motors make its pricing higher than regular mountain bikes.

Repair & Maintenance

Both bikes have quite similar maintenance and repair systems. However, with e-bikes, it’s somewhat scheduled. Because it’s a battery power bike, the battery stops working after years of usage. And it’s a good thing too, you have a previous awareness of when it’ll need maintenance.

With your regular mountain bike, there’s no telling when something might go wrong. Though it gives good service for years as well due to heavy-duty build quality, it’s somewhat uncertain when it might go wrong.

If something goes wrong with either of these bikes, the repair costs are quite similar except for the repair cost of motorized parts of the e-bike. In such situations, you’ll need an expert who deals with electric bikes, which costs extra. And as mentioned, e-bike parts have expensive costs compared to regular mountain bikes.


When it comes to the speed difference between these bikes, e-bikes always win. No matter how fast you can ride with a regular mountain bike. An electric bike gets amplified because of the added battery and motor assistance for paddling.

With a regular mountain bike how fast you can go is determined by your physical pedaling capabilities. Whereas an e-bike it’s determined by its motor and battery capacity.

With just paddle assist you can go up 30 MPH on an e-bike. You can even go faster with a full motor mood. With good motor capacity, you can go up to 60 MPH.

Rules & Regulations

Because of e-bike’s high speed in some countries like the USA, several rules and regulations were established. One, in particular, is a certain speed limit. Whereas regular mountain bikes aren’t motorized, there are no certain rules that need to be followed while riding them.

“Using an EMTB Is Cheating”- Is It True?

girl using Electric Bike
Girl Riding Electric Bike

There’s a rumor that using an electric mountain bike is considered cheating. Because it’s powered by motors many of you think it doesn’t require physical strength to ride like a regular mountain bike.

This, however, is a completely wrong concept. The person who believes such nonsense has never ridden an electric bike. Riding on an electric bike requires as much strength as riding on a mountain bike if not more.

Because of its heavy-duty build, an e-bike tends to be heavier, which is harder to control and requires much more physical strength. You can even burn more calories while riding on the electric bike.

Which One Should You Pick?

When it comes to choosing either of these bikes, it completely depends on your riding style and preferences. However, if you don’t mind adding some extra speed with the help of a motor.

Then you should definitely go with an electric bike. Because not only it’ll provide better speed but also will have better control while riding on and off-road.

However, if you wish to feel the sweat and tears that comes with raw bicycle rides, without any electrical help, then there’s none better than a mountain bike. Though it lacks speed and power compared to an electric bike, however, a regular bike can’t even begin to compare with a mountain bike.

Final Thoughts

Before you get either of these bikes, give a thorough inspection of your preference and needs first. And our above discussion about the difference between electric bikes and mountain bikes should help you decide.

As I already discussed every essential aspect of both types of bikes. Even if you have a tight budget we hope you can fit it into 800$. Because it will be a worthy investment. You’ll have to see for yourself.