Mountain Bike Kickstands: Do You Really Need Them?

Mountain bike kickstands are a great addition to any cyclist’s arsenal. They come in handy if you need to store your bike at home or take it with you when you’re on the go. They will also help to keep your bike safe.  But, do you really need them?

The answer is a little bit yes and a little bit no. 

Kickstands are a great way to make your mountain bike more portable.  And if you’re using it for commuting or normal trail riding, a kickstand is a must. It will let you store your mountain bike when you’re not using it. Plus, you won’t need any rack or bike stand to keep your bike stand to store or wash.

But if you are using your mountain bike for recreational purposes, a kickstand is not needed.  In fact, they create trouble while mountain biking like can get hung up on trees or poles and cause accidents. Plus, they make the bike heavier, decrease stability, and can be the reason for quick suspension wear down.

Let’s know some benefits and drawbacks of kickstands, and come to a more definitive answer.

Mountain bike kickstands Do You Really Need Them?
Look at the Picture: Is Mountain Bike Kickstand Really Necessary?

Why Do Mountain Bikes Not Have Kickstands?

This is the first question I asked myself after getting my first mountain bike in hand. I was surprised as there was a kickstand on my previous mountain bike then why not this one? I asked my parents and their answer couldn’t satisfy me. Then I asked an experienced mountain biker, and his answer was pleasing and understandable. His saying was, Mountain bikes don’t have kickstands because they don’t need them. They add unnecessary weight and cause tangles in the cable when it swings from side to side. Plus, you will have less stability and likely take down the bike which could result in injuring yourself. 

And as I was a kid so I was in need of support and I was not doing tough trail riding, so kickstand cons were not for me. 

I was totally satisfied with this answer, let me know if you are too or not.

Mountain bikes are designed with weight distribution over a wider area, so the bike becomes stable and you can handle it with ease.

How To Stand Up a Bike Without a Kickstand

Is Mountain Bike Kickstand Really Necessary

Standing up a bike without a kickstand isn’t something hard. In fact, most mountain bikers do this because they feel a kickstand is unnecessary. And they are right, why spend money and take trouble just to stand up on a bike when you can do it simply on the ground, wall, or tree?

Just find a good location (ground with grass, a wall or a tree), lay down the bike towards the ground, or stand up it against a wall or tree.

Apart from these, there are some more ways to stand up a bike without a kickstand. We will learn more about them below.

Is It Good to Put a Kickstand on a Mountain Bike?

If you’re like most mountain bikers, you’re probably familiar with the convenience of a kickstand. But is it a good idea to put one on your mountain bike?

Some people feel that it’s good to put a kickstand on a mountain bike, others feel it’s dangerous and can lead to accidents. Obviously, there are risks associated with having a Kickstand installed on your mountain bike – including the potential for tipping over and injuring yourself or worse. 

Some benefits are also there like you can store the bike without a stand when not in use, or when you take a break. However, these benefits do not outweigh the risks associated with mountain biking with a kickstand. 

Overall it’s good to put a kickstand on a mountain bike when you are using it as a touring bike for commuting, but not good if the mountain bike is for riding over tough terrain. 

Unlike road bikes or commuter bike, mountain bikes are usually used to ride over rough terrain, and a kickstand can create problems at that time. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you think it’s good to put a kickstand on a mountain bike.

Should I Put a Kickstand on My Mountain Bike?

Mountain bike kickstands Do You Really Need Them
Bike Parked Without Kickstands

If you’re like most people, you probably rely on your bike to get you around town. But what if you never have to leave your bike unattended again? That’s where kickstands come in. Kickstands are a great way to keep your bike safe and secure, whether you’re at home or out and about.

So if you are using your mountain biking for regular use and so on, and have to mount your bike a few often, yes, you should put a kickstand on your mountain bike. A kickstand allows you to stow your bike and take a quick break. Plus,  it keeps your bike in an upright position when not in use. In addition, now, you don’t have to unpack and carry your bike on your shoulder. Just use the kickstand and park it aside. 

Mountain Bike Kickstand Alternative

A kickstand is necessary for mountain bikers only when they are not using the bike, which means to store the bike. Now you can buy an extra kickstand and put it when you need to store the bike. But you have to remove it before you go again for a ride. So, installing and uninstalling a kickstand so often is no less than trouble. But there are some alternatives to kickstands that can save you. Mountain bike kickstand alternatives are- a bike rack, line up stand, upstand, click stand, bike lift, straps, and scorpion stand. All the alternatives are simple to use but are mostly more expensive than a kickstand.

Final verdict

In today’s blog, I have shared whether you need a mountain bike kickstand or not with reasons. I think now you are clear about why don’t you need a kickstand for a mountain bike, and when you may need a kickstand. If you have some more queries in mind, just share them with me, and I will try to answer you.

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