10 Unique Products For Mountain Bikers | Add to Your MTB Now

Mountain biking is an exciting and challenging sport that requires a shortage of gear or accessories. Whether you’re riding in the woods, cruising around town, or chasing your buddies on steep trails, many accessories meet your needs. 

Whether you want to start your own business or need a new hobby, mountain biking is an excellent way to keep busy and have fun with great exercise. Here I’ll share 10 unique products for mountain bikers that make it easier to ride without interruption.

Let’s get into it.

Unique Products For Mountain Bikers | The Most Innovative Bike Items       

You can use tons of great items to make the ride more enjoyable and safer. Here are some of our top picks.

  1. Tripod

This tiny GoPro tripod is exceptionally lightweight and extends to be much taller than other tripods many times its size. With the legs closed, they can be opened and used as a selfie stick or collapse and then used as a handle. 

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If you like bringing an action camera on mountain bike rides, this is one of the most versatile and compact accessories you can get. 

  1. Bottle Cage

The Growler Grabber allows you to easily carry a growler or two on your bike with minimal weight. They fit on any bike frame and are placed over your Seat post. 

Unlike regular bottle cages designed to hold whiskey flasks, the growler grabber includes a 64-ounce growler. The growler grabber is much thicker than your standard bottle cage to accommodate the heft of such a vessel. 

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It’s also outfitted with rubber grips to keep the growler from popping out. You think these rubber grips will protect your glass beer container while descending a rough gravel road, I assure you they won’t. 

Even my cranks hit this growler on every revolution. But this product is a novelty item reserved for pub crawls and bike festivals. 

It’s well-made, looks nice, and can probably clear the cranks on a slightly larger bike. The growler grabber is hilarious and fun as long as you understand what it is and isn’t designed for.

  1. 70 liter Gear Bag

This mountain biking accessory is surprisingly lightweight and comes with everything you need to carry all your biking accessories. 

It’s very well designed. Unzip the bag, and you’ll find a dedicated tool section, a divided compartment for your helmet, and a weekend’s worth of clothing. 

The top is a mesh compartment for your pads and gloves and a few nooks and crannies for other stuff. No matter how long or short your trip, this bag will carry everything you need for an enjoyable ride.

  1. Pipe Cleaners

For the beginner mountain biker, a clean chain is essential to get a smooth ride. Many people have trouble cleaning it by hand and resort to using tools. 

Pipe cleaners are inexpensive and more effective than any type of tool out there. They can be cut to size and then used like a squeegee to get off any excess dirt before it gets into your gears or, even worse, your tires.

  1. Camping Chair

Next up is a lightweight camping chair. Whether you’re pedaling out to an event or want to keep a chair around for after-ride beers, this chair is lightweight and compact enough to take with you. 

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Unlike fold-out chairs, this takes about 30 seconds of assembly which is not a big deal. It’s an adult-sized chair, but it’s probably not great if you’re large or heavy. 

But for most of us, it’s a great alternative to costly versions of the same thing, and mine has been working out great so far.

  1. Multi-Tool

As you may have guessed by its complex name, this is just one of many multi-tools in the ratchet rocket line, but I’m most impressed with the NTX plus because it comes with a torque wrench. 

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Inside is a micro ratchet, a very ergonomic chain tool, a bit extension, an impressive assortment of bits, and torque attachment. It’s also debatable whether this is quicker or more convenient than a conventional multi-tool. 

  1. Pedals Cover

The Pedal Covers keeps your pedals from damaging other bikes or the inside of your car, and there is a clever solution to a common problem. 

Pedal Covers

They’re just neoprene socks that button into place over your pedals. The small ones are made for clipless pedals, while the large ones will fit most platforms.

  1. Fanny Pack

The Fanny pack is a lightweight waist belt accessory with numerous valuable features. In addition to helping you keep your phone, keys, and other items in your possession, it also acts as secure storage for a hydration bladder.

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For the mountain biker who wants to carry an extra water reservoir on their ride, this is an essential accessory that can be removed without taking off or untying anything.

  1. Flood And Spot Light

If you want to get into night riding, you need a floodlight on your handlebars to light up the trail and a spotlight on your helmet.

It comes with a good quality Sanyo battery. This means they should hold a charge long-term and work okay in cold weather. 

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Each set has its own handlebar attachment as well as a cord that attaches to your bike so you can run through the woods without having any problems with tripping over yourself or your bike. They also look nice and have battery indicators and easy-to-access buttons. 

  1.  Exposure

This is a bike light that combines an attachment with a mount. While it looks like a straight bolt, it’ll attach to your bike via the bolts on the frame so you can attach it along with the light without worrying about the light falling off and causing damage. 

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It can be removed and used as more than just a mount, but also as a headlight because of its built-in bulb.


Why do mountain bikers wear baggy shorts?

Mountain bikers wear baggy shorts to go downhill at high speeds while concealing their frame. Baggy clothing allows riders to maintain a smaller profile and avoid being knocked over by minor obstacles like roots or rocks.

Are knee pads necessary for mountain biking?

Yes, knee pads are necessary for mountain biking to protect your knees from getting scraped by the dirt, rocks, and roots you may get thrown into when riding.

Why do mountain bikers wear gloves?

Mountain bikers wear bike gloves for a lot of reasons. Their gloves protect the riders from injury and also keep their hands warm. Wearing them also allows for smooth gripping and control on the handlebars, which is an important skill to learn to become a better mountain biker.


The market is full of great accessories for mountain bikers. These are ten unique products for mountain bikers who want to take their rides to a new level.

 Regardless of your skill level or experience, you’ll find something in this collection that suits your needs. Whether you bike with friends or love to venture around alone, these accessories will allow you to get the most out of your outdoor time.

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