Wheel Sizes Comparison: 27.5 VS 29

We all know that wheel size makes a massive difference in bike performance and comfort, but comparing wheel sizes is always confusing. There are different sizes of wheels available, for example, 26, 27.5, 29, etc. Each size is designed for various purposes.

So what about 27.5 VS 29, is one of them better than the other? What size do you need for a specific bike?

We’re going to discuss all these questions in this beautiful article. This article will help you to choose your next wheels very easily.

27.5 Vs 29: Comparison Table

Although the difference between the two wheel sizes isn’t huge. Here are some important differences we want to focus on.

Point27.5 wheels29 wheels
Bike sizeMedium to smallLarge
Rider fit6’2” + riders5.5” riders
Riding styleDownhill or XCTrail or all mountain
SpeedSlower than 29Faster than 27.5

What Do The Letters Mean?

The term 27.5 inch and 29 inch refers to the diameter of the wheel, for example: 27.5= 27.5 inches, 29= 29 inches. 

27.5 Vs 29: Main Difference

Wheel sizes have been one of the most confusing things for those who bike or own a bike shop because there are so many different measurements. Here we try to explain the main differences:

  • Size 
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The 27.5 is smaller than the 29-inch wheel. As a result, the 27.5 allows faster acceleration and snappy response. 

  • Attack Angle
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A lower attack angle means that the wheel will roll over more easily. As a result, the 29 are better at rolling over obstacles due to their lower attack angle based on their larger size. 

The 29 is more suitable for longer rides and offers more stability, and attack angle. This is the angle formed when the wheel touches an object or obstacle. It determines how well the wheel will roll over the obstacle. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that the 27.5-inch wheel is not good at rolling over objects. It’s sufficient but may suit you better in smoother trails, and traction. 

  • Traction

A greater surface area leads to better grip. The 29 is larger, hence has a greater contact surface area for better grip. 

This means it offers better traction for slippery, loose, or rocky grounds. The 27.5-inch wheel also provides sufficient traction but isn’t as efficient as the 29. 

  • Maneuverability. 
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The 27.5-inches wheel is smaller, hence lighter compared to the 29-inch wheel. As a result, they are easier to maneuver around tight, twisted trails because they respond readily to the rider’s input despite being lighter. 

However, the 27.5-inch isn’t as stable as the 29 inches at higher speeds. The 29-inch wheels are better suited for larger bike sizes, given their larger size and weight as compared to the 27.5. 

Also, because the 29 offers more stability, it’s better suited for long travels and steep Descents. 

27.5-inch wheels are better suited for twisted trails due to easier steering and faster acceleration. 

Similarities Between The 29 & 27.5 Wheels

Both the 29 27.5 inches are faster and more stable than the 26-inch wheels. They’re both best suited for mountain bikes and e-bikes as well. 

An added benefit of having a larger wheel is that it makes you faster over technical terrain as well as making your bike more stable when going downhill.

The 27 5-inch wheel size can be used for a variety of sports such as freeride, enduro, cross-country racing, trail riding, marathon racing, and more.

29 Overview and Features 

The 29-inch wheels have been around for quite a while. Having been designed as an alternative to the 26-inch. 29-inch are primarily found in larger bikes and are best suited for taller individuals. 

We didn’t like that it was harder to steer, especially around tight turns, and not the best fit for smaller riders. 


  • The larger wheel size allows you to reach top speed more steadily, and its large footprint gives you a better grip on challenging terrain.
  • And during steep Descents with the 29, you can do more with less travel than we liked
  • The 29 offers a smooth riding experience by quickly rolling over roots, rocks, and other obstacles. 
  • Larger wheels for better traction need less suspension travel on rocky terrain and accommodate taller riders.  
  • The larger size offers more weight and stability for better control, especially at high speeds. 

27.5 Wheel Overview and Features 

The 27.5-inch wheel, also known as the 6 50 B slash 27.5 was designed to bridge the gap between the 26-hour and 29. 

Unlike the 29 they can be fitted into smaller bike sizes and accommodate shorter riders. It also offers better stability than the 26, although not more than the 29. 

  • It’s the middle ground when it comes to bicycle wheels, offering acceleration with sufficient stability. 
  • The 27.5-inch wheel is best for quick acceleration and steering compared to the 29. 
  • Its lighter weight enables it to respond easily to the rider’s input, hence maneuvering tight twists and turns, takes little effort. 
  • Offers faster acceleration, it’s easier and to steer, accommodates shorter riders. 
  • It has less traction compared to a 29.

Which Wheel Size Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for more traction and stability or going over long distances, then the 29 is a more suitable option. 

It’s also your best choice if you’re taller; if you’re more concerned about acceleration and quick steering for tight winding trails, then you should go with the 27.5” wheel. 


Is 27.5 better than 29er?

The 27.5-inch wheels are a slightly smaller wheel size. They offer good performance across all terrain and are more efficient than 29er wheels! But overall, 27.5 is not better than 29 er. 

What are the pros and cons of 27.5 vs 29?

They roll over obstacles well and offer good traction on all terrain, though each has its strengths. The 27.5-inch wheel rolls over smoother and is more accessible than a 29er due to its size, but it offers less traction in looser conditions due to a larger contact patch on the trail.

Is there a big difference between 27.5 and 29?

The main difference is that 27.5 is a slightly smaller wheel than 29. Most riders don’t feel a massive difference between the two.

Who needs a 29-inch bike?

If you’re going to tackle rough terrain, want to go fast, or want to ride with more intensity, you should choose a 29er. The riders who are tall and ride downhill often need a 29er because they’ve the potential to be faster, and they don’t want to ride a bike that is too small.


So this is all about the 27.5 Vs 29 size comparison. There is not much difference between the two, but it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each size. Hopefully, this has helped you decide which size would work best for you.

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