5 of the Best Mountain Bike Trail Helmets

Many head injuries happen because they do not wear helmets while biking. Most riders don’t want to look like a dork, so mountain bike helmets are often silent, too, so the noise level of your gear doesn’t hinder you.

So what are the best mountain bike trail helmets? Giro Source, Fox Speedframe, Giro Manifest, Leatt MTB Allmtn, and IXS Trail Evo are some of the best mountain bike trail helmets.

Let’s find out what feature they offer that makes them so popular among the users.

Best Mountain Bike Trail Helmets

With so many manufacturers on the market and different styles to choose from, finding one that meets your needs can be challenging.  

If you’re looking for one that is lightweight and provides good ventilation, we offer some recommendations below.

1. Giro Source

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First up is the Giro source MIPS MTB helmet, which is packed full of features so you can concentrate on your ride. 


  • MIPS system: With a MIPS system to protect you from any damage to your brain from rotational forces and an E. P. S. 
  • Polycarbonate shell: Liner bound to the polycarbonate shell. You can ride rest assured knowing that this helmet is ready to protect and absorb any damaging impacts if you have a crash. 
  • Rock locks five systems: The Giro Source helmet is also fitted with a lightweight rock lock five systems that will ensure comfort and stability during your ride. 
  • Adjustable: It’s easily adjustable with the dial, which can be used with one hand, and designed with 17 vents and internal channels. 
  • Protection: This helmet gives you cool air while out on the trails and has a screw advisor to shield your eyes from the sun and any kicked-up debris. 

2. Fox Speedframe

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We couldn’t make this list without anything from fox racing. And the speed frame Pro MTB helmet is our second choice in the lineup. 


  • MIPS system: Not only is this helmet created with MIPS, but it also has a dual density. Varies ORB E. P. S, which provides effective impact absorption. 
  • Removable Liner: The Fox Racing speed frame Pro helmet also has optimized venting with a removable and washable liner. 
  • Adjustable visor: This helmet is goggle compatible and has a three-position adjustable visor. 

3. Giro Manifest

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Third on the list is the zero manifest MIPS mountain bike helmet which features MIPS spherical technology engineered with zero to give you next-level safety on whatever trail you’re tackling. 


  • MIPS system: MIPS is an innovative technology that aims to reduce negative forces during a crash. 
  • Protection: You’ll feel protected. Every ride. The wind tunnel has designed the manifest with next-level ventilation, which keeps you cool without compromising on strength. 
  • Comfortable ventilation: Resistance with improved ventilation and comfort to keep you performing in the saddle. 

4. Leatt MTB Allmtn

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Number four is the Leatt MTB Allmtn helmet. This helmet is packed full of features to give you a comfortable ride.


  • Turbine technology: It has a layout 360-degree turbine technology to help produce rotation acceleration and concussion-level impact energy to your head. 
  • Ventilation: The All Mountain also has maximized ventilation from the 13 vents, which are effective even at slow speeds. 
  • Adjustable visor: It includes an adjustable visor that lets you safely store your goggles underneath when you’re not using them. 
  • Fed lock magnetic: A fed lock magnetic closure system that can be used even whilst wearing gloves. 

5. IXS Trail Evo

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Last up, we have the IXS Trail Evo helmet, which offers you all-around protection thanks to the in-mold technology from the tough and durable outer shell directly molded to an impact-absorbing foam. 


  • Ventilation: Inner strategically positioned vents maximize airflow over your head to keep you comfortable even on super-hot days. 
  • Ultra-system: This helmet also features an ergo fit Ultra system, which lets you make adjustments vertically and horizontally for the perfect fit. 
  • Adjustable visor: An adjustable visor, which has an impact quick release, which protects your neck in the event of a crash.

Mountain Bike Helmet Buying Advice

Choosing the best mountain bike helmet is crucial to saving your life. Whether on the trail or racing, mountain bike helmets protect your head from getting hit and provide additional protection in case you fall off your bike. 

Here are some things to consider before buying a helmet: 

  • Protection

A mountain bike helmet’s most critical safety feature is the EPS liner, which gives it its strength and proper shape. An EPS liner can be found in nearly all mountain bike helmets on the market. 

Rigid polystyrene or polystyrene foam is often used for even more protection. An outer protective shell is another option for riders who want extra safety options.

  • Breathability

One of the essential safety features of a trail helmet is airflow to keep you cool during hot summer months or cold winter weather. A helmet with fewer vents for winter riding will usually keep the head warmer.

Most helmets have vents to improve airflow and can help a rider get through longer rides in hot weather without feeling too hot. 

  • Weight

A lightweight helmet is another crucial component for comfort and safety. The lightest helmets on the market weigh just over a pound and are available in mountain bike-specific models with high-tech materials that are both light and strong.

  • Interior Padding Materials

The fabric material is lightweight, breathable, and will dry quickly. It comes in a variety of colors and prints. It can be made with additional protective padding, which can be found in most helmets today.

  • Fit

A comfortable fit is also crucial for most riders. The helmet should not be too tight or loose for an ideal fit. Ensure the rear adjustment system is working correctly.

  • Convertibility

Many riders like to use their helmets for skateboarding, cycling, other activities, and mountain biking. You can buy a convertible helmet that can be converted from a bike helmet to one used for different sports.


What helmet is best for mountain biking?

The Giro Source is a popular choice among bikers because it offers the best combination of all-around protection and lightweight structure. It has an aerodynamic design that keeps you upright while upright and allows easy breathing and hearing. The helmet’s core, made of polycarbonate, is fitted with an EPS liner that offers more protection.

Is WaveCel technology better than MIPS?

Yes, WaveCel technology is better than MIPS. WaveCel technology absorbs more energy upon impact than MIPS, but it doesn’t cause the same amount of rotational force during or after. The WaveCel liner doesn’t shift within the helmet interior like MIPS, thus providing excellent internal stability and comfort.

Which cycling helmet is the safest?

Giro has been making helmets for over 35 years, and they better understand helmet safety than most companies. They base their research on real-life accidents and other studies, which means they can develop safer products.

Are mountain bike helmets different?

Yes, they are different. The helmets on this page are designed to protect riders during mountain bike rides and other types of biking and can’t be compared with regular road helmets.

Here are our top five best mountain bike trail helmets. Each of these helmets has been extensively tested and is an excellent option. We highly recommend these helmets and our top pick to riders of all skill levels. 

Hope you’ve found this article informative and now understand better the best protective helmet for your extreme sport. Have fun out there!

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