How old is too old for mountain biking?

You should know your physical limitations before taking up mountain biking. For example, if you have knee problems, you might not ride a mountain bike because it requires you to put weight on your knees while pedaling. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor before trying out mountain biking. They can tell you whether or not you are physically ready to participate in such activities.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of older people riding a mountain bike. So, read on if you’re thinking of having one.

Benefits of Mountain Biking in Older Age

Cardiovascular exercise

Anyone who has gone mountain biking in hilly or mountainous terrain will attest that it is a great cardiovascular and respiratory workout. One of the main reasons I’m as fit as I am is that I regularly engage in vigorous physical activity that gets my heart rate up and my lungs working hard.


Bicycling works for several muscle groups. You’d expect an emotional ride to improve the legs, and you’d be correct. Grout, core, stabilizers, arms, shoulders, chest, forearms, and grip also improve. I’m exhausted yet happy after a day at the bike park. When you’re older, you may need to reduce certain risks or speeds. Fitness and strength will let you enjoy life longer.

Perception and speed

Mountain riding challenges more than the body. Mental agility is as important as physical agility while speeding. You must always keep your eyes on the track and your surroundings and make split-second judgments about what to ride over, how much danger is worth the possible reward, and which route to follow, all while responding swiftly and efficiently to unanticipated problems. This will help us age well. Being able to react quickly may also avert future injuries.


Stress may be deadly. But it’s something we’ll always have. Anything may matter, be it a financial account or a relationship. De-stressing in healthy ways is crucial. Intense activity releases dopamine, which lowers cortisol, blood pressure, etc. Mountain biking works well there.

Disadvantages of Mountain Biking in Older Age

Disadvantages of Mountain Biking in Older Age

However, not everything is roses and rainbows. After all, mountain biking is an intense activity, and the thrill that comes from the inherent danger is a big draw. In that case, let’s have a look at the primary drawbacks of continuing to ride mountain bikes as you get older.


Modern safety requires better helmets and knee guards with D30 inserts. It will continue to progress, just as medicine’s capacity to cure injuries will undoubtedly improve. Every person must assess the hazards and advantages of an exciting and perhaps fatal activity.

Overexertion may be harmful.

This drawback is tied to mountain biking’s main benefit: heart and lung exercise. Your body is less likely to recover from physical stress as you age, and organs like the heart may not react properly if you push yourself too far. As we get older, remember that your doctor can best advise you on a physical challenge. With this knowledge, it seems wise to wear a smartwatch when riding to monitor vitals. Something I’ll do there (albeit I don’t wear a watch).

Can I Start Mountain Biking At 40?

Yes. You don’t need to hit 50 years old to start mountain biking. In fact, you can be just as active at 40 as you would be at 20. The key is to find the right bike for you.

The best advice for mountain biking at any age is to start slowly and gradually build up your stamina. If you’re new to riding, don’t try to go too fast right away. 

The best advice for mountain biking at any age is to start slowly and gradually build up your stamina. If you’re new to riding, don’t try to go too fast right away. Instead, focus on building strength and endurance through gentle exercise. Once you’ve built up some endurance, you can decide how fast you want to ride.

What Is the Best Age for Mountain Biking?

The best age for mountain biking is when you are between 18 – 25 years old. At this age, you are able to learn how to ride safely, and you’re physically strong enough to handle all kinds of terrain. You also need to be mentally mature enough to understand what riding off-road means. When you reach the end of your teen years, you should start getting serious about mountain bike racing.

So, we can say that the best age for mountain biking is when you’re young and strong. When you’re younger, you’ll be able to handle the physical demands of riding bikes up steep hills and through rough terrain. If you start early, you’ll also develop the skills needed to control your bike while going downhill.

Is Mountain Biking good at the age of 60-70?

Yes. You can do Mountain biking at the age of 60-70 years.

Mountain biking is great for older adults who want to stay active and healthy. Mountain biking offers a wide variety of challenges, which helps keep you fit and motivated. Older adults should be aware of the risks associated with mountain biking, such as falling while riding downhill, getting injured from hitting objects like rocks and trees, and crashing into other riders. 

When you are older, mountain biking becomes harder. The first problem is that you need to use different techniques for climbing hills and slopes, which means you need to spend more energy. Another problem is that you become slower as you age. This makes it difficult for you to keep up with younger riders.

However, once you learn how to ride downhill, then it is easier to climb uphill. So, if you want to keep riding after you are 60 years old, then you should practice downhill biking.

Name of some 70+ age mountaineers

Robert Marchand

Robert Marchand, 103, is smashing longevity records when most people are dead or dying. In January 2014, he achieved a record for the greatest distance a 100-year-old cyclist cycled in an hour on an indoor track. In that time, he comfortably reached 26.9 kilometers.

Benjamin Piovesan

Dedication defines this 80-year-old biker. He’ll ride 8,000 to 9,000 km in a good year. Benjamin considers having fun more vital than winning. It takes mental and physical health.

Tony Stramipz

Tony Stramipz bikes through Stanley Park every day. He bikes around the park seven times a day.

First impressions may be deceiving. Still, that’s 60-70 km every day. He’s done it for ten years. Last year, he cycled 14,000 km around Stanley. He traveled 2,000 kilometers across the globe. It may be disappointing.

Carl Georg Rasmussen

Carl Georg Rasmussen, 76, illustrates that age is merely a number by exhibiting no symptoms of slowing down. He built a motorbike in the form of a cabin-equipped airplane.

Octavio Orduo

Octavio died in January 2015 at age 106. Thankfully, we have this poignant video from 2011. Long Beach’s oldest cyclist was Octavio.

He began playing golf in his 60s and didn’t start cycling until the state canceled his driver’s license at 100. Initially a two-wheel biker, he quickly discovered the three-wheel model better suited him. After a few incidents on his two-wheeler, Alicia (81) suggested he get a tricycle.

Best Mountain Bikes for Older Age

Best Mountain Bikes for Older Age

Grace MX  II Trail

Grace MX II Trail is a wonderful introductory mountain bike and/or electric bike.

This bike is loaded. This hardtail bike features a front suspension lockout (shorthand for a bike with only a front suspension as opposed to a “full suspension,” “full sus,” or “rigid frame,” which means no suspension at all).

Rambo R1000XPB

It’s the greatest ATV for pursuing wild wildlife. Various camouflage patterns make it easier to blend in. Front suspension, a 1000W battery, and a quiet mid-drive engine make it hidden. With 4.8 Maxxis tires, you can ride over obstacles the size of Hope, Washington. The Rambo can carry 300 pounds, including the rider and their gear.

Delfast Top EBike

The Belfast is the most powerful electric bike available.

It’s the red sports car for mountain bikes, great for midlifers. When something looks this fantastic, who cares?

Ukraine produced this amazing gadget.

This bike can go 280 km (174 mi) on a single charge, and its 3000W engine can reach 50 mph (80 kilometers per hour).


In conclusion, while age shouldn’t determine whether or not you can get a mountain bike, it does limit what kinds of bikes you can use. For example, if you’re over 50, you’ll probably want to avoid racing bikes because they’re designed for younger riders. Instead, look for mid-range models that offer more stability and control. They won’t be as fast as a race bike, but they’ll provide plenty of thrills.

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