Mountain Bike VS Motorcycle: Which Is Suitable For You?

Who wins the competition between mountain bike VS motorcycle? What are the similarities and differences between them? You’ve got lots of questions on your mind, right? I know that for many people choosing between a motorcycle and mountain bike is a difficult one to make.

In short, the motorcycle is an automotive vehicle with two or three wheels designed for daily street driving. In contrast, MTB is specially designed for off-road riding and it is more beginner-friendly sport and can be done on a variety of terrain, including city streets. Plus, it’s less dangerous than motorcycle riding.

Want to know more about them? Explore more by reading this hands-on comparison guide. Do not skip a bit if you have trouble deciding which is best for you.

Mountain Bike VS Motorcycle: What Are The Differences? ( Table Included)

Mountain bikes and motorcycles differ in speed, weight, purpose, cost, durability, and features. No matter what bike you are used to, you must know these. The table below highlights some main differences:

Key FactorsMountain BikeMotorcycle
PurposeMainly designed for off-road use.Specifically designed for on-road use. 
WeightLightweight to climb upper places.Relatively heavy and not suitable for climbing.
Speed Top speed is 35mph to 38 mph; lower than a motorcycle.It can run at high speed due to the engine.
DurabilityCan last over 20 years.Average 17 years or more. 
CostAffordable than motorcycles.Costlier than a mountain bike.
Wheel TypeOffers good treadwear to survive on uneven ground.Get damaged with potholes or gravel due to lower thread wear.

Which Is Good For Everyday Use, Motorcycle Or Mountain Bike?

A mountain bike is most suitable for regular use because it can quickly adapt to any riding level. For some other reasons, people prefer mountain bikes to use every day.

  • Efficient To Deal With Gravel Or Potholes:

Mountain bikes are best for dealing with gravel or rocks on the road. Due to the grippy feature of its wheels, it can easily cross the gravel road. Therefore, it is suitable for movement on highways or roadside. On the other hand, motorcycle wheels are not designed to deal with gravel. It is ideal for smooth running only.

  • Safe And Secure:

Mountain bikes always maintain adequate safety for daily riding. Additionally, they protect the biker from sudden injury while requiring relatively little maintenance. Moreover, it has an instant braking system, so the biker can instantly stop it in dangerous situations.

  • Best For Health Benefits:

Regular riding mountain bikes will strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate. Also, if you ride MTB regularly, you feel less stress, mode improvement, boost brain power, sleep well, etc. Most importantly, you can enjoy nature deeply and refresh your mind automatically. There are many medical proven benefits of riding MTB.

Are Mountain Bikes Good For Long Distances?

Riders can use mountain bikes for long distances. According to the book “The Practical Cyclist,” (1) it has given the riders solid riding with tremendous stability even at long distances. Find out the reasons why it is suitable for long-distance use. 

  • Lightweight Design:

A lightweight bike can cover long distances easily. Mountain bikes have bicycle patterns and are lighter than motorcycles. As a result, it is effortless to pass the miles with it. This will help the rider to traverse long and uneven distances perfectly. 

  • Offers Extreme Durability:

A durable bike is essential for long journeys, and mountain bikes have this great feature. No matter how far you travel, it will last longer and be a companion for riders. Also, bikers can enjoy long-distance riding with no worry about their bikes.

  • Allows Passing Long Distance Within Short Time:

Sometimes, riders must cover a long distance in a short time and go off-road. Unfortunately, a motorcycle is less efficient in dealing with rock-solid surfaces. But mountain bikes are best suited for off-road riding. It helps to avoid all the traffic and reach the destination quickly.

When Should You Use Mountain Bike Instead Of Motorcycle?

You should use a mountain bike instead of a motorcycle at different times. This idea comes with certain advantages in mind. Hence, know that sometimes one should give his Motorcycle a break.

  • In Avoiding Traffic:

Mr. Mahbobur Rahman, the author of Candy Outdoor says, “Besides motorcycles, many other vehicles on the road make it difficult to move quickly. Consider a mountain bike at this time.” 

It deals with uneven terrains off-road and helps to reach the destination faster without encountering any traffic.

  • When Need To Deal Any Weather:

Motorcycles can get in bad physical condition with rough weather, which has a lasting effect. A mountain bike can be the only hope when a rider needs to get somewhere urgently in lousy weather. Also, it is capable of handling any extreme situation.

  • For Going Short Distance:

It is pretty challenging to take out a motorcycle to go short distances. Since it is a heavy vehicle, people look for something simple and light when traveling only short distances. Therefore why not consider mountain biking? This is a perfect and convenient vehicle for traveling short distances. Moreover, it can be taken out anytime due to its lightweight feature.

  • In The Time To Dive Into Nature:

Bikers should consider the motorcycle option when observing nature’s pictures in-depth. Mountain bikes allow the rider to immerse himself in nature. A report shows in the popular magazine “Forbes” (2) that this bike is essential for meeting challenging riders. There is no alternative, especially for narrow paths less than 1 foot wide.

Note: To know more about motorcycle tips, tricks, and reviews, you can visit The author of Candy Outdoor, Mahbobur Rahman, is one of the well-known guys in the motorcycle industry. 

Final Opinion:

Motorcycles and mountain bikes are both used for riding. But there is a big difference between them in terms of functionality. Hopefully, you have understood the differences between Mountain Bike and Motorcycle from the above discussion.

Motorcycles are good for going fast on-road, but mountain bikes are best for off-road destinations without having to deal with traffic.

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